Husse Ayshire

October 13, 2017

“We did a lot of research into the pet food market and felt that this was a business that we could both thrive in due to our love of animals and the outdoor lifestyle. Having researched the market, we realised that although there is lots of competition, there are no real competitors.”

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“We believe that we are the only company that actually cares what your pet eats and this is reflected in the Husse ethos. We really enjoy being part of Husse and would recommend it to any animal lovers wishing to work for themselves, with the advantage of thirty years of experience to make you successful.”- David and Lindsey

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“Job satisfaction and enjoying what you do on a daily basis is a very important factor in choosing the right career. Meeting lovely pet owners who care about their animals and helping them to find the best nutrition for their pet is my passion, and it gives me the best financial and self-satisfaction rewards.”

If you wish to meet thousands of pet lovers who respect your job and are happy to see you regularly, then working with Husse- the global leader in pet home delivery of high quality pet food- might be the right choice.

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