Join Dream Doors, the UK’s biggest name in kitchen facelifts

August 21, 2018

Launched in 1999 and franchising for 15 years, Dream Doors is now the UK’s largest kitchen facelift retailer. A multi-award winner with 80 showrooms nationwide, it is a full member of the British Franchise Association and one of the most recognised brands within UK franchising.

A time and money-saving concept with local customer service
Dream Doors provides the nation’s homeowners with what they want. Something that saves them more than just money. In fact, it saves them something that can never be bought back. And that’s time.

An average kitchen makeover takes just two days to install. Compare that to the week or more for a full kitchen fit out, and it’s easy to see why customers love the convenience of a Dream Doors kitchen facelift. Of course, customers welcome the £1,000s they save over a complete kitchen as well. So much so that the business has grown every year since it started and is on target to achieve network sales of £43.5m this year.

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Like most great ideas, the Dream Doors concept is a simple one. Instead of ripping out kitchen units and carcasses which, in most cases, are built to last, the company swaps what can be seen – the kitchen doors, drawers, work surfaces and sinks. This fast and cost-effective transformation provides what looks like a brand new kitchen for significantly less time, money and stress.

Who becomes a Dream Doors franchisee?
Dream Doors franchisees come from so many different backgrounds; there really isn’t a common denominator amongst them. Somewhat surprisingly, though, hardly any of the company’s 80 franchisees come from a kitchen-related background, and, says recruitment director Alex Waite, that has no influence on their success.

“It really doesn’t matter what career any of our candidates have had before,” he says. “We look at the individual as a person, taking into account what skills they possess but, more importantly, what attitude they display towards us, our brand and our customers.

“Most of our franchisees haven’t any previous experience of this sector, nor have they run a business before, which is why the training and support that we provide is so important, and why we’ve invested so heavily in personnel and one-to-one coaching for all our franchisees – both new and long established.”

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Why become a Dream Doors franchisee?
Is there anything else that the company does to attract new talent to its growing network? Dream Doors is on target to reach 100 franchisees soon and, says Alex, there are certain areas of the UK in which he is focusing his search.

“We’re pretty full in the South of the country, and have very few opportunities left in the Midlands. But there are lots of prime locations still available in the North East, North West and around Yorkshire,” he says. “Our business attracts professionals both young and old and, as we’re at pains to point out, not necessarily from the kitchen sector.

“I’d say to anyone out there who might be fed up of working hard for somebody else, tired of seeing their efforts go unrewarded, or sick of lengthy commutes and time spent away from your family, that this business could be perfect for them.

“If you’re good with people, well organised and prepared to put in the hours, you could be running a half-a-million pound business within a year.”

Source: Franchise World

YourZone45 secures equity stake investment

August 20, 2018

YourZone45, the fitness studio franchise, has secured investment from three stakeholders with experience in the sector to develop the company’s offering and accelerate network growth.

The investors, Mhairi FitzPatrick, Andy Kay and Jeremy Taylor will be working alongside Chris Elms, the founder of the company. YourZone45 currently has four franchises in the UK with two scheduled by the end of summer.

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Elms said: “I am delighted that Mhairi, Andy and Jeremy have agreed to acquire an equity stake. Their business experience will be invaluable and they join the business, and the fitness franchise sector, at a truly exciting time.”

Taylor added: “YourZone45 provides an exciting and affordable opportunity for people with the drive, ambition and commitment to succeed on their own but who want to minimise their risk as a fitness entrepreneur by following a proven model and blue print to operate their business.”

Taylor was a co-founder of the LA Fitness group in 1994 and its group operations director for 11 years, as the company grew to 65 clubs in the UK. He subsequently acquired equity in The Health Club Collection and took an executive role with the privately-owned business operating six clubs in London.

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FitzPatrick and Kay have worked in partnership for over 20 years, having launched, operated and sold a self-funded start-up and a venture capital backed business. The former a wellbeing company that specialised in contract management of wellness centres in blue chip companies and the latter a premium health club in London, 37 Health and Fitness.

YourZone45 is a boutique-style fitness studio that delivers motivating, instructor-led 45-minute workouts. Using heart rate technology, the workouts are designed to burn the maximum amount of calories, build strength, increase energy to tone and shape the body.

Source: Franchise World

Inaugural BFA affiliates and supplier awards

August 20, 2018

The BFA for the first time at their annual conference recognised its affiliate category of professional advisers and suppliers by introducing the BFA Professional Affiliate and Supplier Awards.

The new awards with four categories of entry are in recognition of the excellent work of its professional members who were first welcomed into membership in 1985, as critical partners for the association in its central mission to ensure the high standards demanded by ethical business-format franchising model.

This specific group of members has been significant in the ongoing development of the association’s standards, collaborating on industry intelligence, evolving legislation and real-world changes in franchising practice.

Pip Wilkins said: “We are really proud that this year and going forward we will be recognising some of the amazing achievements and contributions of both professional affiliates and suppliers. Year-on-year we will evolve these awards in line with the evolution of our sector, just as we have for our industry leading franchisor and franchisee awards.”

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BFA Professional Affiliate and Supplier Award winners

The 2018 award winners for the BFA Professional Affiliate and Supplier Awards with comments from Wilkins on members’ achievements.

Innovation and Development
d&t (Accountants and business advisers)
‘d&t have revolutionised their industry and made the services they offer integral to monitoring effective business performance and enabling cost saving, network wide decisions to be made by franchisors to the benefit of their franchisees.’

Industry Contribution
HSBC (Banking)
‘With economic commentaries that are second to none, a leading edge and bespoke franchise website, major development of their UK team and replication of their UK model internationally, we wish them the best for the future.’

Team of the Year
The Franchising Centre (Franchise consultants, training centre, recruitment and career development)
‘This team clearly articulated a strong vision, mission and values, evidenced during a crucial period of strategic transition with a focus on developing their team members. As they say, train them and they will stay. This is a team that has ample of experience, more than 300 years combined in fact.’

Customer Service
Platinum Wave (Franchise consultants)
‘Not only have they sought to offer first class service, but they have also recognised the need to participate in industry events which has given them both greater brand recognition and built their credibility in our sector. I’m pleased to see their hard work recognised.’

Source: Franchise World

Varying levels of skill sets to join a franchise

August 18, 2018

Depending on the network, there will be varying levels of skill required to join a franchise. Some brands that I know of will only recruit franchisees that have experience within the sector.

This is particularly prevalent in the children’s tuition industry; and for example, a performing arts school might only take on a franchisee who has both experience and an interest in the arts to join a franchise.

Some other networks actively discourage those who have experience in doing the work of the franchise from joining, simply because they do not want to inherit skills which might be deemed as ‘bad habits’ when compared to the way that things should be done according to the franchisor’s operations manual.

Regardless of whether industry experience to join a franchise is desired, there are a number of transferrable skills which would be desirable in any franchise network, which can be broadly divided between sales skills and management skills.

Sales skills: Whatever the type of network, every successful franchisee is a successful sales person in some shape of form. Some franchisees believe that upon signing the franchise agreement, the phone will magically start ringing and customers will be willingly signing cheques payable to them. The reality is that this isn’t the case, and there is a lot of input and effort required to build a franchise, in the same way that an independent business needs a level of ‘sweat equity’ put into it.

A typical franchise will have a good proportion of the operations of the business systemised, but there is always an element which requires sales skills – whether that be direct selling to customers, or simply selling the concept and vision of what you are doing to your staff.

Management skills: Any franchise will require a level of management skill, whether the franchise is a single operator ‘man in a van’, or a multi-unit retail franchise. A franchisee will be expected to manage their business affairs, use a CRM (customer relationship management) tool, deal with staff and customers appropriately, and ultimately make good use of their time and money.

Fortunately, many potential franchisees will have been exposed to some of these areas during their previous employment (bearing in mind that according to the BFA/NatWest Survey, 74 per cent of franchisees come directly from employment).

Having said that, it is very rare that a previously employed franchisee has had complete exposure and responsibility for all of these areas, and it would be a wise move for any prospective franchisee to perform a self-appraisal on these skills to ensure that they are choosing the right franchisor who can support them through the areas in which they might not have had as much experience.

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There are also aptitudes that would be desirable in most franchisees to join a franchise, and not all of them fit in with the popularised view of entrepreneurship, particularly the ‘wheeler dealer’ characters on business TV shows and popular sitcoms. Most franchisors do not simply select their franchisees based on a CV and a list of skills; instead they recruit based on who the person is, and whether they would be a good fit for the network. These include:

Honesty: The franchisor is going into a partnership with you, which involves significant levels of trust and confidence from both sides.

The recruitment process is also not a cheap process, and thus they are making a significant investment in time, money and effort with any new franchisee. Therefore, it is likely that their view will be impacted if there are any signs of dishonesty, as in my opinion; dishonesty within a franchise (on either side, franchisor or franchisee) is the biggest root cause of disputes in franchise agreements.

Compliance: Following on from honesty, franchisors would also be looking to make sure that you would be compliant with their system to join a franchise, and indeed an advocate of it.

Although networks encourage ideas and innovation, for brand protection it is essential that the correct process is taken for these so that other franchisees are not affected by the brand being tainted should an idea not be right for the business. Franchisors want franchisees who are happy to follow the proven business model, not those who wish to create their own new business model.

Risk aversion: Although the typical perception of a business owner is that of a calculated risk taker, franchisors often would ask that their franchisees do not take risks with their business model.

Again, this comes back to compliance, as franchisees are provided with a blueprint of how the business has been successful in the past. Strategic changes to the business should be undertaken by the franchisor, who has an ethical obligation and responsibility to engage with the network and get their buy into the future direction of the network.

People skills: Not only are franchisees expected to stick to the system, but they are also expected to deal with staff and customers.

Regardless of whether the business is consumer facing or business-to-business, all interactions with external parties are in fact interactions with other people, and as such a basic level of people skills are absolutely vital when it comes to dealing with anyone either inside or outside of the franchise.

Source: Franchise World

BirdsiVideo Drone Franchise Expands Overseas

August 18, 2018

BirdsiVideo Drone Franchise ( has signed a development agreement with Imogen Mann to grow the BirdsiVideo franchise in the U.K. Ms. Mann is a British lawyer, former airline business development executive, licensed private pilot and agricultural expert with more than 20 years experience in U.K. market. The agreement covers business development activities intended to bring BirdsiVideo drone franchise to the U.K. and ultimately to the larger European market.

Franchise business and drone laws vary significantly by country and the upcoming BREXIT will require expert legal and corporate guidance especially for American franchises operating in the U.K. Ms. Mann’s legal and aviation credentials will make her a key asset in the Birdsi Video expansion strategy.

Birdsi Video markets a turn-key drone services franchise that includes training, equipment, sales and marketing support and access to national contracts covering projects like cell tower inspections, commercial real estate, agriculture and media. Candidates with IT, Finance and Executive Management backgrounds are preferred.

Birdsi Video operates a network of 15 regional franchises throughout the U.S. and an affiliate network of over 150 licensed drone pilots with international partners in Latin America and Europe.

To learn more about Birdsi Video franchise please contact

About BirdsiVideo

Birdsi Video is a commercial drone services company specializing in data collection, inspection and fleet management for the energy, telecom, media, and real estate markets. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.

Source: Franchising

Auto Trader Group plc joint venture with Cox Automotive UK

August 17, 2018

Auto Trader Group plc (LON:AUTO), the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to create a joint venture with Cox Automotive UK Limited to provide a leading digital marketplace for wholesale vehicles in the UK.

The joint venture will provide the UK automotive market with a comprehensive online auction service. The business will be called Dealer Auction, and will provide fleet companies, manufacturers and retailers with a more efficient and convenient way to dispose of their stock of vehicles. Retailers will gain access to a more comprehensive stock of vehicles available for them to buy and this will be supported with the data and tools to allow them to select the right vehicles for their specific needs. The business will offer a full service, along with its business partners, who have significant experience in digital, wholesale and retail solutions.

The JV Agreement is conditional upon clearance from the Competition and Markets Authority in the UK. Subject to clearance, the new business will combine three businesses onto a single platform. Cox Automotive will transfer both, which is an online auction of trade-in vehicles from UK franchise dealers, and Manheim Online, the online remarketing services division of Cox Automotive, to the joint venture and Auto Trader will transfer Smart Buying (formally known as Autotrade-mail), it’s retailer-to-retailer platform. Once combined, the three businesses will enable prospective buyers to visit one platform and view a large selection of wholesale vehicles across the marketplace.

Dealer Auction will be co-owned by both companies, with Cox Automotive UK Limited holding 51%, and Auto Trader Group Limited, a subsidiary of Auto Trader Group plc, holding the remaining 49% of the new entity. The transaction is expected to be earnings enhancing in the first full year of operation.

Trevor Mather, Chief Executive Officer of Auto Trader Group, said: “The way in which vehicles currently move around the UK automotive ecosystem is overly complex and inefficient, and Auto Trader has the digital and data assets that can make it a quicker, more convenient and cheaper process for all parties. However, we know that we will have an even better chance of disrupting the market by partnering with an established player which knows this particular industry intimately.

“I am delighted that we are creating this joint venture alongside Cox Automotive, who we have found to be forward thinking and culturally aligned to our business. We believe that together we can fundamentally improve and lead change in this market, for the benefit of both wholesalers and retailers alike.”

Martin Forbes, Chief Executive Officer at Cox Automotive, said: “The next five years will see an unprecedented level of change in our industry, driven by the ever-increasing influence of digital. Cox Automotive is already providing our customers with choice through our wholesale digital platforms of and Manheim Online, as well as physical auctions and vehicle services via Manheim.

“Cox Automotive and Auto Trader have a shared vision to transform the wholesale automotive market in the UK for the benefit of our current and future customers. Our core strengths are extremely complementary, and we believe that Auto Trader’s digital and data expertise combined with Cox Automotive’s wholesale channels and vehicle handling capabilities will deliver a market changing B2B platform. We are confident that this will be a long term and very successful partnership.”

Auto Trader will contribute assets valued at £28.7m (book value £8.6m) and pay £19.7m in cash to Cox Automotive. Cox will contribute assets valued at £70.1m. The EBITDA of the business being transferred by Auto Trader, Smart Buying (formerly Autotrade-mail), was £2.5m in year ended March 2018, and the aggregate EBITDA of and Manheim Online was £6.2m in calendar year 2017.

Under the terms of the JV Agreement, if, after the first two years of operation, a deadlock situation arises between Auto Trader and Cox Automotive and the proposed dispute resolution process is unsuccessful, then Auto Trader may be required to transfer its entire shareholding in the joint venture to Cox Automotive at a prevailing market value.

Completion of the transaction will be subject to clearance by the Competition and Markets Authority.

Source: DirectorsTalk Interviews

Look who’s buying: Property Franchise Group sets new record for acquisitions

August 17, 2018

The Property Franchise Group has helped its franchisees make more acquisitions so far this year than for the whole of 2017. It has also announced ambitious  plans for next year.

The group, owners of Martin & Co, Whitegates, CJ Hole, Ellis & Co, Parkers and EweMove has assisted its franchisees to acquire 16 portfolios and a total of 2,107 tenanted managed properties this year. The numbers are set to grow between now and the end of the year.

Group CEO Ian Wilson said: “We have offers agreed on another 1,139 managed properties, so we should comfortably exceed 3,000 properties added to the portfolio in 2018, and we want to build on this and add another 4,000 in 2019.”

Wilson said that the Group assists its franchisees to target businesses, negotiate the sale and ensure that there is funding for completion.

He added: “Uniquely we pay cashback to our franchisees to reward them for expanding their business. This is extremely helpful to meet their immediate cash flow demands following an acquisition, as there can be unexpected bills to pay.

“From the sellers’ point of view, they want to know that the deal will go through and that their landlords and staff will be looked after. We can provide that reassurance with our dedicated specialist acquisition team.”

The Property Franchise Group retains as its broker Sharon Titchmarsh, trading as Watson Stanley. She is the former acquisitions director at Countrywide.

Wilson said: “The smallest deal was a bolt-on portfolio of 24 properties purchased from Nidderdale Properties in Harrogate.

The biggest deal was 346 properties purchased from Castle Estates in Sheffield. Close to our Bournemouth head fffice, we helped Philip Skorochod buy a portfolio of 162 properties from Paris Lettings.

“You have to hand it to Philip, he only bought the franchise in April 2018 and he wants to buy more.

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“Our franchisee Julian Bessey bought a student lettings business, A Home 4 Students, in Winchester and geographically, to date, we have bought in every region except London and Scotland, which is frustrating as we have buyers actively looking.

“A number of the transactions have been share sales which can be tax-efficient for sellers as they pay tax as low as 10% on their capital gain. Four brands have been active buyers so far this year – Martin & Co is unsurprisingly the most active, but so too has CJ Hole, Whitegates, and EweMove.”

The business would not reveal the total number of properties under management to EYE, saying this is commercially sensitive information.

Separately, the Leaders Romans Group has announced the completion of another acquisition – GPS Property Management, in Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire – and, like The Property Franchise Group,  has made it clear it wants to buy more.

The business, acquired for an undisclosed sum, has been owned and run by husband and wife team Garry and Sarah Peacock for the last eight years.

The business will rebrand to Leaders, offering both sales and lettings services. The original GPS Property Management staff will stay on.

Matthew Light, group mergers and acquisitions director, said: “Recent months have seen us continue to expand with numerous acquisitions, adding several new portfolios and branches in key markets across the UK.

“We are delighted to have acquired this well-respected business and we welcome its staff members.”

He made it clear that he welcomes approaches from agents interested in selling up.

Leaders Romans has now acquired some 150 businesses, bringing outlets to over 160 branches, with 50,000 rental properties under management, and annual revenues of over £120m.

The group is backed by private equity firm Bowmark Capital.

Source: Property Industry Eye

Britain’s unemployment rate has plunged to 4% — a level not seen in more than 40 years

August 17, 2018
  • Britain’s unemployment rate dropped to just 4% between April and June, the lowest level since the early 1970s.
  • Economists polled in the run up to the release had expected an unemployment rate of 4.2%.
  • After increasing sharply during the financial crisis, the UK’s unemployment rate has been rapidly dropping for almost a decade.
  • The number of people in work also increased over the three months from April to June, with 32.39 million people in work.

LONDON — Britain’s unemployment rate fell to just 4% between April and June this year — the lowest level since comparable records began in the early 1970s — according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics, published on Tuesday morning.

The Britain’s unemployment rate, those not in work but who want a job, dropped from 4.2% over the previous three month period. Economists had expected the rate to remain at 4.2% level.

There were 1.36 million unemployed people in the UK over the three months, the ONS said, 65,000 fewer than in the previous data period.

More people were in work over the period, the ONS added, saying that there were 32.39 million people in the UK with jobs, an increase of 42,000.

“The number of people in work has continued to edge ahead, though the employment rate was unchanged on the quarter,” senior ONS statistician Matt Hughes said in a statement.

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“However, the number of vacancies is a new record high, while the unemployment rate is now at its lowest since the winter of 1974-75.”

The high number of vacancies suggests that the number of Brits in employment could rise significantly in the near future.

After increasing sharply during the financial crisis, the UK’s unemployment rate has been rapidly dropping for almost a decade, as the chart below illustrates:

Screen Shot 2018 08 14 at 09.40.17Office for National Statistics

While on the surface the data looks good, Ruth Gregory, a senior UK economist at Capital Economics, warned about the underlying cause of the drop.

“Admittedly, the ILO measure of unemployment fell by 65,000, pushing the unemployment rate down to 4.0% – its lowest since 1975 – but this reflected a jump in the number of people leaving the workforce,” she said in an email.

The UK’s unemployment rate may have beaten expectations, but forecasts proved too optimistic when it came to wages. Total earnings for British workers excluding bonuses rose by 2.7% as expected, but earnings including bonuses increased by just 2.4%, below forecasts.

“Average weekly earnings for employees in Great Britain in real terms (that is, adjusted for price inflation) increased by 0.4% excluding bonuses, and by 0.1% including bonuses, compared with a year earlier,” the ONS said.

The pound initially spiked higher against the dollar on the data release, but quickly fell back, perhaps reflecting the weaker than expected wage growth. By 9.50 a.m. BST (4.50 a.m. ET), it was trading at $1.2775, a gain of just 0.09% on the day.

Source: Business Insider UK

An FCA-regulated business launches The UK Adviser

August 17, 2018

A new mortgage advisory business, The UK Adviser, has been launched by Maxim Cohen and Lisa Bird and is seeking ambitious individuals looking to build a mortgage business.

The UK Adviser franchise model has also been designed to help established advisers looking to take their business to the next level.

A Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated company and provisional member of the BFA, the franchise offers bespoke software (The Adviser Suite), a cloud-based customer relationship management system and experienced in-house case managers to handle administration and paperwork. This gives advisers more time to grow their client portfolio and complete mortgage transactions.

Cohen, the company’s chief executive officer, said: “The message is clear, becoming a UK Adviser provides an exciting opportunity to own your own business as part of a credible and nationally-recognised brand.

“We have launched this business with the intention of disrupting the industry and offering the simplest and most sure-fire way for people to set themselves up as a fully FCA-approved mortgage adviser or grow their existing business.

“We want to provide ambitious individuals with a ‘business-in-a-box’ style framework which will give them everything they need to drive a profitable and successful business, leaving them to focus on what matters most – securing mortgages, generating sales and providing the incredible personal service which will form the foundation of their success.”

Bird, the chief operating officer of The UK Adviser, has already invested personally in the business by purchasing the first UK franchise.

Personal approach
Bird commented: “With over 17 years experience in the mortgage market, we recognised a significant decrease in the level of personal service offered to consumers. Advancements in digital technology have been hugely beneficial to industry, but they are no substitute for a strong relationship between a trusted adviser and their client.

“It’s exactly this personal approach that The UK Adviser is championing and the reason why I made the decision to not only launch the business alongside Maxim, but also personally invest in the franchise, demonstrating my belief in the vision of the company.”

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Core to the company’s offering is its training programme, The UK Academy. The company explains that through the academy, training is tailored to each level and funding is available for those new to the industry.

The academy courses include becoming CeMAP qualified (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) the industry requirement for mortgage advisers, post-exam training and ongoing development to achieve competent adviser status, before being awarded an exclusive Certified UK Adviser accreditation.

Cohen added: “In an industry first, training forms the basis of our framework and will cater for all levels of experience. Our decision to place such a focus on continued development ensures that UK Advisers lead the industry by providing consumers with up-to-date advice of the highest quality.

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“Training isn’t only for those new to the industry, it’s just as important for those advisers who are already established. The financial services industry is constantly evolving and we believe that the only way to stay ahead of the game and provide clients with a top-class service is through continued professional development.”

The company’s academy also offers the Certified UK Commercial Finance Adviser accreditation for those looking to build a business or brokers already operating in the commercial property sector and qualifications in areas such as equity release.

Source: Franchise World

Utility 360 Launches New Franchise Business

August 15, 2018

Utility 360, one of the UK’s most successful business energy management companies, has launched a brand new franchise aimed at expanding its UK operation.

Utility 360 ensures all its customers get value for money on their energy expenditure, namely gas, electric and water. It believes in an honest, open approach and continually strives to provide the highest levels of customer service. The business, which is based in the North West of England, has built up strong relationships with all the major UK utility suppliers since its launch in 2010. This, along with its bespoke 360 software, enables the company to offer its customers the very best energy deals available.

In the first year of business a franchisee would be expected to generate a net profit of around half of their initial investment. By year 4 there is a net profit potential of £71,000+ per annum. These projections are based on actual performance from existing sub brokers with the Utility360 network and provide an indication of potential earnings.

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Initial investment starts at £19,995 + VAT, and franchisees must have £10,000 in liquid funds. The franchisor will help you secure the rest of the funds required through available franchise financing routes. Franchisees will benefit from the trusted Utility 360 brand and be given their own exclusive territory. All investors will be put through an intensive induction programme and be supplied with ongoing training and support. Franchisees will also be given assistance with initial lead generation and access to Utility 360’s IT systems, including its bespoke 360 software.

Source: London Post