Italian wine bar in city centre not re-opening despite signs

March 21, 2019

Wine cafe Veeno will not be reopening in Norwich despite signs all over the empty venue claiming the closure is “temporary”.

Veeno closed less than four months after opening in Castle Mall but since its demise at the end of January, signs on the unit state: “Veeno is closed temporarily. We will be reopening again soon.”

But a spokeswoman for the cafe, which specialises in after work drinking with appetisers, confirmed the closure was not temporary: “It definitely won’t be reopening. We do look at all options which is why the signs are first put up.”

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The Norwich Veeno was one of the handful of franchises run by the company nationwide and the spokeswoman added they were “not in touch” any more with the person who had taken the franchise over.

The sign may say Veeno will be reopening but apparently this is not the case. Pic: Archant.

It comes as Castle Mall has announced various new units opening including Delightful Desserts offering ice creams, crepes, cookie doughs and milkshakes and Moya Bubble Tea selling the Asian delicacy and Japanese bakery goods.

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A spokeswoman for Castle Mall said: “Two new additions to the centre, Delightful Desserts and Moya Bubble Tea, are both opening in April. Together with the imminent arrival of Superbowl UK and PureGym this summer, Castle Mall continues to add to its offer to meet changing consumer demands and stay relevant to the people of Norwich.”

The empty Veeno unit, however, still displays the cafe infrastructure with its bar and tasting room inside with more signage stating the closure is only temporary.

Veeno has 12 outlets around the UK although it is said to be in talks with landlords about other sites after both Norwich and Harrogate cafes were closed.

Veeno launched in 2013 in Manchester after raising around £200,000 of crowd funding and sources wine from Sicily.

By Caroline Culot

Source: Evening News

Retail Franchise UK – Should You Buy UK Retail Franchises?

March 21, 2019

Retail Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running  successful UK Retail Franchises.

The retail sector is the holy grail of every market-oriented economy. A timely look at the state of UK retail franchises to help our readers gain some important insights.

If you’re looking to really understand how the franchising business model works, there’s no better place to start than learning how a typical retail franchise UK works.

There are quite a few reasons why UK retail franchises have been the flagbearers of the whole franchising movement (which we can gladly say is here to stay for good). Just think about the names that come to your mind when you think of franchise businesses, your local high-street bookstores, grocery stores, fashion outlets and even restaurants – they all carry that important ‘retail gene’ that is integral to how they operate.

The retail sector, however, has been plagued with numerous problems in the last ten years so, as online shopping has turned the whole landscape upside down. So, every retail franchise UK – at least for the next few years – will need to pay a good deal of attention to future-proofing their operations. If you’re buying a UK retail franchise with a target period of 3-5 years (aiming at a successful exit), you can afford to put this perspective on the backburner.

At any rate, the sheer variety of options available makes retails franchises UK incredibly impressive – and daunting. The investment levels vary drastically, from a few thousand pounds for a vending machine to over a million pounds for a brand-name high-street store, and so do the challenges associated with running the franchise.

In this article, we’ll mainly concentrate on the most common and popular types of UK retail franchises, and try to touch upon the investment requirements, pros and cons, along with a quick study of the overall retail market in the UK.

Thinking Of Buying A Retail Franchise UK? Understand The Industry First!

Buying a franchise is – for most franchisees – is a huge decision. Investing your hard-earned money into a business that you have little idea about is a story that rarely ends well.

So, before you actually go about considering retail franchises UK, it’s essential to take an overview of the retail sector in the UK.

  • The retail sector – on the whole – is the largest private employment creator in the UK. It’s estimated that over 3 million people are directly employed by UK retail businesses.
  • The UK retail sector is a reliable mirror of the overall UK economy.
  • At over £360 bn per year, the UK retail sector is a massive contributor to the UK economy. In fact, many experts believe that the smallest upheavals in the retail sector have huge downstream effects on the economy (a sort of butterfly effect).
  • Every third pound spent by the UK consumers goes through the retail sector and its direct peripherals. This also means that the retail sector is the single largest sector to attract consumer spending.
  • Over the last five years, the retail sector in the UK has grown at around 4-4.3% per year – comfortably above the overall growth of the UK economy.
  • Close to 300,000 independent retail outlets exist in the UK. From the numbers point of view, it can be inferred that each unit is responsible for the direct employment of 8-10 employees.
  • The retail sector – pretty much singlehandedly – accounts for 5-6% of the UK GDP.
  • The retail sector also accounts for the largest number of franchise units in operation.

Sources: Prospects, Retail Economics, Financial Times

It should be clear by now that each and every retail franchise UK has the benefit of operating in a well-defined, robust sector. That, however, doesn’t mean that it’s smooth sailing – breaching the retail markets is considered by economists and marketers to be one of the most difficult things in business, made even more difficult by the meteoric rise of online shopping.

Close to 20% of all retail sales in the UK are now made online – something retail franchises UK just can’t ignore.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Retail Franchise UK

Buying a new franchise – especially when you have no previous business experience – can be a daunting task to say the least. For our readers who are considering investing in franchise opportunities, our collection of free franchising guides is a great starting point.

Retail franchises UK are nothing like other franchise businesses – they have their own whims and fancies they need to look after. Every franchisee looking to buy a retail franchise UK needs to thoroughly understand how the retail supply chain works.

The Competition

Regardless of the industry or sector you want to operate in, you’ll always have to face competition – there’s no such thing as an uncharted territory in business. This idea – a business truism, nothing less – holds far truer in case of retail businesses than any other.

So, every retail franchise UK has to assess, face and beat the competition that comes their way before they can turn any profit. There are no easy measures, but you can certainly make sure that you’re setting your business up for minimum competition if you get your franchise market research right.

The Location

No points for guessing this one – most retail sales are directly proportional to the amount of footfall.

There’s a solid reason why retail businesses do their best when they have the luxury of operating from a premium, strategic, high-street location.

As a would-be retail franchisee, you’ll need to spend a great deal of time factoring the pros and cons of the location you will be operating from. The best locations never come cheap, and the cheapest one will hardly ever help you clock enough sales to break even.

Typical retail businesses – like book shops, for example – exhibit this angle very well. A book store at a busy train station or airport will always be better placed than, say, a book store in a sleepy suburb of a mid-sized town – even when they are identical in all other aspects, including the franchisor.

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The Technology

Many franchisees fail to factor in the importance of staying on the right side of technology. This should, ideally, be a thing that you consider while choosing your franchisor.

The entire retail industry has already been disrupted by e-commerce. But some businesses will always be susceptible to even more disruptions in immediate future than others.

For example, a book store business will always have to worry about new generations of e-readers further eating into their market, while other retail businesses like cosmetics are more or less immune to technological disruptions.

The Social Spread

The social spread is an interesting phenomenon.

It’s common knowledge that millennials love to shop online – the seniors, not so much.

This balance will, of course, keep changing as we move along. For now, when you’re assessing retail franchises UK, keep an eye on what the primary target demographics are, how that will change in 3-5 years and how you can minimise your social spread risks.

The Franchisor Side Of Things

While discussing retail franchises UK, it’s important not to lose the focus from the ‘franchising’ aspect. In other words, it doesn’t suffice to treat a retail franchise UK as just another retail venture – because it’s a lot more than that.

Much of your success as a UK retail franchise will come – in the initial phases, at least – from what the franchisor brings on board. The most important factor here is, quite obviously, the brand value – as it reflects in the ongoing commissions/royalties you’ll be paying.

The training, know-how, territory, inventory and other factors will reflect in the initial franchise fees.

When you’re choosing a retail franchise UK, don’t overestimate the importance of the one-off franchise fees. Focussing on ongoing royalties and marketing expenses is usually the better bet, because these – over months – have a considerably larger impact on your numbers than the franchise fee.

To learn more, please go through our How To Choose A Franchise guide.

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How Much Do Retail Franchises UK Cost?

Retail franchises UK show remarkable diversity in terms of sizes, industries, business models and scalability. In other words, all the factors that typically influence the minimum initial investment for a franchise business tend to exhibit a broad range.

So, it’s rather difficult to come at an accurate number (or a range, for that matter).

A review of dozens of UK retail franchises shows that a typical franchise unit can cost you anywhere between £30,000 and £200,000.

Some of the premium retail franchises (for globally renowned brands) require franchisees to invest over a million pounds just to get started, among other requirements such as previous business experience, industry connections and ability to raise additional money.

How Do UK Retail Franchises Make Money?

The revenue model followed by UK retail franchises is similar to most other franchise models. The major differences usually lie in how the supply chain is managed, what the franchisor’s involvement in the business is and how the franchisor gets paid.

Two straightforward models exist in this context.

  1. The Royalty Model

Franchisors prefer this model because it offers them more ‘skin’ in the game once their franchisees start scaling up and clocking more sales. A fixed percentage of monthly/weekly revenue is paid back by franchisees to the franchisor, in addition to other expenses such as business assistance fees, marketing fees and IT fees. Franchisees can pay themselves once all these outgoings are accounted for.

A common retail franchise UK shells out 10-12% of operating income in outgoing streams to the franchisor.

  1. The Monthly Model

The monthly model stipulates a fixed sum of money to be paid by franchisees to the franchisor, regardless of the sales volume. This immediately puts the franchisor in a position of handicap, because they lose the advantage of scale while bearing the risks.

On the other hand, it may appear more reliable for small franchisors, as it guarantees a fixed stream of income. As far as franchisees go, this model gives them an immense incentive to scale up rapidly.

More and more UK retail franchise businesses now use a composite of these two models. The franchisor is guaranteed a minimum fixed commission each month, with an added royalty component that keeps reducing as the sales volume goes up.

Should You Buy A Retail Franchise UK?

Buying a franchise can be a life-changing event for many. You’ll be investing a sum that is at least worth one whole year’s income if not more, and that definitely calls for covering every base.

If you are confused about the whole franchise-buying process, take some time off to read through our Should You Buy A Franchise and Pros and Cons of Franchising guides.

To run a successful retail franchise UK is all about managing three things:

  1. The inventory – Your franchisor will have a huge role to play in this regard. Ideally, you don’t want to work with a franchisor that forces you to replenish inventory regardless of the sales – that’s a red flag in most cases.
  2. The marketing – Again, most franchisors take it upon themselves to run your marketing campaigns for you. Be sure about how much you’re spending in terms of local marketing, digital marketing and offers/deals.
  3. The staff – As a retail franchise, you’ll definitely be hiring staff (fewer than 10, in almost every case). Be sure to hire the right people for the right job, create a well-oiled hierarchy and hone your people skills.

Top Retail Franchises UK

Here’s our list of some of the most popular retail franchises in the UK. Do take a look at what these bring on board to get an idea about what you should expect from your franchisor.

1. Mac Tools

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £5,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: High-quality tools for retail sale
  • Full training and business support
  • Very low investment required
  • High scalability
  • Decades of industry experience and goodwill
  • Full BFA Member

2. The London Bath And Co.

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £40,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Bespoke bathroom fittings and accessories
  • Extensive training provided
  • No previous experience required
  • Recognisable brand name

3. Cavavin

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £35,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Premium French wine (suppliers and distributors)
  • Highly valuable brand name
  • Efficient and proven supply chain
  • Ideal for wine/alcohol enthusiasts
  • Can be a great secondary stream of income for your existing food business

4. Card Connection

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £40,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Popular greeting card business
  • Over 12,000 franchise units in operation (UK + Ireland)
  • A great high-street retail business
  • Over 15 years in business
  • Well-established corporate partnerships
  • Full BFA Member

5. Smiley Booth

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £14,995 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Bespoke photo booth franchise
  • A training course on offer
  • No previous experience required
  • Marketing support
  • Digital marketing support
  • Lead generation support

UK Retail Franchises – The Takeaways

  • Stay on top of your numbers at all times.
  • Create a conservative business plan before investing. Hire a professional business advisor if the need be.
  • Research the territorial rights and the location you want to operate in.
  • Talk to operational franchisees.
  • Take a look at retail franchise resales.
  • Understand the business thoroughly before putting your money on the line.

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Running a retail franchise can be overwhelming – even for the seasoned pros. If you are one, we’d love to hear from you. Send in your experiences here and we’ll consider featuring you on our popular franchise success stories page.

Orangetheory Fitness Hands UK Consumer Brief To Ketchum

March 21, 2019

Ketchum has been appointed by Orangetheory Fitness, a global fitness franchise offering workout classes using wearable heart rate technology, to develop and execute a consumer engagement strategy across London and the South of England.

Ketchum has also been tasked with building the brand’s social media presence, from channel distribution strategy to community management and publishing on its platforms. The account will be managed by sports and entertainment communications experts in the London brand team.

US-based Orangetheory — whose franchisees have opened more 1,100 studios in 49 US states and 22 countries — entered the UK market in 2017, with a plan to launch 40 new studios in the region by 2028. There are currently five Orangetheory Fitness sites in London.

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Orangetheory Fitness UK marketing manager Craig Bothwell said: “There is such an appetite for heart rate-based interval training in London, so the city has naturally always been a key global location for us. How we break into and thrive within this market is so important. Having a global consultancy like Ketchum on board to help shape our communications strategy in London has been a real asset and we look forward to all the great work we’ll do together.”

Jo-ann Robertson, CEO of Ketchum London, added: “This is a very exciting partnership for us. Orangetheory’s ambitious plans for the UK and beyond, coupled with our innovative approach to communications and the smarts of our team will result in some cracking work that really makes a difference to Orangetheory and its members.”

By Maja Pawinska Sims

Source: The Holmes Report

Newly launched Horsham business delivers top-notch customer service in first week

March 21, 2019

One week of trading and already outstanding customer reviews, Drain Doctor has reason to celebrate the launch of its new business, providing a 24/7 plumbing and drainage service to local homeowners and businesses in and around Horsham.

Drain Doctor owner Will Melliard, who has practised customer care for over 19 years, is determined to bring a world class customer experience to the region by delivering an unforgettable service every day to every customer they work with.

Prior to the acquisition of his new Drain Doctor franchise, Wil began his career working for Harley Davidson as a mechanic, followed by positions in customer service and aftersales for over a decade. He then took a career change and went into the plumbing sector as a business manager, and then as a general manger in drainage to focus on enhancing the customer service.

The Horsham based Drain Doctor has two technicians, two support staff and two branded vans, which are fully equipped with new high-pressure water jetting units and CCTV drain survey equipment. Will’s wife, Becky, will also be involved in the marketing side of the business.

Born and bred in Horsham, Will wanted a new challenge and business opportunity that allowed him to achieve his goals without having to start from scratch. He chose to go down the franchising route and make an investment in a sector which was recession proof and with a brand that was well-known and growing fast. Drain Doctor fitted the bill as it was part of ‘Neighborly’, the world’s largest franchisor of home service brands, with a strong company ethos and Code of Values founded on integrity, respect and customer service.

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Will said: “Having worked in the plumbing and drainage industry for the past decade, I understand the importance of providing great customer service in order to set your business apart from others. I believe this to be the lifeblood of any organisation and it will be a priority for my new Drain Doctor business. I hold firm to a set of values centred around integrity and honesty and this will set the tone for my style of management and engagement with both colleagues and customers.

“I am really looking forward to getting stuck in and being a key player in the local West Sussex community, where I will deliver, not only best in class customer service, but also reinvent the reputation of a tarnished industry. The future is exciting and having the wider support, expertise and resource available from Neighborly and other Drain Doctor franchisees, gives me both confidence and peace of mind.”

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Pierre Jeannes, Vice President of Operations for Drain Doctor, added: “We’re proud and delighted to welcome Will to our close network and are looking forward to supporting him throughout his exciting new journey with us. With William’s proven experience in customer service and the plumbing and drainage industry, coupled with his commitment and enthusiasm to make the business work, he exemplifies the kind of franchise owner that we look for across our industry and shows others the fantastic possibilities that exist in our growing network.”

When Will’s not busy with Drain Doctor Plumbing, he enjoys his fitness, playing the piano and spending time with his two young children.
Drain Doctor is the UK’s leading full service combined commercial and domestic plumbing and drainage organisation with over 50+ franchise locations, providing a national service across the UK.

For further information about Drain Doctor and the services it offers, visit Drain Doctor Horsham or call 01403 336 155.

Source: The District Post

Offbeat Donut has secretly franchised in Prague – and is plotting more Irish stores

March 19, 2019

OFFBEAT DONUT CO quietly opened its first overseas location in Prague at the end of last year and is planning more new outlets in the Czech city – as well as Ireland.

Speaking to Fora, Offbeat founder Brian O’Casey said that the central European outlet is not only the chain’s first store outside is home country, it is also its first franchised outlet.

The doughnut company opened up in 2016 and is owned by O’Casey and his wife. Offbeat now employs some 100 people across seven directly owned stores and three kiosks around Dublin. Last year it recorded a turnover of €5 million.

Franchising was always of Offbeat’s overarching plan, but O’Casey said he and his wife wanted to wait until the core business got off the ground.

“We’ve had a lot of enquiries about (franchising), but we declined them all, primarily because we didn’t think we knew enough,” O’Casey said.

“When you open a new outlet, if it’s full production, it’s going to cost about €250,000 or €300,000 (to set up), and if it’s a kiosk it’d be €100,000, so it’s a lot of investment for us over the last three years,” he said.

“If you’re going to franchise, you need to really understand your business model, how people are going to make money and support the offer locally, and how you’re going to support the offer internationally.”

O’Casey said it has taken two years to get the brand to a stage where it was “good enough” to be licensed to other business owners.

“People have a very good idea of what a traditional doughnut is, and we work very hard to change that perception – it’s not just a doughnut, it’s really a treat and it’s going to surprise you.”

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Why Prague?

The move to Prague was on the back of a request from a property investor friend of O’Casey’s, who asked “a good few times” if he could bring the concept to the Czech Republic.

“He felt he could bring locations and we would bring the business model,” said O’Casey.

“For us it’s a big decision as well, we need to make sure that we’re happy that it would work there and the brand will work there”.

The Czech location opened up in December and since then has been performing well, but “it’s more of a premium product (there) than it is in Ireland – because of the difference in wages and pay scale”, O’Casey noted

“People would buy in smaller quantities in Prague than they would in the Irish market,” he said, adding that he’d “like a bit more volume” in terms of sales.

Even so, trade has been growing strong enough for O’Casey to start scouting for more locations in the city, “probably some in shopping malls and shopping centres”.

“We do a lot of deliveries with corporate and larger companies, and I think there are opportunities there. I think that’s something that would be new in Prague,” he said.

“We’re trying to grow with social media. We’ve only really started the social media in the last month or so in Prague, but it’s been very effective for us in Ireland.”


Brian O’Casey

Source: Offbeat

Other countries and counties

There are also plans afoot to expand further in Ireland, and while Offbeat may open one or two more stores in Dublin, the chain is heavily focused on breaking away from the capital.

“Really, we have to get outside of Dublin … We concentrated on Dublin because we were aware that Krispy Kreme were coming onto the marketplace, and it was important to secure good sites and build up a brand presence,” said O’Casey.

“At this stage we’ve a very strong presence in Dublin, and we’ll be more focused on opening up outlets outside of the Dublin area,” he said, but as the locations are still in discussion, it’s not known yet where exactly.

Right now, Offbeat isn’t actively pursuing other markets for franchise opportunities, “but it is something that we will be in the future”. High on the list are the Middle East, the US, the UK and Asia.

“The Americans have been very complimentary of the offer, so we’d like to go to America, but the UK is nearby, so we’d like to go to the UK first,” said O’Casey.

“I think franchising is quite well-developed in countries like America and many other countries. There hasn’t been a huge number of them that are from Ireland.”


Source: Fora

Car And Automotive Franchise UK – Should You Buy UK Car Franchises?

March 19, 2019

Automotive Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running  successful UK Automotive Franchises.

Car and automotive franchises UK have thrived upon a solid foundation of a franchising-ready template for decades. Should you, however, buy a car and automotive franchise UK in the present economy?

There are few franchise sectors out there that can rival the robustness and straightforward revenue models adopted by the car and automotive franchises UK. For years, would-be franchisees have preferred buying an automotive franchise UK over other top contenders like retail and food franchises, simply for the reason that it’s much easier to translate the demand into sales for automotive franchises.

At face value, this might look like a twisted pattern, but it really isn’t when you dig a little deeper and analyse the numbers in this regard.

All things said and done, buying a car and automotive franchises UK means you invest in an opportunity that targets the widest and largest chunk of the overall adult consumer demographic. On top of that, most car franchises UK provide services that are of the ‘necessity’ nature, and not the ‘luxury’ nature.

A combination of these factors means that UK automotive franchises have a head start over most other franchise sectors. The question, however, remains – should you really buy a car and automotive franchises UK, especially in the present state of the economy?

Let’s try to figure these things out.

Why Car And Automotive Franchises UK Have Been Successful

There’s little need to go wandering looking for answers when the answer has been staring us in the face all along.

  • In terms of car ownership, the UK is one of the leading countries not just in Europe – but in the world.
  • On average, in the last five years, 3-3.5 million new cars are licenced in the UK each year.
  • Close to 40 million cars are presently licenced.
  • The number of UK households that own at least one car has been on the rise throughout the last decade.
  • At the same time, the number of UK households that own 2 or more cars has also been steadily rising.
  • There was a brief slump in 2017 in the number of new cars licenced in the UK – but that seems to be nothing more than an aberration, when looked at from a wider perspective.
  • The latest trends in car manufacturing and buying look all set to revolutionise the automotive industry around the world, and the UK is no exception. The number of new ultra-low emission cars being licenced shows clear signs of disruption.

Sources: Statista 1, Statista 2, The Office For National Statistics

The only reason for us to furnish these stats is to paint a clear picture of the immense diversity and room that still exists in the auto sector for even a new car and automotive franchise UK to make their mark. Of course, the size of the industry – on its own – isn’t of much significance until we assess the nature of the demand. We’ll come back to that point when we discuss the types of UK car and automotive franchises.

Are Automotive And Car Franchises UK Following A Dated Business Model?

If you’re looking to invest in a car franchise UK, this is an extremely interesting point to follow.

In the business statistics we looked at in the earlier point, we – quite on purpose – decided to withhold an important bit – the urban youth’s waning desires to ‘own’ cars.

It’s a phenomenon that’s native to almost every developed economy in the world – the millennials just aren’t as interested in buying new cars as their counterparts in previous generations were.

Here’s an interesting perspective (borrowed from the Financial Times): the car service industry (in which every car and automotive franchise UK falls) needs to revamp their offerings to match the ‘green’ and ‘clean’ requirements of the new generation(s).

In that sense, it would be safe to say that UK automotive franchises are a touch behind the curve. From a totally different point of view, this also means that we expect there to arise quite a few interesting sub-niches for car franchise UK owners to explore.

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What Does A Typical Car And Automotive Franchise UK Do?

Almost every car franchise UK can be treated as a service provider of some sort – with many doubling up as product selling businesses.

The focus, for such franchises, is always on attracting, acquiring and closing their choice of demographic in close tandem with the franchisor’s expertise – a proven template for many franchise operations across industries and sectors.

This point becomes much clearer when consider the types of car franchises UK.

Types of UK Car Franchises

While it’s not possible to list all the types here, here are the most popular ones:

Car Dealership Franchises UK

A car dealership franchise is probably the best representation of how and why UK car franchises have been performing so predictably (a good thing).

Car dealership franchises are closer to other ‘commission’ based franchise sectors like estate agency franchises than product based franchises. While these usually come with a steep price tag, it’s easy to see why franchisees are willing to put money into car dealerships. By running a car dealership franchise unit, a franchisee can ride the brand value of the cars that are on sale AND the franchisor business – a great deal!

Moreover, buying and selling used cars generally guarantees a steady stream of revenue for most car dealers.

Car Rental And Leasing Franchises

The car rental industry in the UK is well-established and fairly deep-rooted (with annual revenues exceeding £700mn for 2018).

From the car and automotive franchise UK perspective, this sector can be divided into two broad categories:

  1. Consumer Facing Car Rentals

Thanks to many popular start-ups and ride sharing apps, the consumer-facing, retail car rental sector has been rendered extremely difficult for franchises to breach. As a franchisee looking to invest in a car franchise UK, you’re likely to find no more than a handful opportunities in the retail rental sector.

  1. B2B Car Leasing

This, on the other hand, is a great prospect in terms of franchising. The B2B car leasing market isn’t likely to be disrupted anytime soon. Local businesses prefer to lease cars from other local businesses that can give them a fair deal – something a car leasing franchise UK can certainly capitalise on.

Garage And Car Repair Franchises

Garage and car repair franchises are extremely popular at local levels because, for a modest investment, they guarantee a revenue stream that can be easily secured at the consumer end. In addition, if the franchisor business has exclusive repair authorisations to popular car makes, you can hope to build your franchise unit up to a handsome level of profitability quickly.

Most franchisors, however, require their franchisees to have at least some prior experience in running/operating car repair businesses. If you’re confused about where to begin your franchising journey, here’s how to know if franchising is for you or not.

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Car Wash Franchises

If there’s one thing car wash franchises UK have built their rise on, it’s the clearly defined service model. Car wash businesses – even though they sell ancillary products – are predominantly service providers, nothing more and definitely nothing less.

As a carwash franchise UK, you’ll most likely be competing against local car wash businesses that you (hopefully) have an edge over in terms of marketing, brand value and expertise.

Running a car wash franchise UK also means that you need to carefully consider and follow the local council rules regarding the use and disposal of water and chemicals – a huge costing factor in urban areas.

Product Based Car Franchises

Unlike other service based car franchises UK, product based franchises operate like any other retail franchise would. The profit margins are defined exclusively by the products, not the expertise. What this also means is that there’s very little room for the franchisee to grow the franchise unless they can trust their franchisor to bring on board excellent products (bespoke or licenced).

The most common variety of such franchises are tyre dealerships – a combination of product and service based business models. All the biggest tyre companies have exclusive territories already assigned to distributors and retailers. So, working with a franchisor who holds these rights becomes the key.

How Much Does A Car Franchise UK Cost?

A typical car and automotive franchise UK can be bought for a combination of fees – the one-off franchise fee and additional investments for marketing, inventory, location, territory rights and know-how (training and support).

A quick look at some of the most popular UK car franchises tells us that a medium-sized car franchise UK costs anywhere between £20,000 and £75,000.

If you have been following our blog (you should, if you aren’t!), you’d know that this investment range falls in the zone in which most service-based franchises operate.

Buying a car and automotive franchise UK means that you also get unique benefits and perks from the franchisor. These usually include marketing support, IT help, business assistance, franchise finance and more. We’ve talked at length about how these factors franchise-buying decisions in our free how to choose a franchise guide.

Should You Buy A Car And Automotive Franchise UK?

Car franchises UK make for an ideal fit for you if you have prior experience in the industry.

That doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t ‘make it’ if you haven’t worked in the industry. With the right kind of people working for you, it’s definitely possible to make a car franchise UK work, provided that you’ve chosen your franchisor based on meticulous franchise market research.

For would-be franchisees, we have prepared a handy franchise checklist – you can download it here for free.

Top Car Franchises UK

Car and automotive franchises UK occupy a significant cross section of the UK franchising world. Naturally, there are dozens of franchise opportunities available in this sector – and with these numbers comes confusion. To give our readers a fair idea of what a typical car and automotive franchise brings on board, we have compiled a short list of some of the most popular UK car franchises.

Please note that all the numbers and details mentioned below are subject to change. It’s best to contact the franchisor business for more information.

1. Revive!

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £14,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Van-based smart car repair business
  • Exclusive territories with high scalability
  • 6-8 vans per territory
  • Full training
  • Business support
  • Marketing support
  • Exit support
  • Full BFA Member

2. Hometyre

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £5,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Van-based tyre business
  • 16 years in business
  • No industry experience required
  • No need to stock inventory – orders fulfilled by the franchisor
  • Marketing support
  • Full training on offer

3. Motor Republic

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £18,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Car rental and leasing services for businesses
  • 6-8 vans per territory
  • Home-based franchise opportunity
  • Ideal for franchisees with sales/B2B background
  • Marketing support
  • Exit support

4. Optic-Kleer

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £15,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Windscreen repair business
  • 25+ years in operation
  • Over 50 active franchise units
  • Full training
  • Marketing support
  • Associate BFA Member

The Wheel Specialist

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £44,997 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Wheel repair, refurbishment and customisation services
  • Finance assistance may be available
  • Full training provided
  • Business support
  • Marketing support
  • Associate BFA Member

Car And Automotive Franchises UK – The Takeaways

  • Industry experience isn’t as important as your ability to raise finance and run daily operations smoothly.
  • Car franchises UK are for you if you can manage a group of employees well.
  • As ever, the franchise market research is important.
  • Keep an eye of market trends – especially related to emission regulations, electric cars and self-driving cars.

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If you run a car franchise UK, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line to share your experiences in this industry with thousands of our readers. For regular updates, do consider subscribing to our blog. Do take a moment to check out the franchise news section on our website to receive daily updates about the UK franchising world.

Photography Franchise UK – Should You Buy UK Photography Franchises

March 18, 2019

Photography Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Photography Franchises.

The photography business has managed to withstand technological challenges. Is it, however, a good idea to buy a photography franchise UK?

A common (and fair) question to ask whenever you’re considering a business or investment opportunity is this: What will this look like down the road?

At franchise4u, we regularly discuss how various franchise sectors answer this question.

When, however, we sit down to dissect everything that is good and bad about UK photography franchises, things get more complicated than we like.

There’s a simple reason for these complications – photography businesses touch multiple other industries that have little in common in terms of being future-proof. Art, lifestyle, technology and services, just to name a few.

Regardless, it’s safe to say that photography franchises UK have managed to not just survive – but thrive, whenever faced with challenges.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how a typical photography franchise UK makes money, what the downsides to your investments are and how to make the most of opportunities afforded by the UK market.

Understanding The Market Situation For A Photography Franchise UK

A UK photography franchise works within a very niche market – there simply isn’t the advantage of scale to be had here, unlike, let’s say, fast food franchises or financial franchises UK.

  • The overall photographic industry in the UK generates close to £1.7 bn per year. It should be clear, if you follow our blog regularly, that this isn’t exactly a huge canvas for new businesses to operate on. This, however, is rarely the decisive factor – market size merely indicates the total spread of utility, not the prospect value. (In other words, large markets aren’t necessarily easy to breach – the retail sector is a great example of this).
  • Over 8,000 distinct businesses operate within the UK photographic industry. This includes all UK photography franchises. Again, not exactly a promising number – but that’s fine.
  • UK photography businesses have grown at a rate of 2% per annum over the past four years (2014-2018). This number is well above the average growth of the UK economy.
  • Close to 18,000 people are directly employed by UK photography businesses. For an industry as small as this, this is definitely an impressive number.
  • The majority of photography businesses in the UK are run as sole trading businesses (freelance activities). Here’s our take on what various business structures mean for UK franchises.
  • From the point of view of a photography franchise UK, the focus sub-niche will always be events and wedding photography – the biggest contributor to the overall turnover of UK photography businesses.

Sources: Ibis World, The British Photographic Council

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The Simplest Question Every Photography Franchise UK Has To Answer: “Is This Still A Thing?”

We started this review of UK photography franchises with a simple argument.

That naturally leads to would-be franchisees having to grapple with another question – are photography businesses STILL needed in 2019?

We all have state of the art cameras in our smartphones – and we love using them all the time. Even the elderly demographic is often seen fiddling with not just their smartphone cameras, but with elaborate filters too.

Talk to any pro photographer and they will tell you – everyone is now a photographer, but not every picture is a photograph.

So, in other words, the smartphones may well dictate the future of photography, but it won’t necessarily be a bad thing for a photography franchise UK. Professional photographers are still in hot demand for events (think conferences, parties and, of course, weddings) and other B2B requirements (think construction photography, travel photography, sports photography, product photography, locational photography and so forth).

What Do UK Photography Franchises Do?

Photography franchises are a curious blend of product and service businesses – you’ll struggle to find a business sector just like this one in the franchising world.

So, what exactly does a photography franchise UK do?

The short answer is – they provide photography and videography services on demand.

The long answer is, however, what we are after.

If you have ever run a franchise business, you know that the ultimate bottom line is almost always proportional to the demand forces that are in your favour AND the brand value/expertise you get directly from the franchisor. If you are new to franchising, here’s our guide to running your first franchise.

Therefore, what UK photography franchises really do is a unique mix of selling services that aren’t always going to attract repeat customers. To bring down the obviously high customer acquisition costs, a photography franchise UK has to subsidise their marketing through word of mouth.

Walking on this tightrope means that typical UK photography franchises don’t just provide services – they create demand through serving their customers.

How Much Does A Photography Franchise UK Cost?

Even though photography franchises UK form a tight niche sector, the initial investments vary wildly from one type to another.

As we have noted repeatedly in many of our posts, the minimum initial investment for every franchise depends on the market goodwill the franchisor brings to the table.

As far as UK photography franchises go, this factor is largely a non-starter – because there are very few independent franchisors out there that can claim to bring customers in based solely on their market reputation.

So, it all eventually boils down to the type of services on offer and the kind of expertise you receive from the franchisor – not just their brand name. An average photography franchise UK can be bought and run for a minimum initial investment that ranges from as low as £5,000 to as high as £100,000.

Franchisees, in most cases, receive the licencing rights to the brand name (and proprietary techniques, if any), training, marketing support, ongoing business assistance, exclusive territory and varying levels of equipment for the initial investment. To know more about some of the top photography franchises UK, read on.

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Photography Franchises UK – How Do They Make Money?

Our research shows that photography franchises UK usually break even within 12-18 months of trading – provided that there are no abnormal market forces holding them back (and, of course, the services provided are top notch). Here’s more about why meticulous market research is necessary before you buy a franchise business.

Most photography franchises in the UK generate revenues from two major streams:

  1. Regular clients (applies for B2B variants within the industry)
  2. One-off assignments (applies for B2C variants, primarily operating in the lifestyle segment of the industry)

The incomings are derived from service fees and rental fees (applies for studio rental businesses), along with creative fees (applies for art/publication/modelling variants).

The outgoings are predictably consistent with all service businesses:

These include:

  • Office/studio rental
  • Equipment purchase, rental and maintenance
  • Staff salaries
  • Utilities
  • Other inventory
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Franchisor fees/royalties/commissions

Here’s Why Micro-Niches Matter For Photography Franchises UK

It may seem counter productive to divide an already small market into micro-niches – but that seems to be the best way forward, when people are willing to pay a premium for highly specialised (and localised) services.

From that sense, a UK photography franchise has the best chance of succeeding when they offer highly specific, preferably B2B services.

“UK photography franchises are a great endorsement for the ‘go niche’ argument – you can generate the same business by doing one thing really well than by doing an array of generic things at an okay level.”

A good case in point are construction photography businesses.

It would seem that there won’t be many takers for such a thing, but that simply isn’t true. Developers and builders now know that the best way to make them look good on their advertising materials (and social media) is to have premium, top-quality pictures speak for their expertise.

Take a look at this drone shot (courtesy: Drone Photography Services UK):

Photography Franchise UK

A well-funded developer will be more than happy to commission the services of a specialist company to create such stunning shots that make their sites and projects look great!

How To Market A Photography Franchise UK Without Breaking Your Bank

Every photography business has one advantage over other service businesses – their good work is there to see, quite literally.

Marketing Costs Add Up!

As is the case with every ‘local’ business out there, the marketing costs do add up really fast for photography franchises UK. To avoid having to deal in the ‘negative’ cashflow territory forever, you’ll need to employ smart marketing techniques that generate leads and sales fast, at cheap prices and on a consistent basis.

Here are a few ideas:


We talked at length about the important of networking for franchise businesses while discussing property and estate agency franchises UK.

The same tenets apply for photography franchises.

It doesn’t matter which micro-niche you operate in, it’s always beneficial to establish reliable industry contacts that keep putting your name ‘out there’, giving you a passive marketing edge over competitors.

A Website That Works For You

While you will only be able to ‘close’ customers when you meet with them in person and let them see your work, the first impression is almost always going to be created via your website.

So, make sure your website is designed well, presents your portfolio well and is optimised for search (SEO).

Social Media – A Gamechanger For Photography Businesses

Many talented photographers have successfully harnessed the reach and recognition that social media can grant.

If it fits your budget, do consider hiring a specialist digital marketing and social media management agency to automate all your tasks and keep generating leads for you. A good agency should be able to return your investments 2-5x, if not more.

Here’s a good lowdown on some creative marketing tactics for photography businesses.

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Is It Possible To Run A Photography Franchise From Home?

It is!

If the business niche you want to operate doesn’t require maintaining a dedicated office space or a studio, it’s definitely possible to turn a photography franchise into a full-scale home-based franchise business.

This applies particularly for businesses that require you to travel to the customer’s location.

Top UK Photography Franchises

Here’s our shortlist of some of the most popular and innovative photography franchise businesses in the UK:

1. Venture Studios

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £70,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Renowned portrait photographers
  • Exclusive territories
  • Bespoke techniques and equipment
  • Marketing support
  • Full training
  • Ongoing business support
  • Full BFA Member

2. Photography For Little People

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £15,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Portrait photography services for children
  • Home based franchise opportunity
  • Mobile photography franchise
  • Finance support (whenever possible)
  • Full training
  • Ongoing business support

3. Multivista

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £147,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: World-leaders in construction site photography, videography and monitoring solutions
  • Thorough business knowledge and expertise sharing
  • End to end software and technology support
  • Proven business model
  • 15+ years in operation

4. SkyCam

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £4,900 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Drone photography for B2C and B2B customers
  • The initial investment gets you a state of the art drone, accessories and Unmanned Aircraft Pilots Licence Course
  • Full training on offer
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Marketing support
  • Social media support

5. POP! Studios

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £100,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: High-end editing services and professional photography
  • You don’t need to work as a photographer
  • Unique and successful business model
  • Full training
  • Business insurance
  • Full training
  • Furnishing support
  • Finance support
  • Equipment and IT package

UK Photography Franchises – The Takeaways

  • Choose your niche carefully.
  • You don’t necessarily have to be a creative genius – just get the numbers right.
  • Focus on efficient marketing methods.
  • Networking is the key.
  • People skills matter in this line.
  • Photography franchises are tough to scale – invest accordingly.

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If you run a photography franchise UK, we want to know what your experience has been like. Write to us here to stand a chance to feature on our hugely popular franchising success stories page!

Caremark Sutton expands award-winning service into Epsom

March 18, 2019

Caremark UK – People who live in Epsom, Reigate and Banstead are now able to access the services of an award-winning health and social care company from Sutton.

Caremark provides home care, live-in care, as well as support for people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, as well as those with complex care needs.

Now it’s pushing for an expansion into three new areas as it opens its doors to residents in Epsom, Banstead and Reigate.

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It’s headed up by mum-of-two Hannah Drury who, by 27, had scooped four national awards for her business skills and desire to transform care which is delivered in people’s own homes.

“This is a dream come true,” she said. “Through building a service on integrity, compassion and strong family values, we have a fantastic reputation in the local area.

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“For the past year we’ve been inundated with clients living in and around Epsom and Reigate, and it’s heartbreaking having to turn people away.

“Now with the new service we won’t have to.”

Hannah was named “Young Woman in Franchising of the Year”, “Young Franchisee of the Year” and “Franchisee of the Year” at the British Franchisee Association Awards.

She also won the top prize for “Franchise of the Year” for Caremark at the 2017 Startups Awards after the service was founded in 2013.

Source: Surrey Comet

Greggs rolls out hot self-serve cabinets to boost afternoon sales

March 18, 2019

Greggs is beginning the roll-out of hot self-serve cabinets as it increases the range of hot food options for customers throughout the day.

The high street chain, which now numbers almost 2,000 stores UK-wide, describes hot food as a “key area of development” for the business.

The investment in new catering equipment reflects the fact that hot food could become particularly profitable for it during times of the day when customers don’t fancy cakes or breads.

It revealed it is seeing increasing demand for “quick meal solutions” later in the day when demand for sweet bakery items and cold sandwiches has passed its peak.

Hot sandwiches are available in all its shops and the roll-out of hot self-serve cabinets will support the expansion of new product ranges, including fresh porridge, soups, potato wedges and chicken goujons.

Greggs’ ability to expand beyond traditional bakery items is central to its growth plans as it seeks to build on the £1 billion revenue that it has just reported for 2018.

The company has endeavoured to differentiate itself by freshly preparing food each day in its shops and by offering “outstanding” value for great tasting food-on-the-go.

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In its preliminary annual results announcement, CEO Roger Whiteside said: “Over the years we have developed a market-leading reputation in long-established traditional bakery categories adapted to food-on-the-go. Whilst these products remain best sellers, we continue to build a reputation in new areas that create more reasons to visit Greggs, meeting food-on-the-go needs at all times of the day.”

Another area that is proving lucrative for Greggs is breakfast-on-the-go. It is currently the fastest-growing part of its trading day.

It now offers a wide range of breakfast menu options to cater for regular customers seeking variety each day, and awareness is growing as it adds lines such as fruit and yoghurt to its breakfast meal deal.

New products such as fresh porridge and breakfast boxes are also showing good potential as they become available in more shops, Greggs said.

Overall its range of options for customers is widening, with gluten-free and vegan-friendly products added to the Balanced Choice range that offers fewer than 400 calories.

Its range of gluten-free soups, vegan-friendly Mexican bean wrap and vegan-friendly sausage roll have all performed well since their launch.

Greggs has a strong pipeline of new shop openings for 2019 and expects to add at least 100 net new shops in the year, including around 50 with franchise partners. Its target is to reach at ;east 2,500 stores.

By Andrew Seymour

Source: Foodservice Equipment Journal

New drive-thru Starbucks to replace Ramsbottom Esso garage site

March 18, 2019

An Esso garage site in a local market town is about to be replaced by an international coffeehouse chain. Starbucks is set to throw open the doors to its first franchise in Ramsbottom.

Locals will be able to grab coffee inside or via the brand new drive-thru which will be located at 40 Stubbins Lane.

Plans to demolish the existing petrol station, car wash and industrial building and replace it with the drive-thru coffee shop have been approved by planning officers at Bury Council.

A new petrol filling station, convenience store and associated car parking will also be erected.

Euro Garages Ltd are behind the project and now operate in excess of 67 safe hands drive-to and drive-thru coffee shops and restaurants, almost 200 fast food restaurants and 100 bakeries across the UK.

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Two new ATM points will also be provided and there will be a night service desk.

Starbucks will be located where the car wash currently is situated, spanning 190 square metres.

An access road for the drive-thru and associated customer parking will be constructed.

Customers will place their order at the pick up point and then pay and collect their order from the ‘Pickup’ service point at the back of the building, before exiting through the petrol filling station forecourt.

A total of 20 parking spaces, including two disabled bays, will be located at the front of the Starbucks.

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The plans state: “Although the proposals will increase the amount of development on the site, the new buildings will be single storey and sited in the same location within the site as the existing convenience store and drive-thru car wash.

“The proposals will not alter the character of the use at the site and will improve the visual appearance of the service station as a whole, with upgraded modern and high quality replacement buildings which will provide enhanced facilities for the local population and passing motorists.”

The proposals have been approved with a list of set conditions including that no trees shall be demolished between the March, 1 and August, 31 in any year unless a detailed bird nest survey is conducted to ensure no active bird nests are present.

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By Olivia Baron Trainee Live News Reporter

Lancs Live