One Stop Franchise launches new website featuring retailer case studies

May 26, 2019

One Stop Franchise has launched its new website, believing it is easier to navigate, focusing more on its franchisees and ultimately is more helpful and informative to prospective retailers.

The retailer focused homepage includes a carousel of ads with linked retailer case studies focusing on the 5 key benefits of joining One Stop: more cash in your pocket, £50,000 store investment, 7 day a week support, market-leading promotions and time-saving technology, along with a ‘hero’ homepage video which highlights the benefits of franchise and why joining One Stop was the best decision they have made.

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The website also promotes the benefits associated with joining One Stop Franchise such as the power of a national brand, being a subsidiary of Tesco and our own label range, which consists of over 400 lines across fresh, chilled, meat and frozen to grocery, impulse and cake.

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A spokesperson for One Stop said that the re-design is aimed to make the site as helpful and informative as possible for prospective franchisees.

“With an easy-to-navigate layout, there is a wealth of information from downloadable documents such as time-saving technology and what is a Franchise, insights and interviews which include retailer case studies and a time-lapsed video of a £50,000 store refit to latest news articles.”

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By Fiona Briggs

Source: Retail Times

Barking Mad appoints managing director duo

May 26, 2019

Barking Mad Dog Care announced the appointment of two new joint managing directors at its annual conference in the Lake District.

Richard Dancy and Rachel Stewart will run the leading dog care franchise jointly, specialising in communications and operations respectively and leading an award-winning support team.

Barking Mad’s founder, Lee Dancy, retires as MD this month (June). The Dancy name, which has become synonymous with the dog holiday brand and franchising, will live on, however, as Lee’s husband, Richard, takes over the reins alongside former business development consultant Rachel.

Barking Mad, the dog home boarding franchise, has been run semi-autonomously by Lee since the company’s acquisition by the Franchise Brands group in 2016.

Franchise Brands is an international multi-brand franchisor with a combined network of more than 450 franchisees in 12 countries. Under a new structure, the parent company will now play a greater role in ensuring growing success through shared support services such as technology, marketing, finance and franchise recruitment.

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Chairman of Franchise Brands Stephen Hemsley said: “Lee’s passion, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit were instrumental in achieving this success and everyone at Franchise Brands wishes her all the very best.”

Lee was a pioneer in the dog home boarding market 19 years ago when she set about creating a new concept for dog holidays. Today, Barking Mad is a multi-award-winning business with more than 80 franchisees nationwide.

The Barking Mad concept is centred on accommodating dogs in a caring environment, ensuring their routine is kept as consistent as possible with a loving, local host family.

Lee added: “After almost 20 years at the helm I have decided to retire. I feel extremely proud to have founded a business which has changed the lives of so many people: our customers and their dogs, our community of wonderful host families and the enthusiastic franchise network of 82 business owners.

“We recently celebrated all things Barking Mad at the National Conference hosted on the shores of Lake Windermere. It was a very fitting celebration themed ‘Teamwork makes the Dream Work’ and a delightful opportunity to recognise the success of the business. I look forward to seeing Barking Mad continue to grow under the leadership of Rachel Stewart and Richard Dancy.”

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Everyone in the dog-sitting network came together to celebrate and thank Lee for her vision, hard work and unwavering enthusiasm.

Barking Mad franchise owners John and Elaine Warburton, from Fife, have recently been named as finalists in the British Franchise Association’s HSBC Franchisee of the Year Award.

Richard Dancy said: “Barking Mad has really grown up in the 11 years I have worked in the business and Lee has literally changed the lives of thousands of dog lovers and business owners as a result. I am delighted to be able to continue to work with Rachel and the team, including all those at Franchise Brands group plc.

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“Our new structure integrates us more into our parent company, which puts us in a very strong position with such excellent resources at our disposal. Barking Mad will continue to expand in a buoyant growth market with the pet sector predicted to hit £7bn in 2021.”

Rachel Stewart added: “Lee has been an inspirational founder and leader and has steered the business to huge success over the last 19 years. She leaves at an exciting and buoyant time for the pet care sector and she leaves behind firm foundations from which Richard and I can further build upon.”

By Karen Pickwick

Source: Pet Business World

A Tale of Convenience: What We Can Learn From The SPAR Success Story

May 25, 2019

SPAR franchise UK. If I was to ask any passer-by on the street the question “Which major brand has the biggest franchise network presence in the U.K?” I’d bet a significant amount of money that their answer would be one of the major fast-food giants. They might throw in a curveball and hazard a guess at one of the household assistance franchises such as a lawn care brand or perhaps a personal care franchise.

But no. The biggest franchise chain here in the U.K. is SPAR. It’s a convenience store franchise with over 2,400 franchises here in the U.K, dwarfing the likes of McDonald’s which has around 1,200 UK franchise units. Originally named DE SPAR, the SPAR network has nearly 13,000 stores worldwide, across around 48 countries.

What I personally love about the SPAR story is the origin of its name. DE SPAR is an acronym of the Dutch phrase “Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig”. In English that translates to “through united co-operation everyone regularly profits”. And actually, doesn’t that sum up what franchising is (or should be) all about?

The Spar story is an intriguing one. Intriguing because it bucks the general trend of smaller “corner shop” retailers here in the U.K. becoming financially unsustainable businesses, squeezed out by the major out-of-town supermarkets and facing closures across the board. The convenience store industry as a whole has never faced tougher times, with wafer-thin margins and competition from discount chains entering the marketplace left right and center.

Yet SPAR is holding its own. It’s been around for forever and a day – the SPAR story began in Holland in the 1930s, arriving here in the U.K in 1957, and it now holds the apparent honor of being the worlds largest international food retail chain.

It’s clear therefore that SPAR reveals some very interesting lessons that we can all learn as franchisors – either here at home in the UK or over on the other side of the pond.

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Strong branding

The SPAR brand is instantly recognizable. The red and white colours of SPAR signage and the green fir tree have been part of the branding since the word go. SPAR founder Adriaan van Well had the foresight from the very beginning to understand the importance of brand consistency across sites and this has surely played a significant part in the franchise brand success. Over the years the branding may have had an intermittent refresh but never in such a way to move away from its roots. The SPAR branding is enmeshed in its stores, from prominent signage both in and outside of store, to staff clothing and own brand product ranges.

Local community focus

Spar is proud to call itself a business that is ‘run by locals, for locals’. As a brand, it has always ensured that its sites are embedded in the community and retain a local feel, from small touches like community noticeboards to stocking products from local producers. If it spots a gap or demand in the local area for something butchery counter, it will look to install one. With consumer-driven trends for shopping locally and valuing product provenance high on the agenda, this puts SPAR ahead of the game when it comes to other national competitors operating from larger and impersonal locations. Customers love the local, community feel of the stores and working with local producers means store offerings can be adapted to local tastes and demand. For any franchisor or franchisee, the ability to be agile enough to be able to respond quickly to local customer demands surely puts you several steps ahead of the game.

Remaining outside of the competition

As previously indicated, SPAR operates in a highly competitive industry. The supermarket retail marketplace in recent years has seen aggressive (and sometimes somewhat unattractive) marketing campaigns pitched by the largest providers against each other, and similarly aggressive price undercutting. SPAR endeavours to remain outside of the fracas, focusing its own marketing on its strengths of convenience, freshness and quality. It recognises that price is not something that it can generally compete on, given its often costly store locations. Rather than attempting to compete, SPAR keeps its focus and energy on its own business and has an innovative strategy of rolling promotions to entice customers and hold their attention, interest and loyalty.

Focus on franchisee support and retention

Anyone who has read my previous articles will know that I am a firm believer that a happy and engaged team of franchisees is any franchisors biggest asset. SPAR has a partnership approach to working with its franchise network and has invested significant amounts in its processes and procedures so that it not only carries the stock burden but also frees up its franchisees from having to deal with suppliers and fleet so that they can focus on the core business. It is also renowned for the transparent nature of its agreements, promoting openness and trust with its franchisees. As a result it reportedly has a very high franchisee retention rate.

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Collaboration with other brands

As a franchise brand, SPAR recognises that there is great power in allegiances and has formed close alliances with other brands whom, to an outsider, could be viewed as direct competitors. It has introduced Subway sandwich counters into over 40 of its stores, together with Greggs bakery counters and Costa Coffee. An initiative introduced back in 2015, this is another way in which SPAR seems to have successfully managed to hold its own against some of the supermarket giants, recognising the value of harnessing the influence of these other brands. As any savvy franchisor knows, collaboration with other names who have appeal to your target market really can be the key to building something which is not only bigger but also more sustainable.

It’s all credit to SPAR that despite being one of the oldest kids on the block, they seem to be riding the storms of change. Being in touch with their local community allows their franchisees to remain agile, fresh and relevant. And ultimately, as a franchise brand SPAR has seemingly remained true to their original name and value – working together as a team, everyone profits. That’s the spirit of franchising, right there.

By Fiona Simpson

Source: Forbes

Thanet Seniors Helping Seniors branch used as leading model for caring businesses

May 25, 2019

Seniors Helping Seniors UK – Thanet is leading the way with a service that matches seniors who would welcome some extra support at home, with seniors who want to help.

The Seniors Helping Seniors franchise in Thanet started trading in 2014  to show it could work in a relatively poor area compared to the rest of the county. Now four other offices in Harrow, Guildford, Tonbridge, Ashford are replicating the Thanet way of working.

The overarching UK arm of the business has been running 20 years under the stewardship of husband and wife Christian and Sally Wilse.

The model impacts the lives of caregivers, as well as those receiving care, with mature helpers providing help at home or out and about. Services include companionship, meal time help, shopping, transportation, medical appointments, hospital discharge, welcome home and convalescence, dementia care, respite care, holidays and overnights, housekeeping, house maintenance and repairs, gardening, pet care and more.

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The Thanet scheme has 19 senior aged carers living and working on the isle plus one living in Canterbury but working in Thanet. There are currently eight client families.

The project has been granted a £10,000 award to help with promotion and awareness raising in the south east.

Mr Wisle said: ““The public relations support will be used to raise awareness of the work we are doing in Surrey, Middlesex and Kent, with a view to enlisting more people to join us across the South East and East of England. We envisage the prize will help us to impact the lives of millions more elderly people in the next 18 months.”

Seniors Helping Seniors – a customer viewpoint

I first became aware of Seniors Helping Seniors (SHS) through a brochure provided by a dementia outreach unit based at Age UK, Canterbury. I was exploring options for care for my mother Louise, then aged 89 who had had dementia for about eight years. Her dementia was presenting mainly as severe short-term memory loss – she still had (and continues to have) all her former charming personality and social skills – but moments of disorientation were increasing and we needed to do something to help keep mum safe.

Louise was still living at home by herself at the time, having lost her husband a few years earlier. She was coping reasonably well and was adamant that she did not want any nursing support or to go into a home – but did have lunch time meals delivered 3 times a week and enjoyed visits to the Age UK day centre on 3 other days.

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My two sisters and I and other close family members were providing support but, with us children all in full time jobs and living away , Louise still had long periods on her own – and lack of social contact could seem to trigger disorientation. Disorientation mainly took the form of being convinced the house where she had lived for some 60 years was not where she should be and she longed for her childhood home and could not understand how she had “arrived” where she was.

It was after one or two more worrying incidents when mum was found wandering and looking lost in the street that I rang the dementia outreach team and picked up some information on support options, including the SHS brochure.

Among the wealth of literature available, I was attracted to the SHS brochure for several reasons. Like many of her generation Louise has always prided herself on her self-reliance and was, as I have said, very resistant to nursing support – even when she was caring at home for her bed-confined husband in his last days she wanted to do it all without help. She was adamant about not wanting to go for residential care – so some kind of support at home was needed. Moreover, I needed to pass off Louise’s carers as “other retired ladies on their own, popping in for a chat” or as “friendly neighbours”. This would not work if there were uniforms involved or a large age difference. The generally more senior staff working for SHS was thus ideal and there were no uniforms in sight in the brochure! They also provided the companionship care we were looking for and had staff very experienced with dementia sufferers.

We were nervous to take the plunge – wanting to get the right balance of independence and care for mum – and contacted the manager of SHS Canterbury. He took great pains to understand my mother’s situation and the family concerns and did not press for any commitment, giving us time and information to decide. From information I provided he identified SHS carers that would be suitable and we discussed at length the best way to introduce Louise to one of them – a lady retiree from a caring profession (and shall we say between my age – I am Louise’s son – and mums!) in a trial run. The visit duly took place and, although Louise was somewhat surprised and bemused – the success was evident from later visits when – from mum’s beaming smile – she was evidently very pleased to see her “new friend”.

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From that point we have not looked back. SHS have helped us wonderfully on very many levels as we have, in stages, increased their visits as needed, and have been a constant and utterly reliable support through the gradual worsening of Louise’s dementia and eventual move into residential care.

Anyone interested in the services provided by Seniors Helping Seniors can find out more at or call Sally / Christian direct on 01227 454 900.

By Kathy Bailes

Source: The Isle of Thanet News

Snap Fitness in Newport applies to open 24 hours a day – despite concerns over parking and noise

May 24, 2019

Snap Fitness Newport is applying to be allowed to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, despite the council already expressing concerns about the idea.

Snap Fitness runs 24/7 gyms across the UK and opened its Chepstow Road facility more than a year ago having obtained planning approval in 2017.

But Newport City Council restricted the opening hours to between 6am and 11pm Sunday to Thursday, and 6am to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Councillors raised concerns that 24-hour gym would carry negative noise impacts for residents, while exacerbating existing antisocial behaviour and parking problems.

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But an application now seeks to remove the “restrictive” conditions and bring the Newport franchise in line with other Snap Fitness gyms across the country.

Ex-soldier obsessed with gory horror films who ‘tortured’ partner by waterboarding her is jailed

‘What I witnessed is something you can never forget’: 102-year-old prisoner of war recalls his struggle to survive and other memories

A planning statement on behalf of the chain says: “The proposal is required to enable Snap Fitness to offer a better and more varied service to current and future customers.”

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Snap Fitness say their gyms are rarely used late at night, with only five per cent of its membership base using their facilities between 11pm and 5am.

“This amount to less than 2 members per hour which suggests that it is very unlikely that groups of members would enter together,” says the application.

Customers can only access the gym if they have a membership card, with the application adding that noise from people leaving and entering the building was “limited” by automatic doors.

An independent environmental noise survey found that gym noise levels were “insignificant” compared to the dominating sounds of traffic on Chepstow Road.

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The gym is currently required by the council to play low volume background music instead of “loud bass beats”, and there are no plans to change this condition.

Newport City Council will consider the application within the next few months.

By Niall Griffiths

Source: South Wales Argus

Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Oxford, England Thrives By Working with Clients and Making a Positive Impact on the Community

May 24, 2019

With nearly ten years under his belt, Minuteman Press franchise owner Amad Hassan knows the value of his design, marketing, and printing business for his clients. He explains, “Basically, we can design and print everything for them. I have received phone calls from new customers asking for one of our products such as printed banners. I ask how they heard about us and they say either positive Google reviews or direct referrals from another customer. That makes me feel like our customer service sets us apart. Strong word of mouth builds your brand.”

Another element of his printing business that makes Amad and his team stand out is that Minuteman Press provides a wide variety of customised products and services. Amad says, “We do more than printing. We do custom designs, promotional products, branded apparel. When we pack any order, we include brochures about banners, signage, promotional products. We let our clients know what we can do and they tend to respond well to that.”

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Being part of the Minuteman Press International franchise system, Amad’s business is independently owned and operated. Like any business owner, he prides himself on being active in the community and making a positive difference. Amad says, “I strongly believe that working in the community is the backbone of our business. If there is a community event, we support it. People know us and we generate a lot of business doing this. I do a lot of charity work, work with schools, anything I can to help.”

One of the best aspects of working in the printing industry is that print is universal, meaning that clients come from all different industries. Amad says, “When we started, we noticed a lot of restaurants coming to us. We also work with charities, schools and colleges, training companies, and many small businesses around us. We have a lot of variety and that’s how we’ve built the business.”

Prior to franchising with Minuteman Press, Amad Hassan worked in the automotive industry. He says, “I worked in the BMW mini plant in Oxford for 10 years. I also drove a taxi part-time as well. I didn’t know the printing industry when I started, and Minuteman Press gave me the training and support I needed for this transition.”

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In addition to the training and ongoing local support that he receives right here in Oxford, Amad saw a few other benefits of franchising with Minuteman Press. He explains, “The first benefit that was huge is that Minuteman Press has a royalty incentive program. Having a cap on royalties is a big deal. Also, when I inquired online about owning a Minuteman Press franchise, they contacted me right away and were very efficient. They took me to the different centres and the whole process was very straightforward.”

Amad adds, “Minuteman Press works for me. When I started I didn’t know anything and they taught me everything. They gave me the support and my local Area Manager Mark Jones has been a huge help. My own initiative and their support is a winning combination. Minuteman Press shows you the door but you have to go through it and execute. They also offer an Internet marketing program and that helps as well in expanding our online presence and giving a platform to get Google Reviews from our customers.”

Ultimately, after nine years, Amad truly appreciates the rewards of this venture. He states, “I appreciate being profitable and the time and flexibility I have with my life.”

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His advice for others who are thinking of owning a business or franchise is this: “Invest in the business at the right time. Get the best staff and the right equipment. Be loyal with the customer. Don’t upset the customer, and do right by them every time.”

Lastly, Amad says, “Make sure you market the business. That’s the key to everything.”

Source: Globe News Wire

Leading Services Franchise Fantastic Services Announces EWIF Membership as Part of Its Mission to Support Women in Franchising

May 23, 2019

Fantastic Services is a market leader in the domestic services industry in the UK and has a significant share on the services market in Australia as well. The company, founded in 2009, has recently launched its Master Franchise opportunities in both the UK and Australia. Supporting gender equality, the company has become a member of EWIF.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Jenny Farenden – Franchise Marketing Director at Fantastic Services (Photo: Business Wire)

Ever since it was founded in 2008, the Encouraging Women into Franchising organisation has set its main goal as encouraging women to look into buying a franchise or to franchise their existing business, and to help franchisors add more women to their network and workforce.

Franchising offers a great opportunity for women to find a balance between their family and work, offering flexible work hours, distant management of teams and business, and great opportunities for business growth.

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EWIF is dedicated to organising and running regular regional meetings around the UK to allow franchisors, franchisees and prospective franchisees to meet, network, discuss best practices and hear from a range of industry experts. The organisation also holds an annual national conference and an annual awards ceremony to recognise the achievements of women in franchising, and offers a number of free services for females looking for advice and guidance in the world of the franchise industry.

Currently, EWIF has over 130 members, with their number rapidly growing, and Fantastic Services becoming the latest organisation to join.

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Fantastic Services is an international property maintenance services provider based in London, UK. The company was founded in 2009 and since then has developed over 25 high-end services suitable for both domestic and commercial property owners. With a focus on innovation and technology, Fantastic Services has shown itself to be a fast-growing franchisor as well – there are over 400 franchise units across the UK, the USA, and Australia. The company recently launched a Master Franchise development programme with a feasible goal of reaching other international locations.

Becoming a member of Encouraging Women into Franchising is a great way of showing that Fantastic Services is pro-gender equality and believes women can be as great franchise owners and partners as men. The company strives to support and add to the constantly growing number of young female business owners who join and invest in the franchise industry.

As part of its commitment to support female in franchising and female business owners, Fantastic Services is working closely with Women in Business and will be attending the exhibition in Farnborough later this year.

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The property services business sector in the UK is a £163 billion industry and it is hungry like never before for reliable service providers. Statistics show that the annual growth for the last 5 years is 3.56%. At the moment, around 1.2 million people are employed in that sector.

You can find out more about Fantastic Services here:

About Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services is one of the leading service providers in London, the North West and the South East. With 25+ services in their portfolio, they are easily the “one-stop shop” for all home, garden, and office needs. Currently, about 300 franchise partners and nearly 2,000 technicians operate under the brand name in the UK alone. Over 300 branded vehicles cross the streets of London.

Source: AP News

UK’s The Massage Company expands into India, with plans for 50 franchise locations

May 23, 2019

UK-based The Massage Company (TMC) has signed a deal with FranGlobal, Asia’s largest franchise reseller, to open 50 massage centres across India, potentially delivering up to an estimated US$50m in network revenue.

TMC was founded in 2016 by Elliot Walker and Charlie Thompson, who until recently was chairman of the UK Spa Association. A membership-based massage franchise, TMC now has centres in Surrey, Kent and Buckinghamshire, UK, with more centres planned in London, Hampshire and Birmingham within the next year.

The company says that the FranGlobal deal indicates a major milestone in its growth plans. “We aim to become the global leader in membership-based massage, and we consider India to be a sizeable market which will enable us to achieve this goal,” said Thompson.

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TMC has teamed up with FranGlobal – which has also partnered with the likes of global estate agency network REMAX and food travel experts SSP Group – to chart aggressive plans to “revolutionise the Indian massage sector”, starting with the launch of a centre in Delhi NCR before penetrating deeper into Tier-1 cities across India.

“Our network of over 70 brokers across India will help us to make TMC the leader in membership-based massage,” said Gaurav Marya, chair of FranGlobal.

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FranGlobal plans to launch TMC at The Master Franchise Show 2019 in June, which draws more than 50,000 attendees.

UK TMC centres have so far opened with multiple pre-bookings in place and are already operating in excess of forecasted revenue.

“With the support of high calibre partners such as FranGlobal in countries across the world, we are confident that we can continue our driving wish to bring regular, high-quality massage to the mainstream, transforming views which consider it a one-off treatment, to massage becoming a vital part of a better, more balanced lifestyle,” said Walker.

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The Massage Company aims to continue its penetration of international markets throughout 2019, with a specific focus on Sweden, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

By Jane Kitchen

Source: Leisure Opportunities

Popular coffee chain Costa to open in Cheriton, Folkestone

May 22, 2019

Costa is to take over a site formerly occupied by Lloyds Bank.

Construction is currently underway in the unit formerly on Cheriton High Street.

Planning documents submitted to Folkestone and Hythe District Council in 2018 sought permission to turn the old bank into a mixed class coffee shop, including the conversion of part of the rear ground floor to a two-bed flat.

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The application was submitted by the Goldex Investment Group Ltd, which is “the largest Costa Coffee franchise in the UK”, according to its website.

It currently trades 70 stores across Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex.

The company is also advertising for a barista, a store manager and an assistant store manager on Google.

Speculation about what might move into the empty shop appeared on social media.

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One user confirmed: “It’s definitely Costa.

“I peeked in the window yesterday and there are lots of Costa signs/boards.”

A spokesman for the Goldex Investment Group Ltd said todaythat it hopes to open the new store “sometime in June”.

Costa has another cafe in Folkestone, two miles away in Sandgate Road.

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By Sam Williams

Source: Kent Online

Success of franchise model leading to multiple stores for One Stop franchisees

May 22, 2019

Franchisees at One Stop are benefiting so much with the way the franchise model works for their business that it is enabling them to open multiple stores and still have more downtime for themselves.

Dan Amin from Coventry switched his first store in West Bromwich to One Stop in 2016 and another store came in quick succession the following year. This year he is opening another two stores, all under the One Stop franchise, as Dan explains: “I have more stores now, yet I have more free time than I ever had and far less stress!”

One Stop is finding that the trend to open multiple stores is increasing as franchisees harness the power and efficiency of the offering. One Stop aims to provide a simpler model to franchisees, all backed up with advanced technology, meaning they can leave store managers in charge without worrying.  This results in them having more time on their hands, alongside increased funds to grow their business, whether that’s with one, two, three or a multiple store portfolio.

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Amin explains: “This system actually works and the model itself is a lot easier, so I can manage stores more effectively and the support I receive from One Stop is second to none. Since moving to the model, we’ve seen a 50% increase in sales, an increase in footfall and also in customers’ basket spend. Our customers have commented on the increased availability of products and, with our sales increasing week-on-week, we’re surpassing our previous figures all the time.”

“The IT systems and support are second to none and I think One Stop are well ahead of other symbol groups out there. The seven days a week support is invaluable as we know there is always help at the end of the phone if we need it. I’ve been with other groups but none of them have given me the level of support I get with One Stop; that makes such a difference. Before it was always about what I could do to buy more stock but that’s not how One Stop operates. My Business Development Manager (BDM) really supports me and we look at department by department and tweak planograms accordingly. In the long run this saves me time and money and we’re going from strength to strength because of it.”

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Franchisees at One Stop will be visited by their BDM, on average, once every four weeks, although this can be increased if franchisees need it. Amin’s business development manager, Sunil Kumar explains: “I’m here to support Dan and help increase sales and profitability, lower costs and to act as a trusted advisor for him.”

“Compared to other symbol groups, One Stop visits are a lot more structured and there’s a lot more science and depth behind our visits. We’ll go through a suite of financial reports each visit and to plan next steps; the aim being to increase sales and profitability.”

This confidence in the One Stop model means franchisees are able to leave managers in charge knowing they have a solid infrastructure in place to run the stores. “My time is valuable; before I used to be driving around buying stock. Now it’s delivered right to the door, I now use that time looking at other parts of the business, which, for me, is opening new stores. I also get to spend quality time with the family and relax a little more. I’ve got a good team in place and I have much less on my plate, as the systems take care of it for me.”

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Amin is planning to open further stores in the future, all under the One Stop franchise model and concludes: “It’s not a chore coming to work anymore; I call One Stop ‘easy trading’!”

By Fiona Briggs

Source: Retail Times