Home Instead Senior Care opens Isle of Wight service

June 25, 2019

Home Instead Senior Care has opened a new franchise office in the Isle of Wight.

Covering all locations on the island, the new service is run by husband and wife team John and Dee Oswald (pictured).

John, a former chartered surveyor, and Dee, who has a background in business and administration, said they are on a mission to change the way elderly people are cared for in the community.

“Our aim is to help people live independently, in the comfort of their own home, for longer. Dee and I have both experienced the difficulties of trying to obtain quality care for our own ageing parents and this being the primary reason for setting up the new business,” said John.

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“We realised that we could really help to make a difference, not only for those being cared for, but also for their families. Our pledge is that the care we provide is the care we would want for our own Mum or Dad.”

The Isle of Wight office is now in the process of recruiting a team of carers to join the team and has already hired Abigail Wheeler as its care manager.

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Wheeler has more than 12 years’ experience working in health and social care, starting in a nursing home, where she cared for older people with dementia.

She later worked in acute wards and the emergency department in hospital, before qualifying in 2016 as a Registered Operating Department Practitioner at the University of Portsmouth.

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Source: Home Care Insight

Business Opportunities UK – Should You Invest In a UK Business Opportunity?

June 25, 2019

Business Opportunities UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Business Opportunities.

Investors looking to ‘start-up’ are always on the lookout for suitable business opportunities. What types of business opportunities exist out there, and what should you, as an investor, know before buying one?

“Business opportunity” is a term that is very loosely thrown around, especially in the franchising circuit. Businesses that want to diversify their revenue streams come up with ideas that may or may not work – and all these ideas are usually labelled and marketed as business opportunities. That, in itself, is the only negative point associated with such ventures.

But, for the time being, we will discount such practices and focus on what matters – legitimate business opportunities that can help you get started with your very own business.

Regardless of whether you want to set up an additional source of income or you want to be your own boss and lead your life the way you want to, grabbing the right opportunity at the right time is the only thing that matters in this context.

As it turns out, business opportunities and franchising have a lot in common – to the point that inexperienced investors often use these terms interchangeably. So, we will consider the potential of UK business opportunities from a franchising point of view, to add a new perspective to the discussion.

Let’s begin.

What Exactly Are Business Opportunities?

A business opportunity, in the easiest of terms, a transaction that helps the buyer start a business.

This transaction could be anything – leasing a machine, hiring a vehicle or licensing a technology.

There are further nuances to the concept of business opportunities.

For instance, many would classify a transaction that helps improve an already-existent business as a business opportunity. This broad definition has one problem – it brings any and every B2B transaction under this umbrella. At any rate, without being too pedantic, let’s just understand that a business opportunity is supposed to ‘unlock’ a viable, repeatable profitmaking channel for the buyer.

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Types Of Business Opportunities UK

We have already discussed the various types of business opportunities in the Knowledge Base section of our website. We will just quickly sum them up here.

Turnkey Operations

Turnkey operations are among the most popular business opportunities among inexperienced investors and first-time business owners.

A turnkey operation puts on offer everything one needs to start and run a particular business. The model is already developed, tried and tested by the seller – the buyer only needs to purchase it and get the business off the ground. In the same breath, let us make it clear that despite these opportunities being called ‘turnkey’, the investor may need to spend more time, energy, efforts and money on hiring staff, finding a suitable location, marketing and other operational expenses.

Turnkey opportunities can be found across all investment levels and sectors. Common examples include fitness businesses, payment processing businesses and retail businesses.


Many businesses that do not want to undergo the hassle of expanding their operations and investing money in marketing choose the licensing way. This allows them to ‘license’ their bespoke products/services/technology to the interested buyer. The buyer can then use the licenced product/service/technology for their own good, thus benefitting both the parties.

Common licencing examples include brand licensing, certification licensing, process licensing and so forth.


Distributorships represent the simplest, most widespread business opportunities.

A successful business can’t always afford to establish an efficient supply chain throughout the country. So, despite having an opportunity to capture the market, they end up ceding important ground to their competitors. To avoid such lapses, businesses bring on board local investors as ‘distributors.’ The distributors get exclusive rights to sell the product in their territory for a commission, and the business keeps the rest as additional revenue.

Common examples include tyre distributors, electronics distributors and industrial equipment distributors.


Dealerships are similar to distributorships – they only tend to cost higher.

The best-known example is perhaps that of auto/car dealerships.

Rack Jobbers

These represent business opportunities that are available to businesses/individuals that already own a retail location. Such space can be commercially leased to other businesses for product display, placement and advertising. A good example is vending machine placement at a busy retail location.


Other business opportunities include work from home opportunities and sales outsourcing.

When Is It A Good Idea To Invest In A Business Opportunity?

Investing in a business opportunity is much like investing in a franchise business – you need to get many things right to give your hard-earned money a fair shot at generating profits. The right place to start is, as always, knowing what you want, and getting your numbers right (our handy franchise market research guide is a relevant read).

Having studied hundreds of business opportunities and franchise businesses over the years, we have observed that investors who are sure-footed about their expectations are the ones who tend to fare better. This covers important aspects of business such as your readiness to commit to the business full/part time, your ability to raise finance as needed and your understanding of the sector.

For example, if you’re looking only for secondary/passive income, investing in a work from home opportunity might be a more favourable choice. On the other hand, if you’ve got a sizeable sum to invest and you’re willing to commit yourself full time to the business, you can go for a turnkey opportunity within your area of experience and expertise.

How Is Buying A Business Opportunity UK Different From Buying A Franchise?

Franchising is an ongoing working relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor. On the contrary, business opportunities signify just a one-off transaction.

Therefore, you cannot really expect any post-sales support or help from the seller when you’re buying a business opportunity. Additionally, there is more freedom afforded to you – you can choose to utilise the opportunity the way you see fit (while, when you buy a franchise unit, you’re expected to follow the franchisor’s business model).

This can also be taken to mean that business opportunities are more suitable for investors who have prior experience in running a business.

Less Hassle, Easy Process

Buying a business opportunity is usually much easier than buying a franchise. For starters, the seller (in most cases) has no expectations from the buyer other than the money. No interviews, no internal assessment and no long holds on the application – the entire process can complete within a matter of hours, in some cases.

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A Word Of Caution

Franchise businesses (by and large) are regulated in the UK. The BFA, for example, keeps a close watch on various developments, making sure that investors and franchisors don’t fall prey to scam and deceit.

Business opportunities, unfortunately, aren’t regulated in this way. The buyer/investor has to bear the full responsibility of their money, and hence, it becomes even more important to tread carefully. Engaging with businesses that enjoy credibility and good standing in the market is a good way of eliminating much of the risk.

How Much Does A UK Business Opportunity Cost?

The costs depend largely upon the nature and potential of the opportunity. An investment to the tune of £15,000 to £30,000 should suffice to secure a small/medium sized opportunity.

Top UK Business Opportunities

We are presenting a brief overview of some of the popular business opportunities UK, to give our readers an idea of what to expect:


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £1,499 (plus VAT)
  • Type: Distributorship
  • USP: High quality tyre sealants
  • Low start-up costs
  • Operate as per your convenience
  • Home-based opportunity
  • Additional income


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £9,995 (plus VAT)
  • Type: Work from home business opportunity
  • USP: Utility rates optimisation
  • Generate passive income
  • Work full/part time
  • Work only with referrals and introductions, no cold calling

Business Opportunities – The Takeaways

  • Conduct a thorough check before you invest.
  • Understand how business opportunities differ from franchises.
  • Know your requirements and expectations.
  • Prioritise opportunities that fall within your skillset/domain.

Cake Box Posts Solid Maiden Annual Results On Franchise Growth

June 24, 2019

Cake Box Holdings PLC on Monday said returns from franchises and continued expansion into new areas in the UK has led to a strong set of inaugural full year results.

The company, which operates a chain of eggless cake shops, recorded pretax profit of GBP3.8 million for the year ended March 31, up from GBP3.3 million in the year ago period, on a revenue of GBP16.9 million and GBP12.7 million, respectively. Margins improved to 45.7% from 42.9%.

The company opened 27 new franchise stores in 2019 financial versus 23 stores a year ago. As at March 31, Cake Box operated 113 franchise stores.

Franchisee total turnover for 2019 financial year grew by 18% to GBP30.7 million from GBP25.9 million a year ago. Like-for-like sales growth in franchise stores stood at 6.5% versus 15.0%.

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Cake Box said it is pleased with trading so far in 2020 financial year and has strong pipeline of new store openings. It remains on track of opening six new franchise stores per quarter.

“The new financial year has started well and we have already opened four new franchise stores, with two more expected to open before the end of June 2019. The Group is well placed for further progress and the Board is confident of another successful year of growth,” said Chief Executive Officer Sukh Chamdal.

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The company, which listed on the AIM market in June 2018, proposed a final dividend of 2.4 pence per share, giving a total payout of 3.6p for the full year.

Shares in Cake Box were trading 2.6% higher at 170.75 pence each on Monday.

By Tapan Panchal

Source: Morningstar

Wayback Burgers on the Move with New Store Openings, Signed Agreements and the Hottest New Delivery Vehicle in the Business

June 24, 2019

Wayback Burgers, America’s favorite hometown burger joint and one of the nation’s fastest-growing burger franchises, is well into 2019 and going strong. After a remarkable 2018, in which the brand added 18 new locations — boasting an impressive 14 percent system growth worldwide — and launched their revolutionary new food truck, expectations are high for 2019. But if the brand’s performance during the first half of the year is any indication of how the year will look, the Wayback team will have no problem rising to the occasion.

Recently ranked as a top 10 best fast-casual restaurant franchise by FranchiseRankings.com, Wayback Burgers has grown to 166 locations worldwide and has more than 500 commitments to open new locations over the next several years. The rapidly expanding burger franchise has active locations in 30 states throughout the United States and several additional countries around the globe. In the first half of 2019, they opened two new locations — one in Hofof, Saudi Arabia and another in Manitoba, Canada — and have their sights set on further expansion in Europe, particularly Germany, France and the U.K.

Back in the U.S., Wayback Burgers added three new locations in North Carolina (Mint Hill), South Carolina (Lexington) and Texas (Round Rock), and have over a dozen more under construction, all of which are expected to open this year. Two of the brand’s top franchisees — a husband and wife team who own three Wayback Burgers locations in Georgia and South Carolina — opened their fourth location in Coconut Creek, Florida, in April. The fast-growing burger franchise also signed agreements with new franchisees in New York (Mastic Beach), North Carolina (Rocky Mount) and Maryland (Gaithersburg).

Innovation and Dedication Drive Wayback’s Team and Efforts Across the Country

The fast-casual burger franchise unveiled its solution to the problem of “soggy fries” to franchisees at the October 2018 Wayback Burgers Convention, when it announced its new, compact delivery vehicle. In March of this year, the team took the vehicle on a cross-country tour from the brand’s headquarters in Connecticut to the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference (MUFC) in Las Vegas, making several stops along the way to serve their legendary fresh burgers to eager fans across the country. The brand also drove to and displayed the vehicle at the New York/New Jersey Franchise Expo in Secaucus, N.J. and the International Franchise Expo in New York City. All in all, the vehicle itself has traveled nearly 7,000 miles since the start of 2019.

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Jim Patel of Delaware, who owns six Wayback Burgers locations and won the MVP Single Brand Leadership Award at the MUFC this year, will be the first franchisee to bring one of the new delivery vehicles to market.

Wayback Burgers President, Patrick Conlin, says the brand’s commitment to delivering quality food and service to its customers is rivaled only by their commitment to the success of their franchisees.

“Our focus has always been on providing our franchisees with the tools and support they need so that they deliver the same level of quality and service to their customers,” says Conlin. “Between adding new domestic locations, growing international expansion, new partnerships and the introduction of our new delivery vehicle, 2019 has already been a great year for us, our franchisees and our guests. By building on past successes and harnessing new technology, we are creating a promising future for current and potential franchisees.”

Partnerships, Promotions and a Milkshake Naming Contest Benefit Franchisees, Consumers and The Boys & Girls Clubs of America

New partnerships and limited-time offers have also contributed to Wayback Burgers success so far this year. In February the brand’s conversion from Pepsi to Coca-Cola was complete, and later in the year, they signed national agreements with Uber Eats and DoorDash.

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In May, the fast-casual brand capitalized on National Hamburger Day — which falls on May 28 — by upping the ante with National Hamburger Month.

“Every day in May we offered a different deal to customers through the Wayback App,” says Conlin. “On National Hamburger Day any signature burger was only $3 for anyone who ordered using the App or who visited a Wayback Burgers location in person,” he adds. As a result, the brand saw a notable increase in year-over-year sales and App downloads. In the month of May, Wayback Burgers saw an 8.3 percent increase in year-over-year sales and the number of App downloads increased by a remarkable 18 percent. “It was a home run for us,” says Conlin. “Our franchisees were very happy.”

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In June of last year, Wayback Burgers partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and pledged to raise $100,000 for the non-profit over the following 12 months. At the end of March, the burger franchise had raised just under $125,000 with two months left to go. They involved the organization in a contest that ran from March 12 to April 30, 2019, and challenged kids from the Boys & Girls Club to create and name a new milkshake to be offered on Wayback Burgers menus as a limited-time offer starting in August. The winning milkshake — Caramel Cinnamon Toast Crunch — was submitted by Caring People Alliance at R.W. Brown Community Center in Pennsylvania, and the club was awarded a $5,000 prize.

And don’t forget, June 21 is Free Shake Day at all participating Wayback Burgers locations.

Source: Benzinga

Swimtime UK Gearing up for Franchising Awards

June 23, 2019

Shortlisted for the Social Enterprise accolade, focusing on how a franchise system goes above and beyond to help a community, Swimtime UK has been nominated alongside some of the best in the franchising industry.

Speaking about the lead up to the awards, Swimtime franchisor Theo Milward, states:

“We’re incredibly excited for the awards evening in June. Being placed alongside some of the best in franchising. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get in a room with like-minded and driven people while celebrating each other’s achievements. “We look forward to seeing how we get on, win or lose it’s great to see the work Swimtime is doing is being recognised by such a large industry body as the bfa.” Since 1997, the bfa Franchise Awards has proven to hold franchising to a higher standard year on year, highlighting business that work ethically and in the best interests of franchisees and staff.

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Pip Wilkins, CEO of the British Franchising Association (bfa), congratulated Swimtime UK:

“Social Enterprise is a brand new category at the awards created to reflect the changing trends and priorities within franchising and business.

“I believe that Swimtime UK really represents a franchise business that has been built and developed to improve social standards and help communities. This nomination is well-deserved and I look forward to seeing Swimtime UK at the 2019 bfa HSBC Franchise Awards”

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Swimtime UK will go face-to-face against two other franchise units in June, one that hosts arts and crafts classes for children, and another that provides healthy microwave meals to your door.

By Emma Lumley

Source: Bdaily

Fast-fit operator going ‘back to basics‘ with opening of first UK franchise

June 23, 2019

The first-ever UK-franchised Quick Lane Tyre & Autocentre has opened in Reading, as the fast-fit operator brings a hugely successful North American chain to investors across Europe.

Quick Lane, which globally already has around 1,000 workshops on a license and franchise basis, has outlined its ambitious growth plans for the UK to provide its customers with transparency, convenience and confidence across 13 core maintenance and light repair services.

Just a few months after opening its first UK-franchised site in Reading, Quick Lane Tyre & Autocentre is undertaking exciting preparations to open two more locations in Bracknell and Prestwich in the immediate future. The company, which services all vehicle makes and models, is focused on its mission to give customers back the most valuable thing to them…time.

By implementing technology at the heart of the customer journey, alongside a fresh new outlook and ethos to team recruitment, Quick Lane is offering investors something different to the industry status quo. Its ambitious expansion plans offer the best possible network footprint to keep customers on the road with minimal disruption.

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The Reading store was opened by Quick Lane’s long-term sponsee, British rally driver Louise Cook, before the company announced that further sites have already been agreed for Bracknell and Prestwich. These ambitious growth plans are part of a wider expansion strategy, which has already seen Quick Lane move into Germany in early 2019, where two brand-new centres have opened in Krefeld and Hennef. These new European locations help to complement the already strong USA operation that’s been running for a number of years on a licence basis.

Quick Lane’s focus on delivering ‘time as a commodity’ shows the company understands that customers value products and services that give them back time into their day – time to spend doing what they prefer, rather than the inconvenience of vehicle repair.

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John Dines, UK operations director, Quick Lane UK, commented: “We are focused on providing convenience with confidence by maintaining a transparent and consultative relationship that keeps customers returning. Motorists are keeping their vehicles for longer and this offers an exciting opportunity for investors to launch their very own customer-focused tyre and MOT brand in the UK.

“We work closely with each Franchisee, helping them achieve their potential in their exclusive allocated territory. Our Franchisees are guided through the pre-opening phase and provided with effective, ongoing support from identifying and securing location and premises, workshop layout and specification, team recruitment and training, data-driven marketing and PR, in addition to experienced and dedicated Local Operations Managers.”

Source: BDaily

Parkers Reading acquires new clients to bolster its portfolio

June 22, 2019

The Reading branch of national sales and lettings agency Parkers has bolstered its managed portfolio by acquiring independent agency Samuel James.

Parkers Reading has also taken on six staff from Samuel James.

Parkers Reading owner Craig Pearson, who also owns Parkers branches in nearby Woodley and Earley, said: “It was important to the owner that he found a buyer to continue looking after his clients as well as his current staff.

“We were extremely pleased and proud that we were seen as the agency to do all that based on our ethos and care for our existing clients.”

Craig is one of Parkers’ longest serving property experts, having joined the brand as a sales negotiator in Bracknell in 1993.

Spells at branches in Crowthorne and Wokingham followed before he was promoted to branch manager at Reading in 1996.

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After purchasing the Reading branch in 1999, Craig has gone on to purchase Parkers’ offices in Woodley and Earley.

Craig, whose latest acquisition boosted the branches’ managed portfolios by a huge 33 per cent paid tribute to the support of the Property Franchise Group (TPFG).

He added: “To be honest it wouldn’t have happened with out them.

“From being able to make an offer and being advised by an acquisitions expert, to the audit process and the support for my team, they have been amazing.”

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Xperience and Whitegates Managing Director Kate Toland said: “Craig has always been extremely forward-thinking and I’m delighted to see this latest acquisition cross the finish line.

“He has built a superb team and the clients acquired from Samuel James will now benefit from that team’s superb levels of service.”

By Andrew Colley

Source: Reading Chronicle

Double Nomination Success for Baby Scan Franchise

June 22, 2019

With just one month to go until the 2019 bfa HSBC Franchise Awards take place at the Vox, Birmingham, Window To The Womb, a baby scan clinic franchise, has received one nomination in the Franchisor of the Year category, and one in the Multi-Unit franchisee category.

Held at the Vox, Birmingham, on June 27th, the awards are designed to champion franchise systems that go above and beyond to work in an ethical and effective manner, putting the franchisee, staff and customers at heart, and franchisees that has shown excellence in growing their business.

Co-founder of Window to the Womb Mark Witter states: “Expectations are growing as we get nearer to the awards ceremony! “For the franchise to win the main Franchisor of the Year award would be a monumental achievement and one that we would all be rightly proud of. “Equally, to win an award in the franchisee category would endorse everything that we set out to achieve just five short years ago. As one of the two founding partners and directors, the final decisions just can’t come quickly enough!”

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Mark Sadleir will be representing Window to the Womb in the Multi-Unit franchisee award category, he says of his nomination: “After almost 4 years of hard work it’s great to be short listed against some of the biggest franchise units in the UK. All this has only been possible because of our great team of people and the franchisor; without their hard work and dedication, we would not be where we are today.” Pip Wilkins, CEO of the British Franchising Association (bfa), congratulated the company:

“As a franchise that has only just recently joined the bfa, we have been hugely impressed by Window to the Womb’s drive, ambition, and commitment to their franchisees and consumers.

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They have had a great road to success and I am pleased to see them get shortlisted two times at this year’s awards. We hope to see them at the ceremony and wish them the best of luck.“

Window to the Womb will go head-to-head against five other franchise units in June from a mixture of sectors, including courier services, pet food services and a recruitment franchise.

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By Emma Lumley

Source: BDaily

Sheffield Store Owner Made Up With National Bed Store Accolade

June 21, 2019

United Carpets, a Sheffield carpet and bed retailer, is celebrating success having been awarded a national network award.

Lisa Beaumont, owner of the United Carpets and Beds store on Queens Road, won Franchise Bed Store of the Year at the United Carpets and Beds annual network conference in Marbella this spring.

The conference, which brings together the national brand’s 60 stores, head office staff and suppliers, allows the network to learn business updates, meet new colleagues and learn about upcoming interiors trends and products.

Lisa, who has owned the store since January 2007, said: “We’re very proud to have won Franchise Bed Store of the Year at this year’s United Carpets and Beds conference. Our extensive bed department has something for everyone including beds with storage options, children’s beds and sofa beds – customers can also view our full range in-store via our digital catalogue.

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The Franchise Bed Store of the Year accolade was one of four awards announced at the retailer event, with other store owners and managers picking up Franchisee of the Year, Corporate Bed Store of the Year and Corporate Store of the Year.

“The annual conference is a great time to catch up with the rest of the network; although there are 60 stores, there is a real family atmosphere in celebrating each other’s successes,” added Lisa.

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The Queens Road retailer specialises in flooring options including carpet, laminate, vinyl, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) and beds and mattresses, offering brands such as Silentnight, Sealy and Rest Assured.

Will Hickman, marketing manager for United Carpets and Beds which is headquartered in Rotherham, said: “Lisa and her team are known for their high customer service level and their efforts with their bed department in the last year, in particularly competitive climates, deserve to be rewarded.

“We know our network of franchise and corporate stores works incredibly hard so we’re delighted to reward them at the annual conference.”

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United Carpets Group plc is the UK’s largest franchised carpet and bed retailer with 60 stores across England and Wales. The business, which sells online and via the high street, was launched in 1997 and was family owned until 2005.

Source: Business UpNorth

Speedy Freight Prepare For Major Awards

June 21, 2019

Courier and delivery franchise Speedy Freight are particularly excited having been shortlisted for the Franchisor of the Year Award, the ultimate award in UK franchising that demonstrates passion and commitment to ethical franchising, as well as one of their franchisees, Steve Morris, being shortlisted for the Multi-unit accolade in the franchisee categories, owning numerous franchise systems in the south west of England.

Mike Smith, Managing Director for Speedy Freight, stated: “We are very much looking forward to the awards. It’s fantastic for us to know our approach to franchising has been recognised by the association. We like to do things properly and we’re proud of that. We always put the franchisee and customers at the forefront of the company’s vision, and operate a model that is hugely successful.”

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Steve Morris, who owns numerous Speedy Freight franchises, including the Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth, among others, stated:

“I am thrilled to have been shortlisted for multi-unit franchisee. My Speedy Freight journey started in 2015 and has grown and developed significantly. I am passionate about the business vision and alongside my dedicated team, through first-class customer service, have been able to expand my operation across multiple territories with backing from the support centre.”

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The awards evening is a celebration of ethical franchising and entrepreneurial excellence in the industry.

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the British Franchising Association (bfa), congratulated the company: “For Speedy Freight to get one nomination in the franchisor categories, and one in the franchisee arena is proof positive that the company is excelling in the industry.” “I wish them the best of luck on the evening.”

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Speedy Freight will go head-to-head against five other franchise units in June from a mixture of sectors, including cleaning services, pet food services and a recruitment franchise.

By Emma Lumley

Source: BDaily