Bright & Beautiful’s first mother and daughter duo

July 31, 2019

The housekeeping service Bright & Beautiful has welcomed its first ever mother and daughter franchise team, Jane and Katie Brookes.

The pair who have taken the Basingstoke territory will be offering eco-friendly cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing services to clients across the town, in addition to serving further customers in the Hampshire area of Andover and North of Winchester.

Before launching her new business, Jane worked for 30 years in policing in addition to carrying out a number of major home renovations, including building her own house. Her daughter, Katie, has experience in the hospitality sector and has worked closely with her mother on the design and management of a new build project, as well as recently completing a psychology degree.

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Jane explains that she had been a Bright & Beautiful client herself and loved the way that the housekeeping team always left her home feeling like a hotel.

“When I was considering a new career, the chance to run a business with Katie combined with our mutual love of houses and interior design, made the decision to launch our own professional and ethical housekeeping firm a very easy one,” enthuses Jane.

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Jo Vorwerg, franchise recruitment manager of Bright & Beautiful, said: “Demand for professional housekeepers has been on the rise in the UK for the past decade as our lives become ever busier. As a result, we have seen an increasing number of franchise owners like Jane and Katie who are leaving professional careers to start their own new business in this booming sector.”

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‘A winning team’
“We are so pleased to welcome our first mother daughter duo to the network and the combination of Jane’s organisational and people management skills, combined with Katie’s knowledge of psychology to deliver great customer service looks set to make them a winning team,” added Vorwerg.

Launched in the UK in 2007, Bright & Beautiful says it now has over 60 franchisees employing more than 700 people and delivers over 10,000 home service cleans per month.

Source: Franchise World

‘Dementia suits’ give Bluebird Care staff reality check

July 31, 2019

Bluebird Care employees gained an insight into what it’s like to live with dementia during a recent training day at the provider’s head office.

Informed Dementia Care was invited to the office in Petersfield to deliver its ‘dementia suits experience’ to members of the Franchise Support Office team.

Attendees wore the ‘dementia suits’ to experience, first-hand, how ageing can impact the body and mind, and better understand how dementia can affect a person’s wellbeing and safety.

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They experienced a number of ageing symptoms and scenarios throughout the three-hour training programme, including restrictive movement, show discomfort, weighted clothing and impaired vision.

Sam Hart, Bluebird Care’s training manager, said: “As part of developing our expertise in supporting customers in their own homes, we felt the dementia suits experience programme would empower our Franchise Support Office Team and allow them to fully understand what dementia could be like.”

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Bluebird Care said that many of the Franchise Support Office team work hard to benefit those living with dementia on a day-to-day basis, but rarely come into direct contact with many of their customers.

The training gave the team an insight into how everyday tasks can be a struggle for people living with dementia and highlighted the key signs that many people miss when dealing with an individual in distress.

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Source: Home Care Insight

Ovenu celebrates 25 years of successful trading at AGM

July 30, 2019

Ovenu, a UK leading oven valeting franchise, celebrated 25 years of successful business at its recent annual general meeting (AGM) with its 100-strong network of UK franchisees in attendance.

Established by Rik Hellewell in 1994 from an initial pilot scheme, Ovenu has grown to become an international franchise company that operates territories throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand as well as in Europe.

It was five years later in 1999 when Hellewell implemented the franchise model and Ovenu began taking on its first franchisees, which included Paul McCormack (Ovenu Basildon) and Adam Penniston (Ovenu Wokingham).

During the AGM, 39 of the 51 franchisees who have been with the company for more than 10 years, were celebrated and presented with a commemorative pin to mark their dedicated service. Between the cohort of franchisees, they have a combined 500 plus years of service.

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Ovenu now plans to expand further in the UK and across its global operations with new franchise territories.

Hellewell said: “I am incredibly proud of how Ovenu has grown and developed over the last quarter of a century from an initial concept to the international brand it is today.

“Our business model has been tried and tested over the last 25 years. It has provided our franchisees with tremendous value for money, excellent returns on their investments and allowed them to establish their own small businesses.

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“Nothing gives me more joy than when I hear that a franchisee has enjoyed the level of success that they wanted when I first sat down with them at the start of their franchising and Ovenu journey.”

‘Very humbling’

Hellewell added: “To have such a large percentage of our franchisees, who have been with the company for at least 10 years, is very humbling and demonstrates the sustainability and confidence in the brand and business model.

“We are now expecting to carry on this positivity, expanding into new areas – in the UK and abroad – and will hopefully celebrate even more milestones in the future.”

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The Ovenu valeting process involves dismantling key components of an oven such as the door, interior panels, fan and shelves and placing them into design-registered tank equipment, which uses safe, non-caustic products to clean the oven parts.

The whole process takes around three to four hours and leaves the oven, hob and exterior in immaculate condition.

Source: Franchise World

Worcester fast-food eatery granted license to sell late-night refreshments until 2am

July 30, 2019

A FAST-food restaurant, Pepe’s Piri Piri, has been granted a licence to sell late-night refreshments.

Pepe’s Piri Piri in Lowesmoor, Worcester, was granted the licence in May, after the owner Mutaher Shah, submitted the application the previous month.

This means the eatery is now allowed to serve hot food and non-alcoholic beverages until 2am every day, rather than 11pm, according to the licence record.

Mr Shah, aged 44 said: “It’s been good to open up later to the public. After a late night they can rely on Pepe’s.

“Business has been excellent. It’s definitely been ideal staying open later.”

Mr Shah, from Redditch added: “There’s a lot of nice people in Lowesmoor. It’s up and coming.

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“It’s all about working together as a team and suggesting different places to customers to help other businesses in the strip.

“There’s movement here. Things are changing. This is the gateway to the city.”

As part of the application, submitted by United LA Ltd, there are several mandatory conditions that must be followed as part of its operating schedule.

One of the conditions include the protection of children from harm, which will be supported by all staff who will be safeguard trained in relation to under 18s.

A training record must also be kept on the premises to be represented for inspection to police or regulating authority upon request.

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No alcohol is allowed on site, and notices will be displayed around the venue asking customers to leave the restaurant quietly.

A log book documenting all incidents of crime and disorder must be kept and updated.

A password protected CCTV system will be in operation whilst the venue is open and will be given to police if requested, while a trained staff member will be there at all times who can produce viewable copies.

The franchise chicken restaurant opened its doors in August last year, where the former Worcester mayor, Jabba Riaz, joined Mr Shah for the official opening.

By Grace Walton

Source: Worcester News

GDK’s growth plan as it hits £1m kebab weekly sales

July 29, 2019

German Doner Kebab (GDK) has announced it is embarking on a major expansion plan for the UK, which will see an investment of over £6m and the creation of around 200 jobs, as it aims to open a new restaurant every two weeks during the rest of 2019.

The Glasgow-based chain, part of Hero Brands, has in the past two years opened 33 outlets in the UK and plans to open a further 14 stores by the end of the year in key locations including Bradford, Newcastle, Northampton and Walsall.

Imran Sayeed, chief executive of GDK, said: “We are excited to be announcing major expansion plans for the UK as we bring the GDK fast casual experience to even more consumers throughout the country. It’s incredible to be hitting £1m kebab sales a week as we announce further growth plans across the country.

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“Our idea of bringing a gourmet kebab that is healthy and nutritionally balanced has been a massive hit with UK consumers, and this has been reflected in the huge growth we have already achieved in the past two years.

“We have developed a strong growth pipeline with some of the UK’s most established franchise entrepreneurs and our focus will be to work closely with them to identify new sites and respond to the growing consumer demand across the UK.”

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International growth plans

GDK has also announced international growth plans for North America, with franchises already signed for Ontario and British Columbia provinces, Canada. The company adds that a large U.S. franchise operator has additionally signed a development agreement for an initial 12 GDK’s in Dallas, Houston, and Las Vegas, which will be rolled-out over the next two years.

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Outside the UK, GDK currently operates stores in Sweden, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Bahrain, with further stores scheduled for the Middle East in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Franchise World

Anytime Fitness in Fleet breaks global record

July 29, 2019

Gurpreet Singh, the franchisee of Anytime Fitness Fleet, has broken the global company record for presale memberships by opening his gym with 1,396 members.

The Hampshire-based gym is the 163rd UK club, which Anytime Fitness says has enjoyed the most successful presale of any club in the company’s 17-year-history, surpassing the previous record of 1,300 memberships held by a club in Australia.

Gurpreet praising his hard-working team and family for supporting him in helping to reach this groundbreaking figure, said: “This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible work of the in-club team at Anytime Fitness Fleet. Prior to this presale, I had high expectations of what we were able to achieve and as always expressed to the co-founders of the company our aim to smash the record.

“I’m so fortunate to have a team and a brand that believed in my vision that got behind us. We’re looking forward to supporting our members in achieving their goals and doing all we can to retain them for years to come.

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“The team at the support office in the UK is world class and their openness to innovation, willingness to listen and support as well as desire to see the franchisee succeed is the reason we are achieving so much in the UK. If you are in franchising or thinking about it believe me when I say this, Anytime Fitness UK is genuinely delivering on their promises.”

Anytime Fitness explains that this year has been a significant year for the company unveiling a new club design and a shift in brand positioning from convenience to coaching.

Stuart Broster, chief executive of Anytime Fitness UK, commented: “I’m proud that the global presale record is now held by a UK club. Gurpreet and his team made no secret of their ambitions to drive significant presale numbers and they worked tirelessly to engage with their local community.

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“I’ve always said that owning your own backyard and embedding yourself into the community is key to the success of running a successful Anytime Fitness franchise and it’s great to see this put in practice.”

Brand potential
“This shows both the current network and prospective franchisees the potential of the brand and that even in uncertain economic times, the fitness industry continues to prosper,” added Broster.

Anytime Fitness UK is aiming to reach 200 clubs by the end of the year and has recently appointed the real estate firm, CBRE, to advise on all property acquisitions and help franchisees both with securing property locations and negotiating competitive commercial terms to drive down costs.

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The company says it prides itself on providing its members with convenient locations and opening hours, quality clubs and community aspects that offer a friendly, personal service, state-of-the-art equipment and a welcoming environment that gives a health club feel at an affordable price.

Source: Franchise World

Driving Miss Daisy celebrates one year of helping people across Barnstaple

July 28, 2019

Driving Miss Daisy Barnstaple marked its first anniversary in June 2019, and those behind the scheme say they are delighted with the impact it has made in the community.

A cause which helps young, elderly and disabled people across the country to enable them to remain independent is celebrating a year in service.

Driving Miss Daisy Barnstaple marked its first anniversary in June 2019, and those behind the scheme say they are delighted with the impact it has made in the community. The Driving Miss Daisy brand provides specialised transportation and companion services for young, elderly or disabled people throughout the country, enabling them to remain independent.

Driving Miss Daisy UK Ltd was incorporated in 2014, and in 2016 obtained the rights to operate the brand in the UK under a 50-year licence from the New Zealand company that devised the concept. To meet the rapidly escalating demand for its services, the brand owner has also launched B3 – a directly managed company to complement its franchise operation. Driving Miss Daisy offers a caring companionship and transportation service using specialised vehicles operated and driven by highly qualified drivers. All relevant Companion drivers are trained and equipped to enable people living with physical or mental disabilities or a range of chronic conditions to live their lives to the fullest extent possible.

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Mark Jones and Sharon Hunt started their franchise in Barnstaple, and the surrounding areas with one Daisy branded wheelchair accessible vehicle and Mark working full-time while Sharon supported him on a part-time basis. Things have progressed slowly but surely, and now they are both full-time and, in December, added another Daisy branded wheelchair accessible vehicle to their fleet and now have lots of regular clients as well as school and social care contracts in place. They are busy and getting busier all the time.

Mark said: “We both were interested in running our own business and wanted to do something that would be rewarding not only financially but emotionally as well and Driving Miss Daisy delivers on both counts. We are so pleased and satisfied that we are fulfilling the intentions we had at the start, which was to make a difference in people’s lives and retain independence and help prevent isolation and loneliness. Our clients are varied and, along with their families, the majority are more like friends than clients now.

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“We have undertaken various types of bookings including appointments to the hospital, doctors, podiatrist, dentist, physio, hairdresser, vets as well as airport and school runs. We regularly take people to garden centres, shopping, lunches etc. We also have a small number of contracts in place with for schools and social care and provide transport on an ad-hoc basis for hospital discharges at the North Devon District Hospital. Over the year we have built up close working relationships with some care homes in the area too.”

Sharon added: “We have helped some of the most vulnerable in our community, including people living with dementia, visual impairment, mental health issues and all types of disabilities. Part of our service is that we are insured to go into the home and help our clients with bags, locking doors, putting the cat out etc. We have helped out with so many things like doing the bins, laying compost, filling out calendars, fixing clocks, inserting hearing aids, replacing batteries, putting beds together, taking items up to the hospital and so much more. We have even rescued one of our clients, who is a real character, from being stuck fast in a doorway on his motorised wheelchair.

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“As time goes on, more and more people and organisations are becoming aware of our driving and companion service and what we can offer.”

Sharon gave the example of Mr Buttle, an 87-year-old retired Vicar who has several health issues including macular degeneration, breathing problems and mobility issues. He lived in Saunton for over 20 years and moved into a flat in Braunton after the death of his second wife around nine years ago. The flat was near to a bus stop which meant he would be able to get out easily, which he did and visited Chivenor, Bideford and South Molton regularly for outings and lunch.

Sharon explained: “He also went on several coach holidays, but when the buses stopped, he started to become isolated. The local GP surgery made him aware of the lunch club held twice a week at Christ Church in Braunton, which is run by volunteers and they would help get him there but, it meant walking some distance to meet them. His mobility and balance was getting worse, and he finally admitted that he had had some falls and lost his confidence, which was difficult for someone who had been a part of the community for all his working life and also having travelled widely since his first wife died 35 years ago.

“His daughter Selina Davey discovered our Driving Miss Daisy leaflet in the Lloyds Pharmacy in Braunton, and that is when he got his freedom and independence back again.”

Selina added: “We know absolutely that he is in safe hands and appreciate all that Mark and Sharon do which is over and above what we expected, and the updates we get are great as he forgets to tell us what’s happening.”

Mark said: “We have built up a fantastic relationship with Mr Buttle and his family, and he is part of the ‘Daisy family’ now. Every time we pick him up we ensure his hearing aids are in place, he’s got the right glasses, help him on with his coat and hat etc. then lock-up. We walk him into the lunch club, hospital appointment or macular society meeting and get him settled and then do everything in reverse when we pick him up ensuring he is all settled back in his flat before we leave. We have stopped off to buy birthday cards, got his walker fixed and nothing is too much trouble for a Daisy.

“No story embodies the Driving Miss Daisy motto of “We’re family when family can’t be there” more than this.”

If you want to find out more about Driving Miss Daisy Barnstaple ring Mark and Sharon on 07868 013268.

By Lewis Clarke

Source: Devon Live

Taco Bell is opening in Hull and there are jobs available

July 28, 2019

Taco Bell is coming to Hull.

The American fast food chain is currently advertising for jobs at a new restaurant in Hull, meaning it will be the first Taco Bell in East Yorkshire.

Taco Bell serves Mexican-inspired food including burritos, tacos, nachos, fully loaded fries, quesadillas, Mexican rice and more, and it will be opening near St Andrew’s Quay.

The chain is currently advertising for a restaurant manager and assistant manager at the new restaurant planned for Brighton Street, near KFC and the Red Sails pub.

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It is not known when the restaurant will open, but salaries for the roles advertised range from £22,500 to £28,500 per year.

The job advert on Indeed says: “Fantastic opportunity now available for determined / dynamic and hardworking individuals to help lead our brand in our brand new Hull restaurant in Brighton St HU3 4HA.

“Famous for our great values and culture we are now looking for managerial talent to help spearhead our expansion in the Yorkshire market.

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“We are looking for a confident / enthusiastic individual who enjoys working at fast pace, delivering fantastic customer service and hospitality to our fans in Hull.

“Taco Bell has nearly 6,000 restaurants worldwide and one of the fastest expanding restaurant chains in the UK.

“We offer outstanding opportunities for individuals who want to build a career with a major franchise in the UK.

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“Working at Taco Bell isn’t just another job in fast-food, we put people first and is run by people who know and love the brand, the restaurant business and passionate about delivering a great customer experience.”

The nearest Taco Bells to Hull are currently in Cleethorpes, York and Doncaster.

By Hannah Robinson

Source: Hull Daily Mail

Signarama partners with Sign Association of Canada

July 27, 2019

Signarama Canada has joined forces with the Sign Association of Canada.

“This was a natural progression for us as one of the leading sign franchises in Canada,” said Signarama’s U.K. and Canada master franchisor and chief operating officer Anas Saltaji. “Our goal is to ensure our sign companies are one of the most successful and professional franchisees in Canada. Sign Association membership adds value to our large portfolio franchise.”

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The Sign Association of Canada’s chief staff officer Erin Roberts added: “We are delighted to welcome Signarama Canada companies into our membership, and we value Signarama’s leadership in taking this step. The industry is evolving rapidly and our members are one of many to lead the evolution.”

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Source: Sign Media

Mothercare kicks off talks to offload struggling UK arm

July 27, 2019

Mothercare is in talks to sell or separate its UK store operations months after striking a deal with creditors that secured the struggling retailer’s survival.

Sky News has learnt that Mothercare has kicked off negotiations with ‎third parties about a sale or franchising agreement for its British shops.

The intention to pursue some form of transaction is expected to be confirmed in a trading update scheduled for Friday morning, sources said.

If completed, a deal would mark a watershed for the UK’s best-known maternity and baby goods chain, which has been struggling to improve its fortunes in a brutal high street environment.

Mothercare traces its roots to its first store in Surrey, which opened in 1961.

Insiders said on Thursday evening that a deal to offload Mothercare’s remaining 79 UK stores, which represent the only national franchise now owned by the company, was not guaranteed.

The trading update will come as the company also secures the support of its lenders to waive covenant tests and defer a number of debt repayment milestones agreed as part of an earlier refinancing.

That consent from Barclays and HSBC is also expected to be confirmed in Friday’s stock exchange announcement.

Mothercare has been steadily transforming itself into an international franchising group, and now trades from roughly 1,000 stores in about 50 countries.

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Last year, it was forced to turn to creditors for support through a process called a company voluntary arrangement (CVA).

That mechanism resulted in the closure of 55 UK shops‎, and has since been followed by the £13.5m sale of the Early Learning Centre, the disposal of its head office and hundreds of job losses.

Mothercare raised £32.5m from investors last year from the sale of new shares, but now has a market value of less than £68m.

To add to the turmoil facing the company, it took the extraordinary step last year of ousting its highly regarded chief executive, Mark Newton-Jones, only to reinstate him less than six weeks later.

The identity of the parties with whom Mothercare is discussing the future of its UK business was unclear on Thursday evening.

Retail insiders said the process was being run by bankers at Numis Securities.

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Clive Whiley, Mothercare’s executive chairman, and Mr Newton-Jones are said to be open to exploring “all options” to maximise value for shareholders.

That could involve an outright sale of the UK business to a turnaround investor or an agreement with a third-party retailer or franchisee to ‎take on the estate.

Mothercare is far from alone in having been forced into radical steps to slash its store portfolio.

Virtually every name on the high street is implementing a restructuring plan of some kind as the shift towards digital channels and growing costs associated with physical stores inflict pain across the sector.

Most notably this year, Debenhams has been through a pre-pack administration, while Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia Group, which owns brands such as Topshop, only narrowly averted insolvency after a recent creditor vote.

In Debenhams’ case, lenders have just been asked for another £50m to help see the department store chain through to the crucial Christmas trading period.

Without a solution to take the financial burden of the struggling UK business ‎off its hands, Mothercare may have no alternative but to put it through another formal restructuring process.

Shares in the company closed on Thursday at 19.25p.

Mothercare declined to comment.

By Mark Kleinman, City editor

Source: Sky News