About franchise4u

Franchising has, in a relatively short period of time, turned out to be a remarkable phenomenon. It’s quite normal for businesses, industries, products and services to become popular, but for a business model to gain the popularity of this proportion – franchising already contributes over £15 billion to the UK economy – is unprecedented and awe-inspiring.

What is it that helps franchising achieve this? What exactly is the ‘secret sauce’ here?

For most parts, it’s the enabling power that differentiates franchising from any other business model. Franchising enables an average person to take a real shot at successfully running a business, generating employment, sustaining ideas and helping the economy grow stronger. It’s no secret that franchising appeals the most to people who have always wanted to run businesses, but lacked the means – and hence, experience – to do so. This very lack of experience also means that confusion is bound to reign, leading to unsavoury experiences.

The most prominent reason for us to build franchise4u was to help people harness this power of franchising in the right way.


What is franchise4u?

At its core, franchise4u is a place where businesses and individuals can find any and every element of information they’ll ever need to run a franchise business in the UK. Helping our readers make informed decisions – through inspiring success stories and tales of caution in equal measures – is the sole motivation and desire behind franchise4u.

Who Are We?

The driving force behind franchise4u is an eclectic group of directors who collectively hold decades’ worth of experience in franchising various businesses in nearly all industries in the UK. The nuances of this wealth of experience range from academic to managerial and legal to financial.

Our Mission Is To


Our Core Values

We aim to maintain transparent operations.
We strive to keep our operations free of conflicts of interest.
We publish responsibly.
We do not encourage or indulge in spreading or endorsing misinformation.

We hope you find our guides and resources very useful to assist you in your franchise journey and decision as to whether franchising is the right choice for you.


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