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Business Consulting Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Business Consulting Franchises.

Business consulting has evolved to the point that it is now one of the most important contributors to the overall UK economy. Given its spread and relevance, is it the right time for franchisees to invest in UK business consulting franchises?

If you have gone through our series of free franchising guides, you’d know that franchising is a business model that is extremely good at adapting. It works equally well for product-oriented businesses like retail and service oriented sectors like financial. This high degree of adaptability and flexibility is one of the main reasons behind the success of franchising.

From that perspective, the role franchising has played in helping a 100% service-oriented sector like business consulting grow becomes worth investigating. The nature of this sector and its common business models provide a fertile ground for franchising to take over = and taken over it certainly has. Thousands of consultancy businesses in the UK have now successfully transposed the idea of franchising onto their proven business models, creating a large pool of UK business consulting franchise opportunities.

In this post, we will take a brief look at what business consulting means, how the sector fares in terms of numbers, how business consulting franchises UK work, how much a typical business consulting franchise UK costs and what franchisees need to know before going through with the investment.

Understanding Business Consulting Franchises UK And The Market Overview

At franchise4u, we publish articles and guides that are aimed at educating the investors who want to enter the world of franchising. Our series of franchising blogs is a great starting point for this education. And, as has been our way of doing things, we start the assessment of franchise sectors with the assessment of the industry they operate within.

So, before we go onto discussing UK business consulting franchises, let’s look at the numbers that matter.

  • The business consulting sector is, quite undoubtedly, a service sector leader in the UK. According to various estimates, the overall size of this sector touches (or even, surpasses) the £80 bn mark. (Source: uk)
  • Of this, close to £10 bn is estimated to come from management consulting businesses.
  • This also makes the UK business consulting sector the second largest in Europe.
  • Over the last few years, the sector has experienced steady, predictable growth, making it ripe for investment. According the numbers provided by, the YoY growth rates stand at 6-10% (2013-2016). (Source: Management Consultants Association)

business consulting franchise uk

  • The business consulting industry is divided between many sub-sectors. The largest among these is the financial sector, represented by businesses like audit firms and tax consultancy firms. Surprisingly, the next place is taken up by the the overall public sector. (Source: Management Consultants Association)
  •  Data from ALM (US) puts even more emphasis on the important of management consulting. Their analysis shows that the size of the UK management consulting sector may well be over £21 bn. (Source: uk)

These numbers are enough to convince that a typical business consulting franchise UK has the good fortune of operating within a healthy, globally relevant and future-facing industry. This, indeed, is a positive sign for franchisees looking to invest in UK business consulting franchises.

What Is Business Consulting? What Does A Business Consulting Franchise UK Do?

Business consulting is an umbrella term that covers all businesses that provide valuable consulting services to other businesses. In other words, consulting businesses are B2Bs that focus on transferring knowledge, expertise and experience in various fields. The best example of such businesses are commercial audit firms.

This also means that consultancy businesses are secondary/tertiary dependents on the growth of other businesses. Quite naturally, the best time to invest in consultancy franchises is when the economy is entering the ‘boom period’.

“While the present phase in the UK economy is fraught with uncertainty, it must be noted that consultancy businesses have more or less weathered the storm, exhibiting promising numbers over the last three years.”

What Do UK Business Consultancy Franchises Really Do?

The business operations depend largely on the niche the franchisor business belong to. In general, consulting businesses share their expertise with their clients on an as-needed basis. Larger, more established UK business consulting franchises have the luxury of being retained by their clientele.

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How Much Do Business Consulting Franchises Cost?

This is perhaps the most burning question in your mind, if you’re looking to invest in business consultancy franchises UK.

We have said, on multiple occasions, that service sector businesses are cheaper to franchise. Since consultancy businesses belong wholly to the service sector, it can be assumed that you will need to invest a lower amount to buy a franchise unit from them than, let’s say, product-based retail franchises.

Our study of UK business consulting franchises reveals that franchisees typically need to invest anywhere between £10,000 and £40,000 to get started. Many other service sector franchises (like commercial cleaning franchises) share this range with UK business consulting franchises.

Much of this investment is directed towards the initial, one-off franchise fee. The franchise fee allows you to licence the franchisor’s brand name, business model and other bespoke offerings. Other components of the initial investment go towards securing the territory, setting up an office, hiring staff and so forth.

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Can You Run A Business Consulting Franchise UK From Home?

Small sized business consulting franchises can indeed be run from home, provided that the franchisor allows such operations. The most common example in this regard is that of tax consultants who run their business in their spare time, providing their advisory and expertise services remotely. (Learn more about home-based franchise opportunities here).

In other cases, you will be required to set up an office, preferably in a business district.

Do You Need Business Experience To Run A Business Consulting Franchise UK?

There are two angles to this question:

  1. The expertise and experience in your field
  2. The expertise and experience in running the business

You will, undoubtedly, need to have competent expertise and experience in your field, because your revenue will revolve around it. On the other hand, it’s not always necessary to have prior experience of running your own business (although having it at your disposal certainly helps).

The important trait to have in order to run any business successfully is the ability to learn quickly. If you’re business-minded, you can learn the ropes in no time, maximising the market worth of your skills.

Top UK Business Consulting Franchises

Just to give our readers an idea, here’s our list of some of the top business consultancy franchises UK. Please note that the details provided here are subject to change, and we advise our readers to contact the franchisor directly for further details.

(You may also want to go through more business consultancy franchise opportunities listed in our Franchise Directory)

Brilliant Customer Service

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £14,950 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Customer service expertise for businesses
  • High margin business model
  • High growth rate
  • Opportunity to work part/full time
  • Can be run from home
  • Full training provided
  • Business assistance provided

Business Doctors

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £39,500 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Business growth and troubleshooting experts
  • Valuable brand name
  • Website, marketing and IT support
  • Exclusive territory
  • Can be run from home
  • Full training provided
  • Business assistance provided
  • Finance assistance through a third-party
  • BFA Full Member

Expense Reduction Analysts

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £44,900 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Cost optimisation experts
  • Internationally renowned brand name
  • High earning potential
  • Relatively low overheads and operating expenses
  • Can be run from home
  • Full training on offer
  • Marketing and IT support
  • Bespoke “Start Up” programme for franchises
  • BFA Full Member

Chrysalis Partners

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £27,950 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Business coaching and consulting
  • High margin business model
  • 5-day residential training programme
  • Ongoing training and unlimited business support
  • Relatively low working capital requirements
  • Full training provided
  • Can be run from home


  • Minimum Initial Investment: £69,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Business growth and tactical coaching
  • In business for over 25 years
  • A network of 150+ active franchisees (Action Coaches) in the UK
  • Global presence, International network of 1,000+ Action Coaches in 40+ countries
  • Can be run from home
  • Full training on offer
  • Ongoing business support
  • BFA Full Member

Business Consulting Franchises UK – The Takeaways

  • UK business consultancy franchises are ideal for investors with medium investment appetite.
  • Operations can be run from home in most cases.
  • Thorough franchise market research is required before shortlisting your options.
  • Talk to existing franchisees before investing.
  • Consultancy franchises are tough to scale, unless you’re willing to work full time.

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