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Home Services Franchise UK – the TOP 10 MUST KNOWS about finding and running successful UK Home Services Franchises.

Home services franchises UK operate in a sector that can rely on steady, consistent market demand. Should you, then, invest in a home services franchise UK?

While discussing franchise market research, we made an important point: a franchise business that operates in a robust sector has, despite having to face strong competition, the advantage of sizeable, reliable demand forces. A retail franchise UK, for example, always has better a better chance of returning significant profits thanks to the inherent scalability advantage.

On the other hand, a very specific, micro-niche franchise sector (magazine franchises, for example) provides faster, easier returns that are still hamstrung by the size of the market.

Essentially, buying a franchise is all about balancing your priorities. In that sense, a home services franchise UK provides a solid, robust option for franchisees that are looking for small to mid-sized investment options.

As you can easily guess, home services franchises UK operate in a sector that is never really going to run out of demand – as long as there are homeowners, you will be needed. That, regardless of the way you choose to look at the prospects, is a bright start to this discussion.

We will, in this post, see what UK home services businesses are, what sort of investment is required to buy and run one, how long a typical home services franchise UK takes to break even, and what the risks to your investment are.

Market Overview For A Home Services Franchise UK

It’s difficult to summarise the market conditions faced by a home services franchise UK, thanks largely to the fact that such businesses are spread across dozens of industries and sectors within these industries.

For example, a domestic pest control franchise is as much a home services franchise UK as, say, a gardening franchise. At this point, it should suffice to say that UK home services businesses benefit immensely from the diversity of this spread.

There are over 25 million homes in the UK – spread evenly across the country. Of course, the concentration of the demand is always going to be higher in densely populated areas. However, the most important number in this regard is the age distribution of homeowners.

70% of UK seniors (aged 65 and more) are homeowners – the premium, first-choice target demographic for every home services business UK. (Source: Statista)

In essence, depending on the sub-sector you choose for your home services franchise UK, the demand and supply calculations will change drastically. To learn more about franchise opportunities in most of these sectors, do follow our UK franchising blog. In addition, the franchising news section of our website has you covered about the latest updates and news in the world of UK franchising.

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What Does A UK Home Services Franchise Do?

There’s no rigid definition that can contain the scope of UK home services businesses.

Typically, a home services franchise UK is expected to offer a specialty service (or a set of services) to individual homeowners and landlords. Larger franchises work with home owners’ societies and businesses (hotels, schools, dorms and so forth).

Can You Run A Home Services Franchise UK From Home?

As the name clearly suggests, all UK home service businesses operate in the service sector – as do most franchise businesses out there. The nature of this sector allows franchisees to operate their business from a home office, as long as the operations are at a smaller, easily manageable scale.

For example, many home improvement franchises UK set up a small home office, hire a team of qualified professionals and run their daily operations out of a van – a recurring concept as far as franchise businesses go.

If you are interested in work-from-home franchise opportunities, do read through our review of home-based franchises UK.

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How Much Does A Home Services Franchise UK Cost?

It’s really difficult to arrive at a range that perfectly captures the level of investment required for franchisees to buy a UK home services business. Depending on the nature of the sector you choose to operate in and the value brought on board by the franchisor, this number tends vary quite a bit from one end of the spectrum (£3,000) to the other (£100,000+).

You will, in most cases, be required to raise funds to the tune of £20,000 if you’re looking to buy a franchise unit from a well-established, reputed and successful franchisor.

Much of your initial investment in a home services business UK will go towards the franchise fees – a one-off investment that allows you to license the business plan, brand and other relevant assets put on offer by the franchisor.

Other recurring expenses involved in the running of UK home service businesses are much the same as any franchise business. These include investments towards buying a van, equipment, inventory (if applicable), staff salaries, taxes, insurance and utilities. You will also need to invest smartly in marketing. Established franchisors take it upon themselves to handle the marketing for their franchisees, albeit for a recurring fee.

Top Home Services Franchises UK

Here’s our brief overview of some of the most popular franchises in this sector. Please get in touch with the respective franchisors to know more about these opportunities.

1. Cleanhome

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £7,995 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Cleaning services for the domestic sector
  • No need to have prior experience
  • Best suited for franchisees with management and sales background
  • Primed for fast growth
  • Full training provided
  • Business support and launch assistance
  • Can be run from home
  • Associate BFA Member

2. Leading The Way

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £8,995 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Pet care provider
  • An ideal part-time/full-time franchising opportunity
  • Small investment, poised for faster growth
  • Best suited for franchisees who are passionate about pets
  • Full training
  • Assistance with obtaining relevant credentials and licences
  • Low overheads
  • Provisional BFA Member

3. The Pest Company

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £16,295 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Domestic pest control services
  • An end-to-end management franchise
  • High percentage of repeat customers
  • Ongoing support
  • Full training on offer
  • Exclusive, large territory allocated to each franchisee

4. Home Instead Senior Care

  • Minimum Initial Investment: £41,000 (plus VAT)
  • USP: Premium homecare services
  • Full training provided to your caregiver employees
  • 10,000+ satisfied clients
  • Ongoing business and marketing support
  • Home-based franchise opportunity
  • Full BFA Member

UK Home Service Franchises – The Takeaways

  • Go through our blog for detailed reviews on each segment within the home services industry.
  • Pay attention to how your marketing budget is spent and what returns you get on each pound spent.
  • Strive for quality – the decisive factor that separates a successful home services business UK from an unsuccessful one.
  • Work with a franchisor that offers the most in terms of growth potential and support.

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If you operate within the home services industry, we would love to hear from you. Send in your experiences here, and stand a chance to have your business featured on our franchise success stories page.

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