Curves Kenilworth – Franchise Success Story – Curves Fitness Franchise

July 15, 2018

The best part of owning a Curves Kenilworth Franchise is sharing in the wonderful benefits that our members experience.

Running your own business is challenging of course but the sense of worth and fulfilment that comes from helping women take control of their health and well-being is amazing and something I am passionate about. That passion is also evident throughout the organisation.

I have regular contact with my Business Development Manager who always gives invaluable support, advice and encouragement and the team at our European headquarters are quick to respond to technical issues. There is also a huge library of online resources and training.

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Curves KenilworthI joined Curves Kenilworth as a Circuit Coach 10 years ago and bought the franchise in 2015. I have seen several changes in the organisation during that time and believe that now is a great time to be a Curves franchisee.

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The recent introduction of a new management strategy for owners has had a huge impact on the success of many clubs, including my own and we have seen continued growth in membership over the last 3 years.

I’m one of those lucky people who looks forward to going to work every day.

Denise Knight

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Curves North East – Franchise Success Story – Curves Fitness Franchise

July 8, 2018

Curves North East Franchise Success Story

Hi I am Sarah….

I have been with Curves just over 18 years, I started off as a member of staff & quickly promoted to manager role …. within just months I managed one of the best Curves in the UK and was asked if I would mentor for Curves International which was a no brainer!!!!

So let’s take it back a few years – my dad was a bodybuilder and I was massively into fitness following his footsteps – I trained In a “men’s” gym with weights but never saw many women there & if there was any ladies they were always hiding over on the cardio equipment.

When I first was introduced to Curves I fell in love with it … this was a chance to show my passion for fitness to women who could actually do strength training and cardio at the same time without having to hide around the corner on the same old boring treadmill!!!

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This meant that women could exercise and gain muscle (tone up) without having to be lost in a gym with free weights & machines and not knowing what they were actually doing.

Curves North EastI had worked for a few months in a “normal ladies gym” but to be fair I only helped members when I was asked and I did their initial programme. But at CURVES its not like that ….. We know all our members names, what their goals are, when they go on holidays, we are their circuit coach as well as a councilor to our members (we are one big family)

I can’t express how much I love my job!!! I have 2 beautiful children & through Curves got straight back into shape, I have 3 Curves North East locations and I’m still working even when I am not in the club – doing monthly challenges – creating journals – thinking of new ideas to motivate members etc etc.

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I have so many ladies contacting me on my @buffmammy Instagram page because they love the energy, the results and I’m a real person running 3 Curves North East locations with 2 children and still find 30 minutes to workout …. to know that I am influencing women on a daily basis through doing a job I love is just amazing and I couldn’t have done it without curves.

I couldn’t imagine not having Curves in my life or how boring life would be without Curves

Sarah Howe, Curves North East

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Curves Irvine – Franchise Success Story – Curves Fitness Franchise

July 1, 2018

We opened Curves Irvine on the 1st of February 2016.

Our current membership is 605 & that has been the highest membership we have ever achieved in the 27 months we have been open.

Opening day we signed up 100 new members in the first day and at the end of week one we had 200 new members.

By August 2016 we had reached 500 members.

I have worked for Curves since I was 19 (now 31) firstly starting off as a circuit coach, progressing to manager of one club & then area manager for 3 locations. During that time I completely fell in love with everything that Curves embodies, I have a true passion for helping women to achieve their fullest potential.

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After 10 years working for another owner i decided that I was ready to take on my own club & I have never looked back.

curves irvineMy husband and I found a location in our own community in November 2015 & with a lot of support from Curves on the sale of the Territory we were able to open just 3 short months later.

As I mentioned above I have always had a passion for helping women but when you get to do this in your own community with women you know the level of job satisfaction is increased ten fold!

I believe that Curves is way more than just a gym, we are a community of support for our members, no two days are the same & you are able to push yourself and members to new levels each and every day.

Most days I don’t even feel like I’m at work, that doesn’t mean I don’t work hard though, it simply means I love what I do. For this kind of job you really must love what you do for it to be a success. You’ve got to live and breath it every second & with any business you have to but in the hours, develop yourself and your team & make sure you provide a service no where else can.

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If you are thinking about opening a Curves franchise I would say go for it, the rewards every single day are out if this works but be prepared to work very hard for them.

Siobhan Kavanagh


Curves Irvine

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Curves Ireland – Franchise Success Story – Curves Fitness Franchise

June 24, 2018

My name is Fionn, my wife’s name is Roisin. We own and operate 3 Curves Ireland clubs. It all began when my wife joined as a member back in 2009.

She loved it from day one, the concept, the workout, the energetic and supportive staff- it all resonated with her. In fact it resonated so much that Roisin was soon working with the owner of our local club.

In 2012 that lady decided to retire and we jumped at the opportunity of owning the club ourselves. Even though the country was deep in recession we were confident that the club and the concept would prevail and prevail they did. With a bit of hard work alongside the support and training we received from the Curves team our little club flourished.

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Curves IrelandIn 2015 we began to look for a suitable location for our second club and duly opened our Kilkenny branch. Even though we had never actually opened a club before from scratch we felt sure that with Curves Ireland behind us and using their template for club openings things would be fine.

Within a short time we had trained staff and a membership that meant we could go again. In 2017 we took on the challenge of our Galway club. Things were easier and less daunting the second time around again a lot of support came our way which made success
that much more certain.

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Neither one of us worked in the exercise realm before (I used to be a teacher and my wife was a company trainer) so this was a leap for us both but one that we both feel really happy and lucky to have had the chance to take.

Fionn Mc Donagh & Roisin Hearns.

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“Blessed” – Our Curves Journey

May 25, 2018

Jane’s Curves Journey started in Feb 2008 – “I was the heaviest I had ever been although physically very fit with a kennel full of 7 labradors which I worked on the hills around

for 6 months of the year. I suffered with a bad back and needed to find exercise to tone the muscles on my spine, after some research I discovered Curves in Inverness. The concept of 30 minutes three times a week appealed to me, but I very quickly became a Curveaholic and found I felt so much better after a workout and was soon attending 5 times a week! I loved it so much, little did I know Curves would become my passion.”

Curves InvernessAudrey’s Curves Journey began in Jan 2009 – “I had been made redundant in October 2008 and in January, was gifted a month’s membership of Curves by my sister Kareen, who was a member in Elgin.  Having been a regular gym attendee for years, I was intrigued as to how effective the 30 minute would be.  I became hooked in the first week – the full body workout, time, fun and camaraderie in the circuit was a real confidence booster for me.  My strength and stamina have majorly improved.”

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Early in 2009 Nancy (the then owner) was looking for part-time staff and we both joined her Curves Team.  We did our training together and it was the start of an amazing journey – we shared the same passion for Curves and it was like meeting a new sister, best friend soul mate and left arm combined! The rest you could say is history as we were fortunate in July 2010 to purchase Curves Inverness.   We have a fabulous team in Inverness, who also share the same passion and core values in Strengthening Women.  We have been fortunate to meet and work with so many amazing ladies, past and present members, to help them to reach their health and fitness goals and we feel truly very privileged and blessed.


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