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Having recently announced the purchase of its first franchise store in Birkenhead, Ableworld has revealed year on year sales growth of 14 percent across its own group and 15 percent among its franchise group of stores.

Discussing bringing the mobility retailer’s original franchisee into its fold of group-owned stores, Mike Williams, Managing Director of Ableworld, stated that talks had been taking place with the Birkenhead franchise for over a year before the contract ended.

“Andy was our original franchise, virtually ten years ago, and has been talking for a while about moving on to pastures new,” he explained.

“We appreciate all of Andy’s support over the years and wish him and his family well in the future. As Birkenhead was so close to our own network, we had no hesitation in purchasing this franchise to come into our own company. We have a great team of people at Birkenhead and are all on board to carry the store forward to even more success.”

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The retailer says it has been recently investing time with the store’s staff to look at improving and building on the already successful store, with new stairlift engineers trained and operating in the area.

In addition, Ableworld is executing what it describes as an aggressive marketing campaign in the Wirral and North Wales as it looks to maximise the full potential of the Birkenhead store.

The announcement to purchase the store comes as the company declares sales growth across both its own group operated stores and its franchise stores, stating that whilst the accounts have not yet been audited, projections suggest overall profits have increased again against the previous year.

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