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Baby Sensory has announced a new collaboration with the aquarium brand, Sea Life UK, to trial the UK’s first ‘Sensory Under the Sea’ sessions for babies and parents in a ‘never-seen-before, water-based setting’.

The specially created sessions, which immerse babies and parents in a world of underwater tranquillity, seek to extend the developmental benefits of both visual and sensory exploration in infants from birth to 13-months.

Dr Lin Day, the founder of Baby Sensory, part of the WOW World Group, explains: “The aquarium setting really enhances early years learning and is the perfect platform to make new discoveries. From visual and sensory benefits to the vocabulary association with words such as ‘wet’, ‘warm’ and ‘bubble’, and the names of the various marine life; it really is a visual feast for young eyes.

“Early science skills come into play too when observing the different temperatures and environments these creatures are exposed to, from the icy Antarctic of penguins to the warm waters of the tropical ocean or the rainforest.”

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Growth of neural connections
Baby Sensory says that from birth, babies need plenty of opportunities to track moving objects to stimulate the growth of neural connections in the brain. Babies can follow the path of moving sea creatures in the aquarium, which promotes visual development through focusing, eye teaming, and tracking. Activities in an aquarium environment can also be particularly beneficial for babies with sensory impairments or disabilities.

Dr Day added: “The aquarium setting is therapeutic, relaxing and calming. It inspires exploration and it encourages babies to express and release their emotions, which is really important for development.”

Craig Dunkerley, head of Sea Life UK, said: “We are excited to be partnering with WOW World Group to explore the learning benefits for children through hosting taster sessions in the exclusive setting of our aquariums. This is a huge development opportunity with both brands working in partnership, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Baby Sensory provides a range of sensory activity-based class experiences across the UK and overseas where parents can spend quality time with their baby in a safe, established and nurturing environment.

Source: Franchise World

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