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Same-day courier company, Cargo2Go, is opening a new franchise location in Doncaster as it continues to expand.

In the second half of 2021, the company recruited a record number of drivers due to increased demand.

Cargo2Go runs an extensive fleet of vans and wagons, with a strong presence across the North’s major towns and cities and the M62 corridor.

As part of its ambitious growth plans, Cargo2Go says it intends to set up further franchises across the UK.

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Jim Mosley and Ben Frechette began the first franchise back in 2011, and have since grown that to 10 territories and over £3m worth of annual revenue.

The new Doncaster franchisees are Nuzhat Noreen ul-Haq, Stenly Kupahurasa and Terrence Mutero.

Mutero has previous courier experience. Kupahurasa currently works in the NHS and will come on board full time once the business allows. Haq is leaving her current job and will be running operations full time.

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Mutero said: “We’re so excited to be part of the Cargo2Go family. It’s an exciting, fast-growing business. It’s great to be part of that success story.”

Mosley added: “It’s amazing to see the Cargo2Go brand expanding across the UK. Our franchise set-up programme gives the franchisees everything they need to build a successful franchise.

“Ben and I are confident that Cargo2go Doncaster will achieve great things in that territory.”

By Miran Rahman

Source: The Business Desk

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