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Twenty-five years since the opening of the first Chicken Cottage outlet in Wembley in 1994, and five years after its takeover by Terengganu Inc, the popular halal fast-food chain is ready to spread its wings again.

The fast food chain, which to date has 67 outlets in the United Kingdom and 24 outlets in Dubai, Pakistan, Nigeria, Italy and Belgium, will open branches with franchisees in Thailand, the Philippines and the African region.

The announcement was made by Chicken Cottage chief operating officer Halim Lim at a gala dinner and appreciation night for more than 50 Chicken Cottage franchisees who had come from all over the UK and as far as Dubai.

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The event, held at the Riverside Venue to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Chicken Cottage, was also attended by Terengganu Chief Minister Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar, who is also the chairman of the Chicken Cottage Group, as well as board members and Malaysian High Commissioner to the UK and Northern Ireland Datuk Mohamad Sadik Kethergany.

According to Halim, for the first time, Chicken Cottage is working with World Franchise Associates (WFA), which is the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of international franchise development opportunities, to help them open up more markets.

“Previously we have never worked with any third party, so now working with WFA will enable us to speed up our efforts to open new outlets such as in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and also in the African region.

“This is the first time Chicken Cottage has partnered with a marketing representative, where this company has contacts with investors and companies who invest in the food and beverage industry all over the world.

“Now the time that we spent developing this market is becoming more strategic and more specific. So we don’t lose any time talking to companies that are not qualified in the industry.”

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By keeping up with the trend and to make their products readily available, there are plans in the pipeline to bottle their sauce and also sell frozen ready-to-cook chicken at supermarkets.

“Everyone can eat Chicken Cottage at any time they want — just buy it at the supermarkets, heat it up in the oven and eat it any time you want,” he added.

Speaking to the franchisees, he urged them to be sensitive to the needs of customers, as well as be aware of what others in the market were offering to them.

“The marketplace is evolving and developing fast; if we stay where we are, we will be left behind. My team and I will be introducing some infrastructural changes to our operations.

Firstly, we want to be driven by data. We want to collect important and intelligent data. Data that can help us make effective decisions. From this, we will then be able to carry out.

“We will be working with our commercial partners, bringing in research and development capabilities in-house at Chicken Cottage HQ (headquarters). We will improve our offerings and provide seasonal products of the highest quality,” he said.

When asked about whether he was satisfied with the performance of Chicken Cottage after the takeover, Samsuri said: “There is no place for the word ‘satisfied’ in our vocabulary. We must continue to improve.”

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By Zaharah Othman

Source: NST

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