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He has only been in the job three weeks but one worker at a popular ice cream parlour is doing his bit to help the community. Jamie Champion, 18, pitched the idea of turning the downstairs of Creams Cafe in Gravesend into a food bank after seeing the impact of panic buying in supermarkets.

His plan was swiftly given the backing of the Gravesend franchise owner, Shill Mathu who pledged £500 to the cause.

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He said: “Creams food bank is a unique opportunity for our small local business to give back to our community.

“We are able to provide a safe place within our Creams facilities access basic food and essentials to those most in need.

“We fully understand and appreciate, that due to the current situation, these essentials are near impossible to buy with ease due to the panic shopping many people are experiencing.”

The food bank will serve pensioners, those with younger children, emergency services crews and NHS staff who struggle to access basic goods at the shops.

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Jamie, whose mum works as a nurse at Darent Valley Hospital, has rallied his co-workers to get behind the idea and “enhance the sense of community in and around Gravesend”.

He said: “Our amazing NHS Staff work day and night, ridiculous shifts on horrid pay, now with this pandemic everyone is panic buying leaving those who help us with very limited to no selection on goods.

“We will be open to provide goods and everyday essentials to these brave and dedicated workers of the NHS and emergency service staff.”

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The team ask NHS workers to provide some form of ID in order to access the facility.

Staff who live locally will also deliver food parcels to anyone self isolating, who is vulnerable or requires assistance.

People are encouraged to donate food items and essential items directly to the facility when able or arrange for them to be picked up by staff.

By Sean Delaney

Source: Kent Online

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