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Launched in 1999 and franchising for 15 years, Dream Doors is now the UK’s largest kitchen facelift retailer. A multi-award winner with 80 showrooms nationwide, it is a full member of the British Franchise Association and one of the most recognised brands within UK franchising.

A time and money-saving concept with local customer service
Dream Doors provides the nation’s homeowners with what they want. Something that saves them more than just money. In fact, it saves them something that can never be bought back. And that’s time.

An average kitchen makeover takes just two days to install. Compare that to the week or more for a full kitchen fit out, and it’s easy to see why customers love the convenience of a Dream Doors kitchen facelift. Of course, customers welcome the £1,000s they save over a complete kitchen as well. So much so that the business has grown every year since it started and is on target to achieve network sales of £43.5m this year.

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Like most great ideas, the Dream Doors concept is a simple one. Instead of ripping out kitchen units and carcasses which, in most cases, are built to last, the company swaps what can be seen – the kitchen doors, drawers, work surfaces and sinks. This fast and cost-effective transformation provides what looks like a brand new kitchen for significantly less time, money and stress.

Who becomes a Dream Doors franchisee?
Dream Doors franchisees come from so many different backgrounds; there really isn’t a common denominator amongst them. Somewhat surprisingly, though, hardly any of the company’s 80 franchisees come from a kitchen-related background, and, says recruitment director Alex Waite, that has no influence on their success.

“It really doesn’t matter what career any of our candidates have had before,” he says. “We look at the individual as a person, taking into account what skills they possess but, more importantly, what attitude they display towards us, our brand and our customers.

“Most of our franchisees haven’t any previous experience of this sector, nor have they run a business before, which is why the training and support that we provide is so important, and why we’ve invested so heavily in personnel and one-to-one coaching for all our franchisees – both new and long established.”

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Why become a Dream Doors franchisee?
Is there anything else that the company does to attract new talent to its growing network? Dream Doors is on target to reach 100 franchisees soon and, says Alex, there are certain areas of the UK in which he is focusing his search.

“We’re pretty full in the South of the country, and have very few opportunities left in the Midlands. But there are lots of prime locations still available in the North East, North West and around Yorkshire,” he says. “Our business attracts professionals both young and old and, as we’re at pains to point out, not necessarily from the kitchen sector.

“I’d say to anyone out there who might be fed up of working hard for somebody else, tired of seeing their efforts go unrewarded, or sick of lengthy commutes and time spent away from your family, that this business could be perfect for them.

“If you’re good with people, well organised and prepared to put in the hours, you could be running a half-a-million pound business within a year.”

Source: Franchise World

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