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A Domino’s Pizza takeaway in Elm Park is applying to extend its opening hours to 3am despite opposition from Havering Council’s planning department.

The Domino’s in Tadworth Parade applied to the borough’s licensing team on June 8 for permission to change its opening hours from 9am-1am to 11am-3am.

The application will now be heard by the borough’s licensing sub-committee at a town hall meeting on Friday, July 26.

It is made clear in documents provided to the council that customers will only able to collect pizzas from the site until 11pm, and from then until 3am pizzas will only be provided by delivery drivers.

In a detailed submission, the franchise director Satvir Gosal outlines how the restaurant will continue to meet its current licensing objectives including: the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, protecting children from harm and the prevention of public nuisance.

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It reads: “The store is a franchise of the worldwide Domino’s home delivery pizza chain.

“Domino’s has been in business since 1960 and during that time, has developed a system of business which primarily involves a home delivery service. “Whilst it is possible to collect our products from the store, the vast majority of our business is delivering pizzas and other products we sell to people’s homes.

“We are governed by the rigorous standards set out in the Domino’s Franchise Agreement and these relate to all aspects of operating the business, from the preparation of ingredients right through to the manner in which the product is delivered to our customers.

“We are mindful of our obligations to our staff, our customers, and others, for example local residents, who may be affected by the operation of our business.”

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In a bid to prevent littering, no single slices of pizza will be served after 11pm, and the store will take in no deliveries between 11pm and 8am.

One resident has objected, as have the borough’s planning team.

The resident wrote: “This company has a business model of supplying food via a delivery service and if was allowed to go into the early hours of the morning would cause noise disturbance due to delivery vehicles driving around a quite area.

“There is no usual traffic late at night and I do believe this would therefore disturb a usually quiet neighbourhood.”

The planning department insists that “granting a licence with such a late finish clearly goes against Havering’s Licensing Policy.

“The premises is situation in a mixed use area where there are domestic properties directly above the shop and along the rest of Tadworth Parade.

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“There is the potential that by granting a licence until such a time, it may impact on local residents, especially those living above the premises.

“There is the potential that the coming and going of delivery drivers, using cars or scooters as means of delivery, the revving of engines and slamming of car doors could cause a disturbance or noise nuisance to residents.”

The application will be determined at a Havering Town Hall meeting at 10.30am on Friday, July 26.

By Matthew Clemenson

Source: Romford Recorder

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