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The low-cost fitness franchise has grown from 6 to 12 clubs in a very short space of time.

To double the size of your business in twelve months is a very ambitious target, but this was exactly the target Mike Carr set himself when he took over as Head of Franchise Sales with énergie Fitness franchise Scotland just over a year ago.

This ambitious target has now been met, with Energie Fitness Scotland’s franchise network growing from 6 to 12 clubs. It New fitness clubs will now open in Ayr, Glasgow, Dumbarton and two in Aberdeenshire, while the deal has just been signed to open number six.

“I knew we had a great product and that the demand was out there, so for me setting a target of doubling the size of the business in one year was realistic and I’m delighted that we can now say it has been achieved,” explains Mike Carr.

“I don’t see myself as a salesperson, I view my role as giving people an unbelievable opportunity to transform their lives on a huge scale. These franchisees are not coming on board by accident, we have a great product, with a proven model, that hits exactly what the booming fitness market is looking for. We will be looking to add another 6 – 8 next year in the coming year, and again I believe this is very achievable.”

Mike Carr has had quite a journey with Energie Fitness franchise Scotland since starting work with them over 7 years ago as a favour to a friend.

“Previously I was working with a high-end equity company which bought and sold hotels abroad, but when the bank slump occurred and investment went down, I decided to take a break. This was when the owner of énergie Fitness in Dundee, my local club, approached me and asked me to become manager. Initially I turned it down, but I was talked around and agreed to take over for three months… and seven years later I am still with the company!

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“The club in Dundee wasn’t doing as well as it should have been at the time, and it took me 18 months to turn it around. After that, I wanted more and that’s when I was approached by head office. I started first as operations manager, where I placed a huge emphasis on improved customer service and cutting attrition rates for members. I was also involved in training the managers. I then moved on to sales and marketing manager specific to membership sales and am now head of franchise sales for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Why have we been so successful in the last 12 months? The success we have achieved is purely down to our business model; we make gym membership affordable but also give people top quality customer service ensuring they enjoy their experience and want to come back. When I show potential franchisees our model, and the potential for success, most are instantly interested.

“I tell all my potential franchisees the key to success in this market is to listen to what people want and most importantly give them choice. There are lots of gyms out there for people to go to now, so to stand out from the crowd you need to keep the costs low and deliver a world class service. People also want a gym that is constantly manned, where they are welcomed by a friendly face who can assist them if needed. Gym-goers want assistance from well-trained staff who can give them tips and encouragement. Members also want well-run fitness classes at convenient times and want enough of them that they do not have to put their name down weeks in advance. Excellent customer service is vital, you need encourage people to come back.”

Carr adds: “The statistics tell us that gym membership is increasing all the time, among all age groups, but especially young people. As a result, as these people get older the number gym members can only go up. So combine the exploding demand with an unparalleled level of service that Energie Fitness provides, and it is easy to see why we have so much interest. It really is the perfect time to become an Energie Fitness franchisee.”

énergie Fitness franchise Scotland are currently looking for franchisees across Scotland. For more information about this, please complete the form below!

Source: Franchise Direct

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