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App-based commercial services company Fantastic Services has introduced the first of ‘Master Franchisees’ in the UK as it targets growth.

The London-based business – which provides services including cleaning, gardening, landscaping and removals – has put Vanya and Hristo Yankovi in control of operations in Oxfordshire.

Putting more than 25 services at the click of a button, Fantastic Services is also looking to fill similar roles in Liverpool, Manchester and other areas using a new model it expects to fuel expansion throughout the country.

The couple will manage Fantastic Services’ experts and smaller franchise owners in the Oxford region, acting as a port of call between them and the franchisor.

Vanya and Hristo say an ambition to succeed is helping fuel success in their new role.

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They are able to easily communicate with their teams via the mobile Bfantastic app, which was built in-house and integrated with the firm’s in-house CRM system and client booking app GoFantastic.

It lists scheduled and completed work, and allows technicians to receive updates.

The Fantastic Services franchise system is fully automated, with all interactions between management, service providers, and customers happening online, in order to streamline operations and reduce costs.

This means, the firm’s fleet of experts will be able to focus on the job at hand rather than the admin of tech support, customer service and advertising, among other things.

Vanya and Hristo started working with Fantastic Services in Oxford four years ago, and expanded to cover an estimated circumference of 100 miles of the city.

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Hristo said: “We can do everything we need to as Master Franchisees from our phone and computer, it’s a system that puts us in control and makes our work and that of our teams easier.

“Just like Fantastic Services, I like to work with people who are ambitious, which is something that Vanya and I definitely are.

“We started our business with Fantastic Services just a few years ago as franchisees and with just a handful of people, but we brought that up to 64 people in and around Oxford and also in parts of London.”

Vanya added: “The point of signing up with Fantastic Services was because they wanted to grow the company to cover more areas.

“We started in Oxfordshire because we are based in Oxford, and then we started covering more areas of about 100 miles, and we now have teams in other parts of the country.”

Formed in London in 2009, Fantastic Services has over 300 successful franchising partners, who provide more than 25 types of professional services.

Initial fees for franchisees vary dependent on the service, the package and the region in which they are operating, with cleaning franchises staring at around £1,800 and removals at £2,830.

The Master Franchise scheme is available to those who wish to recruit, develop, manage and lead a number of units in their geographical area, with the cost of initial investment starting at £10,000.

Company co-founder and CEO Rune Sovndahl said: “Vanya and Hristo have been members of the Fantastic Services family for four years, and their business has developed significantly in that time.

“They have proved themselves ambitious, hardworking, and reliable, and they also have a hugely impressive get-up-and-go-getting attitude to all that they do.

“They are exactly the type of people we had in mind when we looked to introduce our ‘Master Franchise’ model, and similar opportunities are available to others.”

He added: “As a client-oriented brand, customer service is of vital importance to us which in turn means we deliver superb training and support to all our franchisees, and the same is true for our Master Franchisees.

“In the role of master, they manage relationships, make sure contact with their teams is maintained, and work with franchisees to achieve their goals and aims.

“All are able to develop the skills they need to make a success for themselves and for Fantastic Services overall.”

Jenny Farenden, Fantastic Services Franchise Marketing Director, said: “It’s a little bit like Uber in that over 90 per cent of sales come from in-bound marketing, which our master franchisees will immediately benefit from.

“We handle the marketing entirely which makes Fantastic Services unique in this sector and in franchising opportunities as a whole. Master franchisees can rely on the support of a staff of around 500 people supporting their franchise.

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“There’s no need to cover property or rent, can be managed remotely, and we estimate they should see a return on investment within two years.”

Fantastic Services currently connects more than 15,000 UK clients with 2,000 professionals and experts every month.

By the end of 2019, it expects its customer base to have risen by nearly 200,000 fuelled by the recruitment of master franchisees in 10 areas, including Manchester, Chester, Birmingham, Sheffield, and the South West.

Through this expansion, the company hopes to boost franchisee numbers by 30 per cent.

Last year, the business reported more than £32.5m worth of service orders which represented a growth of 20 per cent on 2017’s results.

Customers can book all services around-the-clock from their mobile device, with just a few taps using the GoFantastic app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Monthly active users of the GoFantastic app in the UK grew by 45.5 per cent between August 2017 and August 2018.

Over the same period, bookings via the GoFantastic app grew by 85 per cent, and in-app revenue grew by 76.6 per cent.

By Jonathan Symcox

Source: Business Cloud

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