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Five Guys has announced the addition of a brand new milkshake to its menu… and we’re already drooling.

Ever since its launch in the UK in 2013, Five Guys has made a name for itself among the heavy hitters in the fast food industry.

While the franchise is best-known for its burgers, which are bought for a set price with any number of free toppings customers would like, Five Guys is also famed for its wide variety of milkshake options, with flavours including strawberry, Oreo cookie pieces, salted caramel and bacon.

On Tuesday 15 September, the restaurant revealed that a new flavour had been added to the mix in the UK – the Lotus Biscoff shake, made – as the name makes abundantly clear – from Lotus Biscoff biscuits.

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The news was announced by Five Guys and Lotus Biscoff on social media, much to the excitement of consumers.

“Willing to drive five hours to my nearest Five Guys just to try this,” one Twitter user said.

“Oh, my life! That sounds amazing,” someone else said on Instagram.

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The indulgent milkshake is now available in all branches across the UK for £5.50.

In May, it was reported that Asda had begun selling Lotus Biscoff ice cream with brownie pieces inside for £3 a tub.

Several Instagram users responded with delight to the news, with one person stating: “Holy mother of God,” and another writing: “This is definitely an essential.”

By Sabrina Barr 

Source: Independent

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