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The head owner of the Freddy’s Chicken chain has stepped in to personally take charge of two of Northampton’s branches.

The lead director of a fast food chicken chain has personally stepped in to bring two Northampton branches back to their ‘former glory’.

Freddy’s Chicken takeaway in Weedon Road was handed a one-star food hygiene rating in September last year after inspectors branded the kitchen’s surfaces and equipment ‘dirty’.

The restaurant used to hold a five-star rating – but the Food Standards Agency scolded the franchise after finding there were cross-contamination risks, no means available to disinfect hand surfaces and even that there was “no soap” at either of the hand wash basins.

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Now, the head owner of Freddy’s Chicken, Shah Sharahbeel, says he has personally stepped in to “taken matters into his own hands”.

The franchise owner, who holds 40 branches of Freddy’s Chicken across England, has taken on complete management of both the Weedon Road restaurant as well as a chain in Wellingborough Road with a vow to bring them both back up to five stars.

He has also pinned the one-star rating in 2019 on “the former sub-franchisee letting the shop reach unacceptable standards”.

In a statement, Shah Sharahbeel said: “I have been extremely disappointed with how the restaurants have been treated and have been doing everything in my power to turn it around.

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“The team and I have put in a lot of effort to ensure that Freddy’s goes back to the high quality and recommended restaurant that it once was. To see it take such a downfall was extremely upsetting for all of us.

“Freddy’s has exciting plans in the new year to make this the great restaurant we know it can be.”

A new manager has reportedly been hired to take on both branches and changes have been made to cleaning policies. New equipment was also reportedly installed towards the end of 2019.


Source: Northampton Chronicle

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