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Healthy fast-food chain Freshly Chopped has opened its first outlet in the UK as it assesses potential Brexit impact before further expansion.

The new store in Manchester marks the franchise’s 60th store in total; with recent hubs opening this year including Drogheda and Cavan.

Co-founder and managing director Brian Lee said it took the company longer than expected to move into the UK market “mainly because of the uncertainty created by Brexit”.

“We’re confident though that we have found the right location and crucially that we have the right infrastructure in place to deliver the foundation we need to grow the brand in the UK,” he said.

Freshly Chopped
Manchester store

“We see this first store as a pilot to learn more about the market and assess how Brexit impacts on the sector before committing to opening more stores in England.”

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Mr Lee said that Freshly Chopped will remain cautious with its rollout strategy and have created what is described as a “Brexit proofed” supply chain.

The new company owned store, which is located in Piccadilly Plaza, will also see Cork’s Rebel Chilli introduced to the UK.

Last November, Freshly Chopped struck a €2.5m deal to supply packaged salad leaves to the country’s leading supermarkets.

It represents a significant development in the company’s strategy, which has up until now predominantly focused on opening stores.

Source: Independent

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