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German Doner Kebab (GDK) will reach the major milestone of opening its 100th UK restaurant this week.

The landmark 100th site will open for customers tomorrow (Tuesday May 10th), in the heart of Covent Garden on St. Martins Lane, London, in the heart of the bustling Theatre District.

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The chain has always prided itself on crafting ‘expectation-defying kebabs’, elevating what is one of Britain’s most-loved late night takeaways to a new level of quality, freshness, and variety, all wrapped into a superior dining experience. GDK’s food is freshly prepared in front of customers, using open kitchens in all restaurants. An uncompromising focus on quality means GDK uses only premium and lean cuts of meat, fresh locally sourced vegetables, unique signature sauces made daily in each restaurant, and hand-made Turkish-style bread with its crisply toasted waffle pattern.

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To mark the 100th occasion, GDK hosted a weekend of launch activity to celebrate its significant milestone.

Over the last few years, GDK has cemented itself as a culturally forward-thinking brand, revolutionising the kebab in the UK, bringing a fresh, high-quality taste sensation that has made it the number one spot to enjoy a kebab.

Imran Sayeed, GDK CEO, said: “Opening our 100th UK restaurant is a landmark moment in the German Doner Kebab story.”

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