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Good Oaks Home Care has enlisted its clients as part of its battle plans to keep coronavirus out of its franchise network.

This is part of new guidance from Good Oaks’ Franchise Support Office to its network of franchise partners to minimise the spread and mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

As well as incorporating Public Health England’s guidance to Social Care settings, Good Oaks has contacted all clients across its’ network to reassure them and to enlist their help in tackling the outbreak.

This includes providing clients with techniques for thorough hand-hygiene, encouraging them to continue to wash their hands and frequently-used surfaces regularly where they can, and sending extra soap – via carers – to ensure that staff can wash their hands thoroughly in line with their infection control training.

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Good Oaks said it is taking a partnership approach with its clients, keeping them informed of contingency plans and encouraging them to contact their local team if needed.

Good Oaks Home Care operations director Zoe Kelly said: “We have a duty of care to protect our vulnerable clients, as well as our incredible workforce.”

“By including clients in our contingency and mitigation planning, our clients are helpful partners rather than having changes done to them without any consultation.”

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Further advice to its network includes template communications with staff members, stressing the importance of hand-hygiene and other prevention measures outside of work, as well refreshing infection control prevention training internally.

Guidance is provided in regards to planning for possible large-scale school closures, which home care would be particularly effected by, considering the proportion of staff members that are parents with primary caring roles for their children.


Source: Home Care Insight

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