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Heights Farm, a pet food company is looking for franchisees to help its expansion into Warrington.

Heights Farm Premium Pets Food’s, a family-run business based in Bolton, is set to expand to Warrington, Southport and Aston under Lyne.

The brand is now looking for pet-loving entrepreneurs to join the team as a franchisee and help deliver to customers in the area.

Stephen set up the company when his Mastiff Milo started to develop a number of allergies.

Despite being put on a prescription diet by the vet and taking a course of steroid tablets, Milo’s itchy skin condition continued.

It was only after switching to a hypo-allergenic dry food that many of Milo’s symptoms started to clear up.

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Stephen said: “For the first time Milo was actually happy.

“It turned out that Milo was in fact wheat and wheat gluten intolerant.”

The Heights Farm Range now includes life stage recipes, grain and gluten free recipes and recipes that cater for joint health.

For more information about joining the team as a franchisee, visit the website or email enquiries@heightsfarmpetfoods.co.uk.

Source: Warrington Guardian

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