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The Husse Pet Food franchise has expanded its locations to the South West County Durham region, with its newest location being homed to Newton Aycliffe’s Lyn and Baz Elkin. The business acts as a distributor of the Husse (pronounced Hoo-say) super healthy premium pet food, a Swedish brand with over 32 years of experience in the animal diet industry.

The Newton Aycliffe pair have begun their new journey less than 3 months ago, choosing to focus on the animal dietary care area, with Baz trading in a career of over 20 years in childcare and Lyn working part-time in accounts, they are now excited to focus on their newly found passion.

“Having looked at many franchises over a period of time, we kept coming back to the Husse franchise. We did a lot of research into the pet food market, and being fussy about what we feed our own pets, we realised that no other pet food business has the same hands on caring attitude that Husse has. We believe that we are a company that actually cares what your pet eats and this is reflected in the Husse ethos, using only the highest quality, human grade ingredients which is also GMO free.”

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Whilst the business mainly offers quality food catered for our canine and feline friends, some equine products are also available. General food is not the only option though, with alternative choices being on offer which can accommodate your animals dietary needs.

These consist of weight loss and gain options, allergy aware selections, and even ones which contribute to general health improvement.

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The two pet nutritionists provide free check up services, which allow your dogs to be monitored and given free sampling of products which they feel will benefit your pet. Free advice is also provided, allowing you to make well informed decisions on your animal friends needs.

The general benefits of using these services is that the changes made allow you to receive a tailor made diet, with free home delivery and on hand pet nutrition advice.

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Although it’s still early days with this new endeavour, the Aycliffe chain has already garnered a good number of customers in its South West Durham area which covers all of the main towns such as Newton Aycliffe, Darlington, Bishop Auckland and Crook, with free delivery of sampling on offer, provided feedback of the products is given.

The duo plan on launching an official business opening towards the late summer, including a dog show and games for everyone to enjoy.

Source: Newton News

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