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Filipino fast food chain Jollibee is pushing forward with its regional expansion plans with the opening of a second UK site in Liverpool.

Bee World UK Ltd, part of the Jollibee Foods Corporation, has submitted a planning application to open a quick service restaurant on Whitechapel in the city centre.

According to the documents, Jollibee’s Liverpool site would be the “flagship branch in the North of England”.

Jollibee opened its first UK restaurant in London’s Earl’s Court last year, with some diners reportedly queuing for 18 hours at the launch event.

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Soon after, the brand announced plans to launch three further UK sites in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Jollibee is best known for its Chickenjoy fried chicken; Jolly Spaghetti, which is topped with chopped up hot dogs and tomato sauce; and a breakfast dish of corned beef with garlic rice and egg.

Speaking to BigHospitality ​last year, Jollibee president and head of international business Dennis Flores said he was confident the brand would appeal to UK locals as well as Filipinos.

“We’re very confident given our track record in Singapore and Hong Kong where over 50% of our customers are locals,” he said.

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“The feedback that we got from London locals told us even more that we can and will be successful here.”

Founded in 1978, the Jollibee group operates 2,700 outlets across the Philippines, making it the largest fast food group in the country.

It also owns most of the US chain Smashburger, operates Vietnam’s Highlands Coffee and Pho 24 noodle chains, runs Dunkin’ Donuts in some territories of China, and the Burger King franchise in the Philippines.

By James McAllister

Source: Big Hospitality

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