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KFC has announced the reopening of 500 of its restaurants, meaning you can get your finger licken’ chicken delivered straight to your door and stop trying to crack the Colonel’s recipe. Your attempts suck anyway, and KFC knows it.

The brand dropped the news alongside a a YouTube video celebrating your attempts at recreating KFC’s crispy chicken at home; even though the recipe is a secret, there have been a few recipes that claim to have figured it out. But you’ve still got to cook the chicken to perfection, which is where it all went a bit wrong looking at your attempts. Good effort though!

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Paula MacKenzie, general manager at KFC UK and Ireland, said:

“Five hundred restaurants reopening is a huge milestone. It’s credit to the hard work of all of our amazing teams in restaurant and we wanted to celebrate the moment.

“We’ve loved seeing the nation’s homemade efforts whilst we’ve been away, so including a few of them in our new ad is the perfect tribute. Some of the creations looked incredible, some less so… now that we’re back on delivery, probably best we take it from here!”

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You heard her. Leave it to the professionals. Unless the professionals aren’t opening back up in your area. You can check out whether you can put the deep fryer back into the recesses of the cupboard from whence it came after consulting the website.

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The chain was amongst the first of the fast food giants to open its doors for delivery last month, starting off with just 11 stores and a limited menu. The franchise intended to get 100 locations in the UK back up and running for delivery by May 4, and seems to have avoided the issues Burger King and Five Guys encountered with a rabid, MSG-starved rabble rolling up for takeout with all the decorum of a zombie horde that’s had a whiff of brains. Maybe the Colonel’s fare attracts a slightly more civilised crowd, or they’ve just been biding their time before going bonkers. We’ll have to wait and see.

By Shabana Arif

Source: Gizmodo

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