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Shaf Govind who has been running the highly successful CRDN (Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network) franchise network, will be launching the Martinizing drycleaning franchise in the UK during 2018.

The Martinizing brand currently operates from over 600 locations in eight countries and offers services from both shops and mobile operations, with collections to and from lockers on a drop-off or on-demand basis.

Martinizing UK has already started the process of selecting locations from which to provide pilot services and operations. “It is our intention to allow suitable progressive retailers and launderers to convert to the Martinizing brand as well as starting in new locations,” said Shaf Govind, UK managing director (pictured). “By bringing a proven and establish franchised brand, backed by our experience of the UK market place and operating successful franchises we are confident that the opportunity to work in partnership with both local established business and new entrants will make this a strong a vibrant opportunity for those who embrace it

He said the company plans to embrace the full range of services offered under the Martinizing Brand here in the UK, with not just shops units but with the technology to handle home deliveries and lockers for remote drop off and collection. “We have in place the expertise in business development, marketing and support required to grow a franchised network and we are confident that in very short order Martinizing will become a household name in the UK as it is in the USA.”

Although there are individual suppliers of drycleaning who can operate away from the traditional high street shop model, there are few who can provide a mobile, home delivery, locker and on demand services. Martinizing have these services ready to go and this presents a significant advantage to any business joining this franchise, said Govind.

“To develop these services locally is cost prohibitive, but as part of the Martinizing network these are already at hand. Add to that our proven marketing experience, regular programs for promotion and sales activity all of which is linked to high levels of customer service,” he added.

Shaf Govind has over 30 years’ experience in the UK drycleaning industry and is the UK license holder for the global textile restoration brand, CRDN which he has operated since 2012. Alongside him is Steve Tarbard, CRDN (Europe) operations director and a specialist in developing and starting new franchised brands. Steve has over 20-years’ experience of the UK franchise market place, and has been with CRDN since 2015.

Source: Laundry and Cleaning News

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