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Matane Sushi has opened at 2 Castle Meadow and owner Andy Lao thinks the fresh, modern bar is just what Norwich needs.

Mr Lao, 36, is an experienced Sushi chef – having previously worked at the franchise Sushi Daily in Bury St Edmunds.

“Sushi bars are very popular in Cambridge and London and Japanese food is becoming more and more popular across the whole of the UK in general,” he said.

“I think it will only get more popular and the thing that Matane can offer as a sushi bar rather than a restaurant is that you can grab it and go.

Employee Harry Cox serving sushi samples for new sushi bar Matane. Photo: Ella Wilkinson
Employee Harry Cox serving sushi samples for new sushi bar Matane. Photo: Ella Wilkinson

“It’s fresh, fast, and our prices are really good. Also we think our sushi is better.”

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The bar’s menu currently boasts a wide range of sushi, including traditional mackerel and salmon sushi to spicy rolls, crunchy rolls – with crabstick and avocado, and sashimi.

It also offers hot food options including gyozas, katsu curry, lemongrass chicken curry and bang bang chicken.

The prices for sushi range from less than £3 up to around £12 depending on the amount and complexity of the food. The price for most of the hot dishes is around £7.

Matane – which means ‘see you soon’ in Japanese – is already receiving positive feedback from customers.

Mr Lao said: “At this point we are still at the stage of trying to let people know we are here but we do have a returning customer already.

“We hope that once word gets out that the food is good through word of mouth or the power of social media then we will get a lot of people coming by to try it.

“The comments have been very good so far, people who try our food say that they love it. People like to try new things.”

Matane is open Monday to Sunday 11am to 7pm.

Source: Norwich Evening News

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