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One Element ​is holidng its first session on August 17, with regular meet-ups to take place on Mondays and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings.

Josh Bartlett, One Element Clapham Founder. first discovered the group when he caught a glimpse of a session taking place on Twickenham Green.

He quickly decided to join the community.

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“After being a member for a number of years I saw huge potential for a new One Element community in the Clapham area, which is fast becoming a hotspot for fitness lovers in London,” Mr Bartlett said

“This franchise allows Clapham residents to benefit from a tried-and-tested fitness programme, as well as the social elements of a friendly community too.

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“My vision is to build a close-knit group that meets regularly to work towards their own fitness goals, together.”

Source: Wandsworth Guardian

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