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Franchisees at One Stop are benefiting so much with the way the franchise model works for their business that it is enabling them to open multiple stores and still have more downtime for themselves.

Dan Amin from Coventry switched his first store in West Bromwich to One Stop in 2016 and another store came in quick succession the following year. This year he is opening another two stores, all under the One Stop franchise, as Dan explains: “I have more stores now, yet I have more free time than I ever had and far less stress!”

One Stop is finding that the trend to open multiple stores is increasing as franchisees harness the power and efficiency of the offering. One Stop aims to provide a simpler model to franchisees, all backed up with advanced technology, meaning they can leave store managers in charge without worrying.  This results in them having more time on their hands, alongside increased funds to grow their business, whether that’s with one, two, three or a multiple store portfolio.

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Amin explains: “This system actually works and the model itself is a lot easier, so I can manage stores more effectively and the support I receive from One Stop is second to none. Since moving to the model, we’ve seen a 50% increase in sales, an increase in footfall and also in customers’ basket spend. Our customers have commented on the increased availability of products and, with our sales increasing week-on-week, we’re surpassing our previous figures all the time.”

“The IT systems and support are second to none and I think One Stop are well ahead of other symbol groups out there. The seven days a week support is invaluable as we know there is always help at the end of the phone if we need it. I’ve been with other groups but none of them have given me the level of support I get with One Stop; that makes such a difference. Before it was always about what I could do to buy more stock but that’s not how One Stop operates. My Business Development Manager (BDM) really supports me and we look at department by department and tweak planograms accordingly. In the long run this saves me time and money and we’re going from strength to strength because of it.”

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Franchisees at One Stop will be visited by their BDM, on average, once every four weeks, although this can be increased if franchisees need it. Amin’s business development manager, Sunil Kumar explains: “I’m here to support Dan and help increase sales and profitability, lower costs and to act as a trusted advisor for him.”

“Compared to other symbol groups, One Stop visits are a lot more structured and there’s a lot more science and depth behind our visits. We’ll go through a suite of financial reports each visit and to plan next steps; the aim being to increase sales and profitability.”

This confidence in the One Stop model means franchisees are able to leave managers in charge knowing they have a solid infrastructure in place to run the stores. “My time is valuable; before I used to be driving around buying stock. Now it’s delivered right to the door, I now use that time looking at other parts of the business, which, for me, is opening new stores. I also get to spend quality time with the family and relax a little more. I’ve got a good team in place and I have much less on my plate, as the systems take care of it for me.”

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Amin is planning to open further stores in the future, all under the One Stop franchise model and concludes: “It’s not a chore coming to work anymore; I call One Stop ‘easy trading’!”

By Fiona Briggs

Source: Retail Times

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