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The new company launched by Oscar Pet Foods, Leading the Way, will offer advice and support to pet owners

Pet food home-delivery franchise, Oscar Pet Foods, has extended its business offerings with the launch of a new franchise.

Its new sister company, Leading the Way, will assist pet owners with ethical pet care advice and professional support.

Leading the Way aims to bring professionalism to the pet care industry, with a focus on reliable, accessible and evidence-based care to deliver the peace of mind for busy pet owners. Employees of the new company will give clients access to help when managing their day-to-day pet care needs and routines.

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The company has CERTA accreditation in Companion Animal Health, Welfare and Disease Control. It offers pet first aid training, pet safety (with a transport system meeting both DEFRA and RSPCA standards) and a dog-matching service.

A spokesperson for Oscar Pet Foods said: “Oscar understands that it takes a wide range of skills combined with extraordinary teamwork to run a successful pet care operation and its new Leading the Way franchise showcases all of those strengths. Leading the Way is setting its sights on making a difference… and the sigh of relief from busy pet owners is audible.”

Source: Pet Gazette

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