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Pet Franchises UK. I have a confession. I am a “Crazy Dog Lady”. I am the proud owner of a nearly ten-year-old, diabetic, partially-sighted West Highland Terrier who I often unashamedly refer to as “my third baby” (I also have two children). My dog is well and truly spoiled and treated as one of the family.

I’m not alone in this behaviour. In the U.S nearly half of American households own dogs. That’s an estimated 90 million canine pals. Here in the UK, we’re also a nation of animal lovers.

“There are 900 million dogs in the world and 9 million of these are in the U.K. In fact, 26 percent of the U.K population own a dog. Running a pet based franchise business means that you can combine a passion with a dream – a winning formula!” says Jo Middleton, founder of U.K-based Dog First Aid Ltd, an animal first aid franchise business offering franchise opportunities since 2017.

The statistics certainly support what Ms Middleton says. Even though the pet population in the UK is officially declining (apparently a drop from 71 million in 2013 to 54 million in 2017), the overall spending on pet services, care and products significantly increased in the same period – from £3.8 billion in 2013 to £4.5billion in 2017.

It’s not surprising therefore that pet-related businesses have been cropping up left, right and center over the past decade, and that many of these have emerged into the world of franchising. From pet sitting and dog walking to animal grooming, pet waste removal and animal photography, treats for hungry hounds and animal first aid, there’s a business out there to cater for the need and whim of every pampered pooch or mollycoddled cat.

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And, as if to prove a point, Husse the Swedish pet store franchise has leapt a massive 23 places in the rankings over the past 12 months in a list of the apparent Top 100 Global franchises of 2019, now ranked at number 43.

So the statistics really do “bark” for themselves. But what is it particularly that makes the world of animal services so attractive for both franchisors and would-be franchisees?

The first element is scalability and teachability. The beauty of most pet-related businesses is that they are simple and straightforward enough to be replicated by another person in another geographical area. A new franchisee can be trained and be up and running, earning money from their business quite quickly, making it a win-win situation for both franchisor and franchisee. The nature of a pet-related business also means that it’s unlikely to be significantly affected by regional or geographical variations, making it a model that is likely to be suitable for expansion on a significant scale if all of the other elements for success are present and correct.

The second is passion. If an individual is looking to invest hard earned cash into a business as a potential franchisee, then many will use their own passions and interests as a starting point. The statistics above clearly show that there are a huge number of animal lovers out there for the taking. A pet franchise allows the opportunity to build a business around a love for animals – and possibly also to bring your own pet along to work for the ride! Tying in with this is the fact that most pet business franchisors will therefore be able to have a fairly clear idea from the outset as to the type of person that their particular franchise opportunity will attract and who their Ideal Franchise Persona will be. This helps greatly when it comes to successful franchisee recruitment.

Another significant factor in the success of pet franchise businesses must be lifestyle factors, and in particular the hunt for the ideal (often elusive) work-life balance. More and more of us are looking for flexible working opportunities and opportunities where we can work from home and choose the hours that we work. Many of the pet franchises available allow the franchisee to operate the business from a home office – where you can work with your own cat or dog curled up at your feet!

Inextricably linked in with the aforementioned point would be cost. Although some pet franchises will inevitably involve significant costs and premises, many do not. In the franchise world, many pet franchises are perceived to be relatively low cost and low risk which widens the pool of potential franchisees. And in times of financial uncertainty, when we consider the annual spending figures referred to above, pet businesses appear to be viewed as pretty “recession proof”. It seems that although we may be cutting back on other luxuries in life, we’re not compromising when it comes to our pets.

One other factor that must favor pet service franchisors is the fact that pet businesses are becoming increasingly legislation-heavy. This is, of course, a good thing as the protection of our much-loved animals is at stake. However, the rules, regulations and license requirements that must be complied with when setting up an animal care business could be daunting to anyone looking to enter the marketplace as an independent operator. Joining a franchise network means that the franchisee can (hopefully) be confident that all of the necessary legalities have been complied with.

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In the fast-growing pet franchise marketplace, franchisors will need to keep innovating in order to remain relevant and competitive. However, for pet lovers with a passion for business, it seems that franchising really could be a route to entrepreneurial success.

By: Fiona Simpson

Source: Forbes

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