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PGH Beegone, a pest control and live bee removal service, reports that its franchise model is off to an impressive start by recruiting its first franchisee David Hasler of Ely, Cambridgeshire, within six weeks of launching.

The company, founded by Peter Higgs, explains that its business concept incorporates two established brands – PGH Pest Control & Prevention and Beegone Live Bee Removal. Both businesses were started 14 years ago with help from The Prince’s Trust. Overseen by HRH The Prince of Wales, the trust is a charity that helps young people into employment, education and training, in addition to offering support to young people starting their own business.

PGH Beegone said it is a pioneer in the live bee removal field, with an established client base across the UK. The safe process moves honeybees and combs from chimneys, walls, roofs and trees without using insecticides. The extracted alive bees are re-located before bee proofing the structure to prevent more bees returning.

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Hasler, formally a sample courier for the Environment Agency, said he was excited to start running his own business: “The approach of the whole team at PGH Beegone has been extremely professional and supportive, they made me feel comfortable straight away and I know this is a fantastic opportunity.

“Before I even joined, Peter specifically arranged for me to shadow him at two live bee removal surveys, instead of sending his surveyor, so he could show me how it worked. I also attended an actual live bee removal job, which came up in my area just before I enquired about the franchise, for which Peter gave me a discount on my franchise fees.

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“In my third week of franchise training my first independent lead come through which the Support Centre handled for me – from explaining the process to the client to booking it in on our database. When I visited the site, the customer was so impressed by our approach that he cancelled the other company that was due out to quote a few days later. Peter said during my training that professionalism and speed is the key – winning this contract definitely demonstrated that.

“This first job trading as PGH Beegone Bury St. Edmunds was a three stage rodent treatment, rodent proofing (to stop rodents coming back in), clearance of contaminated loft insulation which is a health hazard to the owners and other contractors, and re-insulation of the loft.”

Higgs commented: “I’m elated that people are seeing the value in our proposition including the untapped industry potential and can’t wait to get David fully established in his market, earning at capacity and serving the community, he’s a great guy who is a valued franchisee.”

The company says it employs a holistic approach to pest control and prevention, as it is passionate about conserving the environment. Resolving problems for both the domestic and commercial sector, it offers preventative work for a long-term solution that also reduces pesticide use.

Source: Franchise World

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