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Salad Box is a Romanian healthy food chain that started in Cluj-Napoca and expanded throughout Romania and to 11 other countries (USA, UK, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Hungary and Algeria) in just a few years, with a simple concept: create your own salad by choosing from a wide range of ingredients.

Since the opening of the first shop in 2012, the company now has 10 own locations and 60 franchises, with a total of 910 employees.

The Salad Box franchise

Interested in opening a franchise shop? Salad Box provides all the necessary information for those who want to manage their own location.

According to the company, opening a franchise has multiple benefits: there’s high demand on the market, you’ll have a unique business concept and model, a fast return on investment and a high profit on income.

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There are four types of Salad Box shops you can open: shopping centers; business centers; home delivery; street/pedestrian locations. A location usually covers between 40 and 100 sqm and requires about 10-15 employees.

You don’t necessarily need business experience to open a franchise, as the company provides training for all its franchisees.

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