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Shuttercraft offers all the ingredients for a business to be proud of

Shuttercraft is all about being exceptional – from the Franchise Partner journey through to the end consumer experience.

The market for interior window shutters has exploded over the last 10 years due to the powerful ‘wow factor’ they provide. In the US, one in every six windows is shuttered, while in the UK the industry is now worth approximately £60-£80 million per annum.

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As a management franchise, Partners can expect to generate revenues exceeding £500,000, with a gross profit margin of 40-50 per cent. Combined with a high cash flow and low staff numbers, you have all the ingredients for a business to be proud of.

The Shuttercraft opportunity is tailored to help you launch your business and hit the ground running. You will be working both in and on your business, with a strong focus on lead generation and exceptional customer service.

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All Franchise Partners follow the Shuttercraft no hard sell promise: no pressure to generate sales, no outstaying your welcome.

The company is also setting new standards in franchise support. It provides franchisees with a dedicated team of experts, who are on hand from day one, including mentors, business managers, technical specialists and account managers.

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