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Six out of 10 UK business travellers break company travel policy, new research has found.

Traveler 360°, a new study from American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), surveyed 2,000 business travellers from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore and India, to gain insights into travellers’ perceptions and attitudes about travel policies and programmes.

The study found that the majority of business travellers in the United Kingdom (74 per cent) are aware that their companies have a travel policy and are very or extremely familiar with it (78 per cent). However, 61 per cent of UK travellers report not following policy all the time.

Health is also a top priority, with 94 per cent of UK business travellers saying they would book out of policy if it meant minimising any negative impact to their wellbeing. Only one third of UK respondents believe employers always have safety in mind when staff travel on business, suggesting a need for better communications.

While holding an aversion to policy if it encroaches on their wellbeing, travellers in the UK are cost-conscious on the company’s behalf and nearly 90 per cent agree it is important they save company money when booking business travel.

This behaviour is largely encouraged by the person approving their expense reports, and eight out of 10 travellers require approval prior to booking travel and/or submitting an expense report.

Respondents were positive about the value and benefits of traveling for business. Despite the optimism, the survey revealed clear areas of opportunity for employers to show greater support of employees, especially regarding safety, flexibility and wellbeing.

Source: Meetpie

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