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KellyDeli, which owns the fast-growing international sushi counter franchise brand Sushi Daily, has opened two new sushi outlets in the UK after collaborating further with the supermarket chain, Asda.

The new outlets in Ashford and Kings Hill, Kent, are the sixth and seventh Sushi Daily counters to open in an Asda store, following on from its first Sushi Daily that opened in Bristol in September 2018.

With over 800 counters in 10 countries across Europe, KellyDeli says that its ethos of freshly handmade food and open kitchen experience for shoppers has been well-received by supermarkets in the UK and overseas.

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‘Asda Exclusive’

The company explains that an exclusive menu has been designed especially for Asda and customers will see ‘Asda Exclusive’ stickers on these products. As a fresh alternative to grab-and-go convenience food, the exclusive Sushi Daily menu includes snacks, meals for one and larger products ideal for sharing.

Daniel Coole, managing director of Sushi Daily, commented: “We’re delighted to be collaborating with Asda and offering its customers a taste of high-quality sushi that’s handmade from scratch every day.

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“Our Sushi Artisans begin each day with an empty fridge, cutting all fish and vegetables themselves, as well as cooking rice and rolling sushi, to create our menu of over 100 recipes. It’s fantastic that Asda recognises the benefits of our ethos for its customer base.”

With a brand motto ‘Happily Handmade’ its open kitchen experience offers customers a variety of products from the classic sushi roll with signature rice to finely sliced fish, such as salmon sashimi. Two customer favourites on the menu include a Teriyaki Chicken Classic Roll and a 20-piece Hachi Menu with four types of sushi.

Source: Franchise World

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