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Kitchen and bathroom makeover franchise Trend Transformations has rebranded again while the business moves its existing Granite estate to the new Trend brand.

In 2017, the business, which has more than 20 showrooms in the UK, rebranded to Trend Transformations, but two years later most of its showrooms remain Granite Transformations.

At the start of this year, the business took the decision to call themselves Granite and Trend Transformations until the new store brand rollout programme is complete – a five-year process.

Granite and Trend Transformations said it was looking to add new franchises and the new stores will be kitted out in the new brand and called Trend Transformations.


The business is keen to push its environmental credentials, offering worktops made from up to 72% of recycled glass from used beer, wine and mineral water bottles.

It said it was aiming at the “eco chic” marketplace, with designs featuring glass fragments bonded together with a clear polymer resin, for aesthetically beautiful, tough and scratch-resistant surfaces.

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“Long before it became fashionable, Granite and Trend Transformations declared a commitment to implementing processes that protect and preserve the planet’s resources,” the firm said.

“Key to the company’s direction was the belief that great style and beauty did not have to be sacrificed in the pursuit of corporate responsibility. Products are designed specifically to consume fewer raw materials and extend durability.”

The firm said its engineered surfaces require 60% fewer raw materials and incorporate both geologic waste and recycled glass that would otherwise end up in landfills.

The firm said it collaborates with the world’s leading environmental organisations, architects and designers to incorporate sustainable practices in its operations, while promoting green building practices in the wider industry.

Source: KBB Review

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