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Triple Two Coffee was started by David Hodgetts and Sezan Walker in 2016 as a small kiosk in the Brunel Shopping Centre.

The team opened its sixth franchise in Cirencester only last month and is planning on opening another 52 franchises and 12 kiosks by 2020.

David Hodgetts, co-founder and director of Triple two coffee said: “We want to give everyone a chance to experience why we’re one of the fastest growing food and beverage chains in the UK. It’s obvious that the UK loves the coffee shop experience, but we felt that there was a gap in the market to offer consumers something different and new.

“Triple Two is all about combining the best speciality coffee prepared by our expertly trained Coffee Masters in a welcoming and inviting environment, everything we do is designed to be delivered with excellence”.

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Sezan Walker, marketing director and co-founder, said: “We’re very excited to launch our first store in Croydon, after making our start in Swindon our brand has gone from strength to strength. And just in time for Christmas, we are looking forward to sharing our new Winter menu with the people of Croydon”

Triple Two is also committed to the nationwide campaign to cut down on waste therefore, every customer who brings a reusable cup to a Triple Two branch will receive a 25p discount on their purchase. Customers are also offered free coffee with the purchase of a Triple Two KeepCup. David Hodgetts says, “We are committed to constantly looking at ways to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste from our stores and kiosks”.

Source: Swindon Advertiser

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