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Fast, fresh and healthy Italian street food restaurant, WOLF, has implemented Oracle Food & Beverage Simphony Cloud at point-of-sale to make the most of the lucrative lunchtime rush and support its growth ambitions.

Aiming to improve the processes of the restaurant, owner, Tim Entwistle, upgraded the POS solution to increase the speed of service, gain visibility into management information across its franchise network and ensure a solid platform for expected growth. Already WOLF is seeing the benefits with reduced wait times, specifically, a 40 percent improvement.

Some POS solutions cannot keep up with the pressures of a modern restaurant. Services can freeze due to a high volume of orders, or the system needs constant rebooting or manager intervention – a critical issue during the busiest time of the day for a restaurant. In addition, many systems don’t offer data or analysis on menu and employee performance. Oracle Simphony Cloud combined with Oracle’s MICROS Compact Workstations help with these issues while arming WOLF with the tools needed for future growth.

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“Our business outgrew our initial tablet POS solution presenting issues such as double charging and system freezes during peak hours, making it obvious the machines couldn’t take the volume of orders we experienced during the lunch rush hour.  We needed a solution that worked, always. It was important for us to think strategically and find a cloud solution that would keep up with the pace of the industry and our business. One that would match our growth ambitions. The solution from Oracle Food and Beverage gives us the reliability we need day to day and the confidence to scale quickly,” said Tim Entwistle, owner of WOLF.

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An addition to boosting speed of service, Oracle Simphony Cloud provides powerful analytics delivering valuable operational insights across all areas of restaurant management for faster, smarter decision-making. This includes analysing menu and individual store performance. All critical insights for the growth of WOLF’s business.

Oracle Food and Beverage solutions are assisting WOLF with their future franchise expansions, supporting their ambitions to grow their business across the UK. By having all sites on the same cloud-based software and having powerful insights, WOLF can implement plans for expansion.

Tim Brown, VP Global Sales Consulting of Oracle Food & Beverage, commented: “Restaurant owners are always looking for ways to increase their revenue, improve their services and expand and grow. With Simphony, WOLF is empowered to analyse each restaurant’s performance, improve its services and look at new expansion options.”

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WOLF Italian Street Food currently operates in seven sites across the UK in London, Manchester, Reading, Nottinghamand Leeds. They purchased the Oracle Food and Beverage solution in October of 2018 and are now live on the system.

Source: PR News Wire

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