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Running a successful business is no mean feat. It takes years of hard work, dedication, sacrifices and innovation to turn an idea into a profitable business. But that’s not where the matters end. Making a business touch the same heights of success becomes increasingly difficult every year.

Growth is perhaps the only way businesses can tackle this problem of saturation. Breaking into new markets, acquiring new customers and creating new products all contribute to the growth in various capacities. This growth, however, comes with a price tag. Not all businesses can afford to reinvest large sums of money into expansion. This inability to reinvest ends up stalling the growth and sucking the steam out of the forward momentum. Franchising, as many businesses have realised, is a feasible and repeatable way of solving the problem of capital shortfall. By bringing highly motivated franchisees and their capital on board, your business, too, can grow with consistency.

But is your business fit to be franchised? What do you, as a franchisor, must know before you start franchising your operations? Find answers to these and many more pertinent questions right here, on this page.

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