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Curves North East Franchise Success Story

Hi I am Sarah….

I have been with Curves just over 18 years, I started off as a member of staff & quickly promoted to manager role …. within just months I managed one of the best Curves in the UK and was asked if I would mentor for Curves International which was a no brainer!!!!

So let’s take it back a few years – my dad was a bodybuilder and I was massively into fitness following his footsteps – I trained In a “men’s” gym with weights but never saw many women there & if there was any ladies they were always hiding over on the cardio equipment.

When I first was introduced to Curves I fell in love with it … this was a chance to show my passion for fitness to women who could actually do strength training and cardio at the same time without having to hide around the corner on the same old boring treadmill!!!

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This meant that women could exercise and gain muscle (tone up) without having to be lost in a gym with free weights & machines and not knowing what they were actually doing.

Curves North EastI had worked for a few months in a “normal ladies gym” but to be fair I only helped members when I was asked and I did their initial programme. But at CURVES its not like that ….. We know all our members names, what their goals are, when they go on holidays, we are their circuit coach as well as a councilor to our members (we are one big family)

I can’t express how much I love my job!!! I have 2 beautiful children & through Curves got straight back into shape, I have 3 Curves North East locations and I’m still working even when I am not in the club – doing monthly challenges – creating journals – thinking of new ideas to motivate members etc etc.

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I have so many ladies contacting me on my @buffmammy Instagram page because they love the energy, the results and I’m a real person running 3 Curves North East locations with 2 children and still find 30 minutes to workout …. to know that I am influencing women on a daily basis through doing a job I love is just amazing and I couldn’t have done it without curves.

I couldn’t imagine not having Curves in my life or how boring life would be without Curves

Sarah Howe, Curves North East

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