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Best Business Consulting Franchises For UK Franchisees

Franchising, as a business model, works very well with B2B ventures, given the importance of networking and marketing in this sector. From that perspective, business consulting is one of the most lucrative sub-sectors that have been successfully adapted to by UK franchisors.

From the investment point of view, UK business consulting franchise opportunities provide a profitable vehicle for investors. You’ll find our selection of some of the most promising opportunities in this sector right here on this page. We regularly update this list to reflect verified reviews from real franchisees.

Business Consulting Franchises – The Market Potential

The UK economy, being a global leader, has always had enough space for businesses that focus on knowledge transfer and expertise sharing.  

As you may well be aware, the business services industry in the UK has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 30 years, especially since the early adoption of technology. Business consulting has been an integral part of this process. As things stand today, the consultancy market in the UK generates over £7 bn annually, employing tens of thousands of people.

Franchises in this sector thus have an edge over their counterparts operating in smaller, more constrained sectors.

How Much Do Business Consulting Franchise Opportunities Cost?

Buying a franchise in this sector eventually boils down to what you can personally bring to the table, unlike other sectors where the franchisees can make do without involving themselves directly in the daily operations.

Our review of dozens of business consultancy franchises revealed a clear trend. Small to medium sized franchise opportunities will require the franchisee to invest £10,000-£25,000 upfront. Franchise units from more established businesses operating in larger cities may cost upwards of £50,000.

Do You Need Experience?

Unlike other sectors, the eventual success of business consulting franchises will depend largely on what you, as the owner, can contribute. Hence, it’s advisable that you look for franchise businesses that operate within your sphere of consulting expertise. For example, if you are a motivational speaker, an HR coaching consultancy will best suit your expertise and experience.

Consider The Costs Of Setting Up An Office

It’s important to note here that most business consulting franchises will require you to set up an office. It’s not very common for franchisors in this sector to offer home-based opportunities. That said, you will find a handful of franchisors in our list who may be willing to let you work from home and visit the clients on an as-needed basis.