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Best Business Opportunities For UK Franchisees And Investors

Investing in a business opportunity and investing in a franchise are two inherently different ideas, even though the end goal remains the same – to generate profits on your investment through a viable business model.

That said, it needs to be understood that business opportunities transcend the sector barriers within franchising. In other words, you can find such opportunities in every industry and sector out there. What this also means is that the chances of investing in a business that aligns with your expertise and experience are high. On this page, you will find our selection of some of the most promising business opportunities for UK investors, curated by our experts.

The Difference Between Business Opportunities And Franchises

When you buy a franchise unit from a franchisor, you essentially run your own business, along the lines drawn by the franchisor. There is enough freedom in this structure, but, at the end of the day, it’s not exactly the same as owning a business.

Business opportunities, on the other hand, allow you to invest directly into a business. You buy into the potential of the business and the returns on your investment will be defined by the growth of the business. As a stakeholder in the business, you will also have certain privileges in the management.   

How Much Do UK Business Opportunities Cost?

Business opportunities come in all sorts of sizes and forms. A struggling business may allow you to buy the majority stake for a small sum, while an established business may require you to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds to get into the fray. Typically, business opportunities are more affordable than franchise opportunities in the same sector. More importantly, you can manage to stay invested in such businesses without having to take out a loan.

A quick look at business opportunities listed on this page will tell you that many growing start-ups and local businesses are usually on the lookout for compatible partners.

What Skills Do You Need?

This, again, is a very case-specific question. Businesses that are looking for direct investors have certain expectations. The first, of course, is the money you bring on board. Apart from that, you will need to offer some value to the business in terms of management, growth, marketing, sales, networking and so forth.

Running Your Own Business

Many opportunities combine the idea of franchising with direct investment. What this means is that you will be able to run your own business with nearly full autonomy. To investors that are business minded, this provides great flexibility, control and freedom. It’s important to note here that the legal obligations/responsibilities associated with business opportunities are vastly different from those associated with franchising.