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Combat isolation and lack of mobility in your local community by owning a flexible and home-based franchise.


Help fulfil the lives of others whilst building a profitable business for yourself

Driving Miss Daisy® is an exciting and unique franchise business opportunity. Few businesses provide the opportunity to build a profitable £100,000+ business, whilst making a dramatic difference to people’s lives.
We are living in a time of increasing social need. The services we provide, enable people to maintain independence and lead life to the full.
Driving Miss Daisy® is a unique transportation and companionship franchise using a proven business model with a solid track record. Our business opportunity offers low start-up costs and is home-based, so you will benefit from low overheads. This presents you with the opportunity to develop a profitable business and build equity value.
We understand the power of supporting each other to build sustainable, profitable businesses. We thrive on optimism, hard work, fun, and ‘telling the story’. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You are joining a supportive, collaborative team; you will belong to the Driving Miss Daisy® family.

Owning a Driving Miss Daisy® franchise

To open a Driving Miss Daisy® franchise, franchise fees start at £10.000 + VAT depending on the size of the territory ( terms and conditions apply ). Driving Miss Daisy® has secured competitive finance packages with financial institutions to assist with setting up your business and, if required, these options can be explored with you.
You will require a liveried, fit-for-purpose vehicle for your services which will be purchased by you. Driving Miss Daisy® works with you to deliver the car you want and organises the livery of the car.
A franchise provides you with:

  • A licence to run your own Driving Miss Daisy® business; an established brand with a proven track record.
  • Full, comprehensive training providing you with best-practice, knowledge and expertise to hit the ground running.
  • A 12-point support programme for ongoing growth and development of your franchise, including a mentoring programme.
  • A comprehensive business system and customer relationship management system including invoicing and reporting capabilities.
  • A franchise resource pack in an easy reference modular format, to support the successful running of your business.
  • Marketing materials to promote your business and stimulate demand as soon as you are operational, including uniform.
  • Support in gaining appropriate hire licences.
  • Launch a professional image with dedicated local Facebook Page, business stationery, business cards, letters of introduction.
  • Website and social media facilities to socialise the brand and your business in your locality.
  • Our dedicated client services centre field the calls from new potential clients in your area, sympathetically taking their requirements and passing the details to you. They act as your dedicated call centre ensuring you don’t miss a lead.
  • Ongoing training and best practice will always be available; we are passionate about sharing ideas that lead to success.


A growing market with huge demand

The Driving Miss Daisy® franchise business market is diverse and broad.

  • The ‘sandwich’ generation. Booking Driving Miss Daisy® services often comes from people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. They juggle full-time careers, a growing family of their own and have elderly relatives. Parents may not live in the same geographical area, adding even more stress. The sandwich generation are time-poor; hence our services are so important and relied upon.
  • Our ageing population. The sector with the greatest need is the ageing population. A consequence of ageing usually involves giving up driving at some point. However, when people do not drive, they can experience a restriction in lifestyle choices. As a result, isolation and loneliness can prevail, often leading to ill-health. This market segment offers massive growth potential. Services like taking people to appointments or going on social outings can literally, change lives.
  • Specialist home-to-holiday service. Working with holiday companies, we provide their customers with a home-to-holiday transportation service. Often, these services are for disabled guests and their families.
  • Dementia. People living with dementia and their families, use Driving Miss Daisy®. Importantly, all drivers are Dementia Friends, and our understanding and companionship services are sought-after.
  • Contract business. As a franchise business, contracts provide a consistent income, so many franchisees tender for contracts, e.g. school runs, to support business growth.

Due to this immense, growing demand for the services Driving Miss Daisy® offers, there is an ideal client base to grow a thriving and profitable business with a multi-car franchise.

Choosing the right people

First and foremost, we look for people who have the same attitude and mindset; people who want their own business and genuinely care about improving their clients’ lives.
We want to get to know you, to understand what motivates you to own your own business, and in particular, a Driving Miss Daisy® business. You will meet and talk with our Business Development team and together we will evaluate suitability. We want to be sure that Driving Miss Daisy® is the right franchise for you, and that our philosophy and ethos mirrors yours.
We have a defined recruitment process consisting of a series of steps designed to ensure you and Driving Miss Daisy® have all the information needed to make an informed decision.
Choosing the right people first time, every time, ensures satisfaction and success for everyone.
You must have a caring attitude towards others, excellent interpersonal skills, patience and an enthusiasm for making people’s lives better. We award franchises to people who understand that it takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and tenacity to be successful – just like setting up any other business.

Next steps

If you would like to learn more about a Driving Miss Daisy franchise opportunity, please click the button below!

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We chose the Driving Miss Daisy® after looking at a few mostly related to the travel industry. After finding Driving Miss Daisy® we soon determined it was something both of us could work in and we liked the idea behind it, and it fitted our personal outlook on life that it is important to help others. Becoming a part of the Driving Miss Daisy® system has definitely changed our lives. We absolutely enjoy what we do and cannot see ourselves doing anything else. We have many daily highs with the joy and happiness of our clients in maintaining a level of independence.

1 Reviews Verified

I wanted to do something in my later years that has tangible impact on the local community. I liked the idea of embracing and growing a “template business” rather than starting from scratch. Becoming a franchisee per se has not changed my life. But starting and running this franchise in the local community has. I was a globetrotting unknown resident with a sleepover home in the town. Now, I am a known, respected business owner in the community, and I provide a valuable service to people in need. To be recognised by strangers in the street and told you are doing a great job is an amazing experience!

1 Reviews Verified

Going down the franchise route was not a conscious decision. We both bought into the idea of the services and the difference we could make to our community whilst making some money. Building a business has been really interesting and we have learnt LOADS! It has been a journey which we would not have experienced if we hadn’t gone into franchising.

1 Reviews Verified

I used to work in the travel industry and my husband in banking but we wanted to run our own business and were particularly interested in working in the care industry. Driving Miss Daisy provides us with the opportunity to make a difference in the community. Our clients become friends and often we work with families too, all of which makes our working day rewarding and enjoyable!

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What is a Driving Miss Daisy Franchise?

What is a Driving Miss Daisy Franchise? Could you be our next Driving Miss Daisy franchise owner?

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