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Best Cleaning Franchises For UK Franchisees

Cleaning Franchises have always been at the forefront of the franchising revolution in the UK, thanks mainly to the easily replicable and scalable business model they use. So, quite naturally, franchisees can find dozens of business opportunities in this industry.

This also brings forth the problem of the plenty – it’s much more difficult to zero in on a cleaning franchise opportunity that fits all of your expectations. On this page, we have listed some of the best cleaning franchise opportunities in the UK to help our readers explore their options in a more objective, factual way.

Cleaning Franchises Flow With The Market Currents

Being a purely service-based industry, the cleaning sector never really runs out of market demand. Therefore, franchisees looking to invest in domestic franchise opportunities can rest assured that when run well, their investment will indeed generate good returns.

The UK cleaning industry is massive in terms of revenue generated on a YoY basis. In 2017, the industry turned over £24 bn, employing over 700,000 people.

Running a cleaning business also means that you will be able to scale upwards faster, easier and more robustly, while also supporting your local economy by creating new jobs.

How Much Do Cleaning Franchise Opportunities Cost?

There are two broad categories of cleaning franchises – the domestic businesses and industrial businesses.

The domestic franchises, quite obviously, cost much less than their industrial counterparts.

Our review of dozens of cleaning franchises reveals that franchisees need to invest £10,000+ to get started with a small sized domestic cleaning franchise, while the same number stands at around £20,000 for industrial franchises.

How Much Can You Earn?

While we cannot comment on the profitability and merit of franchise opportunities in a generic way, we can say with confidence that top cleaning franchise businesses do let you generate handsome returns on your investments.

Most cleaning businesses tend to break even within 18 months of trading. Taking this factor into account while drawing up your business plan will help you secure additional finance.

Who Is This For?

Running a cleaning business doesn’t mean you’ll personally need to visit sites and clean up. You will have a team of professionals working for you to take care of client appointments.

If you’re good at managing a team of people, marketing and optimising costs, you will definitely enjoy running a cleaning business.