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Best Computer Franchises For UK Franchisees

The computer and IT sector has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 40 years. This doesn’t even need to be said anymore – the world as we know it is practically run by this sector.

The question is – is there any scope for a computer franchise to make its mark in this day and age?

On this page, we have listed leading computer and IT franchise opportunities across sub-sectors, investment levels and locations.

Computer And IT Franchises – Enough Room For One More?

The higher end of the demand spectrum in this industry is already saturated – you’ll find dozens of big-time, multinational corporations ruling the roster there.

As far as computer and IT franchises go, the target demographic is predominantly made up of local SMEs that are looking for affordable hardware and software solutions. Over 80% of UK SMEs use such services in various forms – and this number is only going to increase. Therefore, if you can zero in on computer and IT franchise opportunities that cater to this demand at the local level, you will certainly give your investment a good chance of returning consistent profits for you.

Types Of Computer Franchises

This sector, unlike most others, doesn’t get crippled by innovations – it thrives on it.

So, there are, quite literally, no limits to what your franchisor might offer in terms of services and products. For now, we can compartmentalise the sector into two major sub-sectors:

  1. Hardware businesses that provide hardware solutions.
  2. Software businesses that provide customised software/internet solutions.

How Much Do Computer And IT Franchise Opportunities Cost?

The investment range for IT franchises is extremely wide, thanks to the corresponding range of services being offered.

You can buy a small-sized, software-based computer franchise for £5,000 to £25,000, whereas a larger, hardware based IT franchise may require you invest over £75,000 upfront.

Various franchise finance options are available for IT franchises.

What Will Be Your Role?

Your role in the running of a computer and IT franchise UK will largely revolve around administration, communications and management. It’s not really necessary for you to be a trained/experienced professional in this industry to run the business – however, you may find it less overwhelming to look after the daily operations if you can bring on board at least basic industry experience.

As is the case with other service-sector franchises, efficient marketing is the key to generating consistent business.