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Best Courier Franchises For UK Franchisees

Parcel, delivery and courier franchises aren’t cut from the same cloth as other franchises – these are businesses that can be successful only when the hand at the helm is good at running a team of efficient professionals.

If you have the necessary skillset, investing in courier franchise opportunities can indeed be a good way of building up good returns in the mid to long term. On this page, you can find our selection of handpicked delivery franchises UK across various locations and investment levels.

What Makes Courier Franchises Popular?

The courier industry is largely made up of two types of businesses – large players who handle the bulk of domestic and international business, and local SMEs that offer specialty solutions/last-mile delivery.

As a delivery franchise business, you’ll operate in the latter category. There are over 20,000 independent UK businesses that presently operate in this sector, generating over £21 bn annually.

How Much Do Courier Franchise Opportunities Cost?

You can expect to have to invest £15,000 to £40,000 upfront in order to buy a courier franchise unit from a reputed franchisor.

The minimum initial investment primarily refers to the licensing of the business model and the brand name of the franchisor. You can also expect to receive full-training and ongoing support for you and your team.

Most courier franchises employ 5-10 people.

Can You Run A Courier Franchise Business Part Time?

While it is possible to run a delivery franchise business part time and focus on your job/personal life, it’s advisable that you are willing to commit fully to the business. Courier businesses are required to work well before and after the regular working hours – a fact that many franchisees fail to consider before investing.

Raising Finance For A Courier Franchise

If you work with an established franchisor, it’s very much likely that you’ll receive finance assistance from them. Many banks and private lenders offer specialty franchise finance solutions, as well. As a rule of thumb, you need to be able to raise 40-50% of the initial investment on your own.

Much of the initial working capital will go towards buying the franchise unit and purchasing/hiring vans and other vehicles. You will also need to rent a commercial warehouse or storage facility, if the business operations involve handling packages.